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Dark Night
Dark Night(2017)

Cleverness in the title and astonishing cinematography isn't enough to maintain interest in the plodding narrative.


Unless your a teenager seeing their first horror movie, this is a rather boring, aggravating film. The kids are good with what they've been given, but you can't help but wonder how much better it could've been. What should be clear cut haunted house romp mashup of Goonies meets Nightmare On Elm Street turns into rather pedestrian step by step trappings of modern horror. Don't believe the hype.


Aspires to be Goodfellas but the narrative and direction just isn't there ; Tom Hardy's dual performance is the only remarkable aspect of the film.


What starts out as strong within minutes falls into the typical superhero tropes only slightly more brutal & boorish. Don't believe the hype.

La La Land
La La Land(2016)

In the bleak age of mass produced CGI and spandex cluttering the Cineplex, it's a comfort to know an imaginative movie such this can still exsist. One of the best movies of the year and a new classic.

Hell or High Water

A modern day classic, and the best movie of the year thus far.

Don't Breathe

A nice taut thriller that slowly unwinds into silly terroritory during its closing act.

Sausage Party

A stoners metaphorical animated ramble on individuality, sexuality, and organized religion. While one of the better and entertaining movies of the summer, it quickly becomes repetitive and relies too heavily on its juvenile
leanings to pad out it's 89 minute running time.

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond (Entertaining) is a major step backwards from the previous two thrilling JJ Abrams entries. From the mundane script down to the generic monsters and tepid action, it plays like Fast & The Furious: Star Trek Drift.

Suicide Squad

Rushed production, muddled writing and poorly edited tripe for the brain dead Hot Topic set.


While not quite the 'mass hysteria ..of biblical proportions' as expected, Ghostbusters v.2.0 still fails more than it succeeds. Atmospherically it keeps close to the original source material but the script or lack thereof keeps the film from ever popping out of first gear. The surprising aspect of the film and only reason to watch theatrically, is the outstanding use of 3D framing. If Feig, would've put as much effort into the script as he did with staging 3D effects, you'd have the odd remake which stands toe to toe with the original.

The BFG(2016)

If you can muster interest past the first strangely awkward thirty minutes, it's a decent old school Disney live action film. While it eventually warms up and shows some sign of adventure and wonderment, Spielberg nev
er seems tofully shake it's flat tone. Fortunately the movie is slightly salvaged by Mark Rylance and Ruby Barnhills performances together along some of the best with motion capture CGI since 2014 Planet of The Apes. Speilberg enthusiast and completist need only apply. If you want to see a great modern Speilberg children's film, check out Adventures of TinTin


An enjoyable, barely cohesive mess highlighted by Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiros performances.


A great, compelling journalistic thriller in vein of All The Presidents Men.

The Hateful Eight

A self indulgent, tedious schlock that seems to exist for the sole purpose of shock. Unfortunately unlike Tarantinos previous artful efforts, there's a lack of genuine charm and story to withstand the adolescent jabs and writing style which has since become tiresomely repetitive.

Mr. Holmes
Mr. Holmes(2015)

A slightly plodding but humanizing depiction of elder Sherlock Holmes facing dementia and mortality.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

There's two movies at work here, neither of which are particularly great, that under a different era and director could've become the epic film we've only seen in REM sleep. So, it's unfortunate that it's better half looses out in the third quarter to corporate greed and quickly devolves into an incoherent CGI mess of Batman & Robin, Godzilla (1998) proportions.

The Big Short

Overly righteous, too smug for its own good. Awkwardly trying to combine the deviousness of Wolf of Wall Street with the anti-bank sentiment of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps yet never quite truly sticks to its execution.

Straight Outta Compton

Straight outta paint by numbers music biopic.

The Night Before

So disappointingly bad that I asked for a refund after 45 minutes. If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the funniest bits. Save your money and time.


Somewhere between the crass urban commercialism of Rocky V and the uplifting finale Rocky Balboa, lies Creed. It's a novelty film that quickly wears thin, only springing to life when it revolves around Jordan and Stallone.


A depressingly heavily cliched mediocre boxing film that leaves you feeling punch-drunk.

Bridge of Spies

While timely it's not likely a film which warrants multiple viewings, but rather a homely if not slightly subtle modern day Cold War political thriller.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs(2015)

A nonlinear biopic masterfully crafted which presents a challenging portrayal of its subject through three acts. Despite an awkward stumble towards the end, it's one of the year's best.

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

Is it odd that 'the feel good movie of the year' and also one of the best, is directed through the normally dour lens of Ridley Scott and is an emotionally engaging, thought provoking, sophisticated crowd pleaser tale of survival on Mars. The Martian does for NASA, space exploration and science in general, what Top Gun did for the Navy and future aviators. Also this features some of the best 3D staging you'll ever see on the big screen, well worth the extra charge. Go check it out !

The Walk
The Walk(2015)

Its not Zemeckis' strongest but it's an above average popcorn dramatization for the masses of a much better documentary, Man On a Wire. The whole experience hinges on the final 30 minutes, which pays off in aces with its staging of 3D technology, but the story itself is dated in the biopics narrative style of 1950-60, and stretched too thin for its running time.

Black Mass
Black Mass(2015)

While the performances are strong, Black Mass lacks the direction/imagination/innovation to uplift a lackluster script beyond mundane crime-drama dejavu.


Yet another big idea project from an acclaimed visionary (derailed by the mundane writer Damon Lindeloff; the guy is akin to Isis when it comes to modern blockbuster spectacles.

Mad Max: Fury Road

In an age of 'Disneyfied' action and CGI drivel, FURY ROAD comes out of the gate with a swift kick to the gut and shattering your brain. If there ever were an action blockbuster with enough heft worthy of a Best Picture nomination, this would be the one. If you only see one movie for the rest of the year, check out FURY ROAD; it's the genuine movie of the summer !!

The Boxtrolls

Wickedly plays like some lost writing session between Roald Dahl and Monty Python. While not quite memorable as ParaNorman, it's still another great mind bending effort from Laika.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

More suitable subtitle would be The Age of Mundane. It's a concoction whose imagination extends no further than the marketing boardroom from which it's was hatched. Limited in scope to telenovela theatrics and generically executed, this leadened corporate product placement is the genocidal equivalent of the modern blockbuster

The Gambler
The Gambler(2014)

It glides rather than soars and with all the talent involve leaves a rather dull impression. When a remake for better or worse doesn't really separate itself from the original; in other words aside from modern gloss; what's the point ?

While We're Young

Suprisingly Boambach's most approachable film is also his most searing since Kicking & Screaming. The films razor sharp observations on nuances of the clashing generations is enlightening and a nice break from what could've easily turned into a deviant arrested development comedy under another director. And despite it's fumble towards the end, While We're Young is the one of the best movies thus far for the year. Check it out !

Top Five
Top Five(2014)

An insightfully sharp raunchy romantic comedy that could've been on par with the critical Birdman if under a better more experienced director than Rock.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

A blinding cockney tongue in cheek spoof on the spy genre.

Life Itself
Life Itself(2014)

An inspiring tribute to the unpredictable iconic lover of film.

Get On Up
Get On Up(2014)

For every poorly made, formulaic Jersey Boys there's a Get On Up which captures the artist and breathes life back into the format. Easily the greatest and most memorable biopic since Ray.

This Is Where I Leave You

A tacky dramedy that waste the talent involved.

A Walk Among the Tombstones

Not for the faint of heart but it's an otherwise taut gritty old school detective thriller of the noir variety.

American Sniper

If you can extract the questionable behavior and attitude of the man from the film it's slightly easier digest as a flawed war movie. But as a straight biopic even under the Eastwood standards of stoicism, it's pure jingoistic corn.

The Interview

An infantile, dumb frat hyperbolic satire. In short an outrageous live action cartoon in the vein of warner bros. looney tunes.


Great comfort food of comedy- good to see Favereu back in full swing after surviving the Marvel mill.


In this age of brain depleted Hollywood dreck, BIRDMAN is a fresh drink of water and a testament to the magic of cinema. But to apply simple labels wouldn't truly do a film such as this justice. Just rush to the nearest theater and experience cinematic dynamite at its most trippiest level; you won't regret it.

The Fault In Our Stars

Sure it's a tad melodramatic and relies heavily on those manipulative John Hughes teen movie cliches but it's surprisingly a decent film with a well acted cast.

Sex Tape
Sex Tape(2014)

Do. Not. Watch. Ever.

The Expendables 3

Commits the fatal cardinal sin of any film franchise in forsaking its core audience for a younger ADHD crowd. Where Ex2 was fun and engaging, Ex3 even by DTV standards is an arduous task. Hastily made on the cheap and horribly written/paced/directed, Ex3 is a movie better left forgotten by all involved and those who were foolish enough to pay for a ticket. Half star only for Mel Gibson, who's dutifully served his exile with this movie and deserves a reprieve.


Would've been more entertaining if it starred Nicholas Cage.

And So It Goes

DOA-Half star for Keaton and Douglas at least attempting some interest as for Reiner he should officially hang it up.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

One of the smartest, thrilling, engrossing Summer blockbuster/sequels in a long awhile. Excellent 3D to boot - well worth checking out in the theater

Labor Day
Labor Day(2014)

A treacly movie that runs somewhere between the corny eroticism of a Lifetime movie and a sappy melodrama.

You're Next
You're Next(2013)

Dopey half baked flick that doesn't live up to any scrutiny.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

A decent half baked effort but not the biting midlife Reality Bites-esque movie I was expecting from the trailer.

The Wages of Fear

If you've never seen this you really owe it to yourself to seek it out - one of the greatest edge of your seat thrillers ever made.


Fun and serviceable action movie throwback to the genres late 90's era.

Bad Words
Bad Words(2014)

A highly enjoyable dark comedy. Similar in design to Bad Santa, Bad Words has a touching emotional core slyly buried deep beneath its atrocious exterior. Check it out !

The Monuments Men

A tedious film that could've been much more than what is presented. That's not to say the film isn't entertaining nor is it an outright bore, it just lacks a cohesive script to move the characters and seemingly nonexistent plot along. Worth a rental but far from the memorable experience it attempts.


Completely worthless boring remake that may as well been called Lifetime presents RoboChic. Only giving it a half star because of Michael Keatons tics and performance which always make for worthwhile entertainment even in utter dumb trash like this 'movie'


A wasted disappointing oopportunity to create a movie fitting of the man and his place in history and pop culture. Unfortunately hindered by the Robinson estate,42 lacks a true spine to address history and rather patronize its audience with a holier than thou reverence to the legend. The only real highlight is Harrison Ford who practically disappears in his role as Dodgers owner Branch Ricky.

Lee Daniels' The Butler

A boorish underrwritten underdirected over hyped piece of Oscar bait filled wihere the only inspiration seemed to have been in the prosthetics department, just an overly preachy and too self aware of its own false self importance. The only triumph of this dreck is somehow Lee Daniels continues to work as a Hollywood director.

Escape Plan
Escape Plan(2013)

While it's nice to see both Stallone and Schwarzenegger duking it, Plan can't escape what's sorely missing from the film which is some visual direction. The film is close to ending by the time director Haelstrom realizes it's an action picture and utilizes his actors, background and cameras as such.

12 Years a Slave

Unrelenting and an emotionally draining experience. Aside from two already dated music scores and an brief early actress portrayal, this is a new American classic. You really owe it yourself to see this movie.

Drinking Buddies

Excellent writing, acting and of course, beer ! Kind of reminiscent of Cameron Crowe's earlier work particularly 'Singles' Great realistic romantic comedy.

Prince Avalanche

A odd slow moving yet moving twist of the buddy road trip movie. One of the best films of the past year.

The Way
The Way(2011)

A heartfelt if not occasionally directionally plodding spiritual 'road' picture. Not enough of these out there. Check it out

A Late Quartet

A slow boiler and slightly tedious film with a great cast and music.


An intense action flick with amazing visuals and one of the best science fiction movies in a long while. Worthy of a rental if in the mood for an action movie or just to watch some decent CGI.

The Conjuring

Somewhere the ghost of William Castle is smiling. The Conjuring is basically a modern day Amityville Horror; nothing more, nothing less. It's not the second coming of horror or any other marketing tag lines being overly hyped. Audiences have become expecting so little from a genre that they forgot its origins and declared it new. That's not to detract from the experience Wan has created but I didnt see anything new outside his regular bags of tricks more masterfully used with Insidious; the only difference here is the alleged backstory connected to the film. The Exorcist, Nightmare On Elm Street, The Changeling can all still rest uneasily at prospects of ruining future generations of a restfull night sleep. Thankfully due to its successful marketing and box office returns, I think The Conjuring succeeds most at helping mark an end to the 'torture porn' era of horror.


Bizarre surreal at times self indulgent low budget film from a former master. Its baffling this is coming from the same person who created the classics his legacy is based upon. Definitely need to drink a full bottle of Coppolas chardonay or merlot to fully enjoy.

Springsteen And I

A uneven love letter to the Boss from his devoted fan base. The film has a loose almost quirky vibe inter-spliced with concert footage but the novelty becomes tiresome quickly and limited in its scope. However had it not been for one disturbing confessional which brings the film to a halt, I'd be more welcoming of the format; but it was so jarring your likely to forget everything memorable which came before it.

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

An intense thriller slightly bogged with its episodic style sequences but saved ultimately by Pitts commitment to the project. Overall WWZ is great summer escapist picture. Can't wait to see the two prequels, WWX & Y

The Internship

It's formulaic and at times mediocre with some scenes just falling flat but overall The Internship is a hilarious throwback of a life lesson style comedy.

The Hangover Part III

Darker yet oddly tamer, Part III is far from an epic debauchery conclusion to a comedy touchstone. You know a film is in trouble when the biggest laugh and most inspired bit appears after the credits.

The Great Gatsby

The hypnotic undercurrent jazz beats combined with Lurhmans dizzying glamorized visuals will leave your senses in a bender like after effect state. This the best adaptation of the once unadaptable great American novel, a simple hundered times better than the lumbering Redford '74 version.


A plodding occasionally entertaining film that reinforces Oliver Stone thirteen year descent into irrelevancy. Don't fall for Stone's "return to glory" hype, SAVAGES is a recycled mess of slightly better Tony Scott / Michael Bay type films. It's unfortunate but the once master of nearly a decade of provocation has becom a gun for hire.


Much like Clean & Sober, Flight is the male equivilant of a Lifetime movie on the perils of substance abuse. Director Robert Zemeckis 12 year hiatus pays off in cinematic deftness, making planes what Pyscho did for showers. But what really elevates Flight beyond its slight heavy handed morality tale is Denzel Washington. His emotionally captivating performance as troubled airline pilot, Whip Whitaker is a career high and Oscar worthy. Above all else its a fantastic film whose questions will certainly linger in your mind during your next alcoholic consumption. Check it out !

The Master
The Master(2012)

After seeing The Master, the kaleidoscope styled poster is perfect advertisement; encapsulating its cryptic sense perfectly. Is it about the development of man? An exploration into the human psyche? A disguised criticism on the exploits of new age religion? An arthouse 'bromance' ? Or is it absolutely nothing and yet about everything ? I guess what I'm saying if anything is The Master will not only toy with your heart but also fuck with your mind long after the credits roll. Go for the performances, stay for the experience.

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

For a run of the mill old school style revenge flick it's actually engaging and entertaining.

None But the Lonely Heart

Despite its slow pace and rather dour indifferent look at Londons underclass circa 1938, Lonely Hearts is saved by Grants performance and screenwriters Odetes strong witted dialogue. Would be interested to see this remade, though the melodramatic screenplay probably would work better today as a stage play.


An eccentric macabre fairy tale for kids and a reintroduction of sorts to the classic Tim Burton style for his older fan base. Its not too hard to be skeptical of a Tim Burton film these days, especially if you've been a fan of his films since PeeWees Big Adventure. Except for Sweeney Todd and Corpse Bride, the past two decades have been rather painful to watch Burton play the shill to various studios quick cash reboots and reimaginings of older properties. So while not his best, Frankenweenie is a welcome return to form.

A Good Day To Die Hard

I'm torn on Good Day. As a generic action flick, its relatively entertaining with a nice semi-balance between modern and standard action sequences, providing the basic audience enticed frills of blood and destruction. And on that basic notion it works as a subpar entry to the recently stagnate Die Hard franchise. Surprisingly it's better, a bit more memorable than the rightfully shunned cartoonish fourth entry, Live Free; but it still shares the same problems with style and character, though slightly toned down. If McClane does ride off once more with an additional entry, the biggest issue facing the series is where does it go now 25 years later and at what cost to its audience

Killing Them Softly

Might be jumping the gun but Killing Them Softly is the best picture of the 2012. First off this isn't your father's, Friends of Eddie Coyle nor granddad's Public Enemy. Softly is thankfuly so much more, subtextually its a double tracked nihilistic view of America post 2008 on the heels of the financial crash and Obamas election intersecting with two seperate economic levels, gift wrapped in the brutal guise of a stylish gangland picture. Unlike Goodfellas or The Godfather theres no redemption in these characters, no romanticism of the lifestyle; your simply a witness looking into the spiraling abyss. Director Dominiks control of the camera and perfect balance of its subject between grit and dark humor is what truly makes Softly the best gangster picture since Goodfellas and a metaphorical masterpiece of its time.


A slick stylish nod to 50 years of a cinematic icon.


An entertaining violently packed techno beat of a B-movie played to the hilt in surprisingly good 3D. Well written and directed, DREDD is the best action film of the summer and deserving of a trip to the theater.


Yet another inspired Amblin revival picture. It perfectly manages to balance a few life lessons on acceptance and forgiveness even amongst the old school B-movie horror schlock. While it would've been better suited for release around Halloween, PARANORMAN is the certainly one of the best films of the summer.

The Expendables 2

An excessive engaging throwback to any of the numerous less than memorable action movies of Gen X youth. Twenty years ago during their prime say if the stars aligned, egos dropped and a director like James Cameron or Tony Scott was at the helm, Expendables 2 would've been The Wild Bunch of its generation. But for now it's simple pure forgettable fun. But there is a great movie waiting to be made here and it comes close, and one can only hope the third time is the charm.

Being Flynn
Being Flynn(2012)

An enjoyable frustratingly mediocre film that had potential yet feels like it's held back due to its own indeciveness of how far it wants to delve the viewer into the dark subject matter, never finding really a proper balance in it's tone.

Killer Joe
Killer Joe(2012)

To seek out the best film of the summer, you'll likely have to drive a good distance from your local theater.  A rightfully rated NC-17 will unfortunately prevent this from the attention it deserves, but if your feeling adventurous in these final days of summer, it's worth the ticket of admission.  Killer Joe is a  perverse deft southern gothic noir with a dose of gallows humor from the master of psychological thrillers. It's not groundbreaking and certainly uneven in its manner but the mind numbing depravity on screen will leave you speechless and immediately seeking a warm shower after the credits roll.  Director William Friedkin shows at 76, even while in exile from the Hollywood machine, he still hasn't lost his touch in compelling viewers to look at the dark underbelly of societies  psyche.  But perhaps the biggest selling point  is McConaughey's twisted portrayal of Joe Cooper, possibly cinemas craziest officer of the law since Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet.  Enter if you dare ....

The Dark Knight Rises

Slightly uneven in tone and burden by it's scope in theme, The Dark Knight Rises unfortunately falls prey to being over cooked final installment, much like The Godfather Part III and Matrix Revolutions.


I never would've thought last year that I'd be recommending TED over PROMETHEUS, but even RIdleys Scotts visuals don't hold over compared to the originality of this comedy. Sure its's a one note look into the pitfalls of arrested development between a man and hits stuffed childhood friend. But with McFarlane's mind numbing hilarious crude heart behind it, TED, even with its noticeable flaws actually works.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Move over Krueger, Myers and Lector. We Need .. is a cold uncompromised yet oddly compelling look at where evil originates, is it a born or developed trait. Though it fumbles at times in answering its own question, its an art house and domestic thriller that will haunt you long after the credits.

Straw Dogs
Straw Dogs(2011)

An adequate remake, but lacks in comparison to the disturbing gritty awkwardness of the original.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

Yet another cash grab generic post 'Planet of The Apes ' Burton film which tries to hard at being overly quirky.

The Cabin in the Woods

Don't believe the hype, this movie isn't the best nor the scariest or the second coming of horror movies for this or the next decade. Too inside and full of itself to be fun and really lacks any entertainment charm; watching Cabin is like being told the punch line before the joke.

We Bought a Zoo

A little too much sap, but descent family movie. A slight improvement over Elizabethtown but Crowe is still stuck in neutral compared to earlier films.


When it comes to 3D, Cameron is still king. TITANIC 3D really does show the true magic of post-picture 3D enhancement when properly used and not quickly assembled The ship is more expansive, it's almost like taking a virtual tour; the hallways in particular seem to extend forever. Even the disaster and the commotion surrounding is more engaging and suspenseful than its original presentation. If you have the opportunity it's worth revisting in its enhanced form, especially on IMAX


I know it's overly sentimental and emotionally mechicanical but I'm a sucker for it each viewing

The Descendants

Decent film but certainly nothing noteworthy.

Cocaine Cowboys

If you can get beyond the some of the various characters grisly atrocities its an amazing multi -person exhaustive compelling story, cutting through the Hollywood illusions , of the drug trade during the 1980's.

The Adventures of Tintin

A simple old fashioned adventure romp. Probably the closest an adult audience will ever get to tapping into Spielberg's imagination unrestrained and recapture the lost joy of his earlier films. The motion captured animation blast through the always dull dead eyed limitations shown in CHRISTMAS CAROL & POLAR EXPRESS with amazing results. The chase scene through a Middle Eastern village along with Captain Haddocks recount of the Unicorn tale are miniature films in themselves and worth the ticket price of the big screen.

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

Kind of like having a craving for and then eating a McDonalds cheeseburger after a long hiatus. It looks good and taste like you remember but after the initial sugar rush high, in the end it leaves you tired and hungry for something better


Amazing visceral love letter to film history & preservation wrapped in a Dickensian fairy tale. Scorsese's unique use of 3D is amazing, even outdoing AVATAR with depth perception and film enhancement. Definitely worth seeing !!

The Ides of March

Pretty good story overall with great cast The problem is like all "insider" movies with a meta message IDES builds up to a final act but just kind of flounders once it reaches the all important finish line.

The Ward
The Ward(2011)

You've seen this before but to give a comparable title would give away the twist ending which other than a few good gooses is barely all the film has going for it.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

An exciting nostalgic retrofitted popcorn flick for the Gen-X or any kid at heart who remembers when all summer movies weren't preordained blockbusters or 90 minute product placements advertisements with shoddy CGI. Its nothing groundbreaking but the craft of the story is worth admiring for a style long since abandoned.


Would've enjoyed it more if I hadn't been bludgeoned over the head by Madison Avenue with everything from soda to airline product placements the minute Thor falls to Earth. The problem isn't new its just these were completely absurd and hardly subtle, especially Southwest Airlines. For example while an agent is monitoring a full radar screen of approaching aircraft, the only one of concern is labeled and discussed as SWA. In the small one street town, a huge billboard with, not Southwest, but actually, is prominent in two scenes. Really kind of cheapened the overall product, if not make them seem desperate. If nothing else with the residuals, profit sharing should be up this year LOL

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

Like HALLOWEEN H20 & ROCKY BALBOA, SCREAM 4 is yet another film mulligan. In what should be way beyond its prime, SCREAM 4 is the superior sequel to SCREAM. Definitely worth seeing if you enjoyed SCREAM and all the Dimension Film knockoffs during the late 90's.


A smart, enthusiastic adult film with clever homages to Sergio Leone , Chinatown & a memorable nod to Apocalypse Now. Definitely the best film of 2011 so far

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Open to interpretation, BLACK SWAN seems like Aronofsky took films Repulsion & The Red Shoes, combined both films into a blender created this sort of giddying voyeuristic maddening descent of a film

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

An enjoyable penultimate example of an adult summer flick before they were regulated to shoddy CGI ladened sequels and remakes; worthy of a rental.


a great film not promoted properly or perhaps it was considering the whopping surprise the audience receives in the third act. certainly, one of Eastwood's better latter films.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

interesting concept, but Smith is unable to pull it off. Relies to heavily on the crudeness, which is a shame considering this could've been a return to his pre-DOGMA film, like CHASING AMY, CLERKS.


while there's not much to the film in terms of story; the animation is the main reason to see this film in a theater and in 3D