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James Bond: 007 reporting for duty.M: Where the hell have you been?James Bond: Enjoying death.Great comeback film from Bond series after a dud like Quantum Of Solace. This is movie does not follow the typical bond style and concentrated more on the story part. Letting Sam mendes direct this is brave thing but he surprised everyone without disappointing. It is dark,intense and unique. Due to my expectations I didn't like it that much the first time, but after watching again I really liked it a lot. The misleading trailer is to be blamed..James Bond: A radio and a gun. Not exactly Christmas, is it?Q: You weren't expecting an exploding pen, were you?The intro song by Adele is classic and awesome. Daniel Craig is stylish as usual and was perfect in the movie even though he looked aged. He did everything the way the Bond should. Even the stunts and fights were also slick and stylish. Javier Bardem is incredible and surprising. This movie is really fresh and done by coming out of shadow of Bond. The cinematography is stunning. I expected more action at first but satisfied with content and uniqueness later. The new era of Bond is started in the end. I think this is just the beginning and hoping for another great movie. You will like this movie more on multiple views.James Bond: Everybody needs a hobby.Silva: So, what's yours?James Bond: Resurrection.