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Zombeavers (2015)
1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A group of party-girls and their boyfriends arrive at a lakeside cabin in the country for a weekend of fun. (Of course there's no cell phone service.) Soon, the titular characters start to attack. The script contains some funny lines and the film was better produced than many of this ilk. More than a few scares, the twists and turns kept it good through the very end. Cortney Palm was super hot! Worth a view.

Poseidon Rex
Poseidon Rex (2014)
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

In Belize, a couple of American tourists on a scuba-dive get mixed up with a treasure-hunter when they find him floating unconscious. A gang of nasty Rastafarians is in hot-pursuit of the Spanish gold the hunter has located. The gold is located 600 feet under the ocean; an ocean-dwelling tyrannosaurus rex is disturbed by the gold-diggers, and is hungry. Not good.

Ice Road Terror
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A giant prehistoric lizard creature is freed from the ice at an isolated northern Alaskan diamond mine. After killing all the miners, the beast attacks a couple of truckers bringing explosives to the site. Fast-paced and fun, it starts with the action early in the film and keeps that pace up as the monster chases the truckers through the icy tundra.

Lavalantula (2015)
2 days ago via Flixster

Over-sized lava-spewing tarantulas rise out of the depths of the Santa Monica volcanoes only to wreak havoc all over Los Angeles. Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy) stars as a washed-up 80s actor who battles the creatures. Also from Police Academy are Leslie Easterbrook, Marion Ramsey and Michael Winslow! Patrick Renna (Sandlot) and Nia Peoples (lookin' hot!) star as well. There's a funny Sharknado reference. Also, there's a sequel!

Screamers (1996)
3 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

In the future on a distant planet the Earth military battles the former employees of a mining operation. One tool the military has used are shape-shifting killer robots which have now gone rogue and kill everyone. After it has been discovered both forces commands have abandoned the war and have moved it to another planet, the few remaining soldiers attempt to return to earth. The source material is from the same guy who gave us Blade Runner and Total Recall, but this is nowhere on that level Nor on the level of Minority Report,.which kinda sucks).