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Excellently paced, crisply written and brilliantly directed with career best performance by Richard Gere as an arrogant and morally bankrupt trading magnate scrambling to off load his fraud ridden business to a bank. Susan Sarandon and Tim Roth are their usual brilliant selves.
Great movie for showcasing the lives of the financial elites.

The Dark Knight Rises

A fantastic superhero movie by any standards but not from Nolan's usually high standards. It comes across as a work-in-progress and a half hearted affair, the special effects are relatively weak, plot seems here and there.

The final film arguably should have been the crown jewel of an otherwise fantastic series but unfortunately it isn't, largely due to the loose handing of the story. The biggest star of the film is Hanz Zimmer's epic background score.

A definite watch still.

I Saw the Devil

So you have seen a revenge tale? You will be surprised and thrilled with what Mr Kim has in mind..blood soaked and fascinatingly twisted - makes Kill Bill seem a pleasant nursery rhyme, brilliantly directed and acted, this is the mother of revenge tales.

Doesn't pull any punches and many may find its violence unpleasant, nonetheless a great movie from the Korean master director.

The Chaser (Chugyeogja)

I just stumbled upon this by accident after frantically searching for a worthwhile thriller, and boy is this a thrill ride..tense and darkly comic at the same time, it steamrolls into gut wrenching final 15 minutes. Needless to say, the performances are first rate, not one character disappoints, its eerily natural.

The best thing about the film, its never shies away from trumping your expectations, again and again.



Ridley Scott directs a prequel of his Alien (1979), a very thin premise but absolutely spectacular special effects which dazzle you in I-Max.

It raises more questions than it answers and thats where perhaps the film falls short. It otherwise has all the shock elements of the Alien franchise, only this time Scott marshals all the power of technology.

The Raid: Redemption

No pop corn stuff this - As exciting as it had promised to be, has all the adrenaline of all the action movies ever made - once it explodes ( after 10 mins in the movie) its just doesn't calm down till the end. Action scenes are tense how they should be - top of the line martial arts, brutal, bloody and exceptionally staged with devilish bad guys.

Audience who don't mind gore and over dose of action, will watch it at least 2 times- thats how kinetic it is!

Project X
Project X(2012)

Its pretty crass and vulgar- and loses the plot royally with a bad and outrageously fluffy handling of the message that it should put out - so if I have to be cool, i should burn my house down along with half the neighborhood !

Nah...absolutely not watchable.

Red Riding Trilogy

Have you seen a movie which traps you in its desperate, grey and morose environment and only lets go when the credits rolls towards the end of its 4-1/2 hours of amazing story telling?

Red Riding is a mind bending, multi-layered, thick and brutal trilogy based on David Peace's 4 "Red Riding" novels. It dramatizes some actual murders in Yorkshire, England and tells multiple, inter-connected stories of its participants : West Yorkshire PD, the residents and few outsiders. The movie scores on multiple counts : rock solid script, sharp acting and brilliant direction.

Its a first rate crime drama which pulls absolutely no punches. Serious cinema and absolutely must watch.

Safe House
Safe House(2012)

A tough action thriller after a long time : bloody fights, chases , gunfights , you name it..script, a typical over simplification of espionage thrillers it is, but still an adrenaline rush.
Gleeson shines like always, Raynolds comes up with a fine performance and is there anything Mr Washington can't pull off? He is a bloody superstar!!

Action movie fans, the movie is a "hurry up lets land some punches and shoot the people" and that's that. Good fun.


A film which casts Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker is destined to be a monumental error, add to that nonsense, immature dialog, logic defying physics and shameless clichés and you sure have a disaster at hand.
But as an afterthought, the FX is first rate and therefore 2 stars.

One question to Liam Neeson starring in Battleship : Are you serious??

Get the Gringo

Well, Mr Gibson is back to his "Ransom" form with this gritty and gruffy, tough as nails action. The film is just Gibson material and the levity he brings to this kind of a grim set up is just unique to him.
This film set up in a Mexican prison hell and Mel Gibson, who was the co writer of the script, writes himself a tailor made role which made him what he is known for.
Good ride.

The Cabin in the Woods

Outlandish, even for a horror movie, an awkward mash of genres and quite disappointing...there is definitely no "mystery" and the suspense expected ends up being so blah that you throw up your hands in horror, perhaps the only horror you will feel due to the movie.

I mean what was the point again? Disappointing and avoidable.

Game Change
Game Change(2012)

Based on a part of a book by the same name, it focuses on Sarah Palin picked as the running mate for John McCain. Julianne Moore sparkles up the screen with her depiction of a power hungry, unstable Palin with excellent performances from the rest of the cast.
As a political drama, it makes for engaging viewing.

Marvel's The Avengers

Nothing special as far as story goes but swashbuckling action and loads of spectacular special effects.
Just the right mix of action and comedy to appeal to a wide set of audience.
Good fun.

Grizzly Man
Grizzly Man(2005)

Ace film maker Werner Herzog digs through 100 hrs of footage filmed by Timothy Treadwell in the Alakan wilderness to bring us a work of poignant beauty in Grizzly Man.
The documentary tries to deconstruct what Timothy stood for : may be he was crazy, maybe he was someone who believed in something to obsession or maybe he was completely at odds with humans.....Warnet Herzog lets you decide and thats precisely where the effectiveness of this documentary lies.



Good, meaty and multi layered story gets plastered over by needlessly convoluted dialog which, quite frankly, is very tough to follow most of the times,its a language of its own.
Well, few people with the patience of getting through with this may like it because at the base of it, its a pretty good whodunit.

God Bless America

God Bless America (2012)

Like the satire in the title, the movie is a razor sharp criticism of today's society and the media that helps perpetrate the vulgarity and garishness of this curse. The protagonists Frank and Roxy's monologues come out beautifully in a well thought out, sharp dialog when they reach the end of their patience with the pretentious, fake, robotic, commercially bough out society and thus begins the rampage, that too in a sunshine yellow Camaro, no less! Joel Murry as Frank is unassuming and very well cast and Tara Lynn Barr reminds me of Dokota Fanning, what comes to help is an ultra hip soundtrack .Death to TV!!! ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

The film is based on a novel by the same name, the movie examines the relationship between Tilda Swinton's character and her homophobic son. The film drips in misery and dread, even in the happier scenes. Lynne Ramsey perfectly captures the gloominess of the novel and traps the viewers, I felt like walking away from it couple of times, this is how unpleasant the lives of Tilda Swintons character is.

Acting is first rate and perfectly captures the moribund mood of the movie.

Definitely not for all, only serious cinema buffs will like it.

The Snowtown Murders

Based on the real life murders in Australia, this movie is an examination of John Bunting's character and his murder spree. It is an extremely difficult film to watch as it never ebbs out of the cul-de-sac of the people in the movie, in turn trapping you with it.

The acting is as first rate from all quarters , specially Daniel Hanshell as John Bunting.

Will not appeal to most of the people but definitely a cinematic triumph.


I wont call it a sports film even when the fight sequences feel absolutely genuine, but an emotional family drama which engages you with its transcendental lead performances: Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and the great Nick Nolte.
The strength of the movie lies in its build up towards a cathartic end where you keep wondering how it will all fall into place.

A great movie and which you shouldn't miss.

The Hunter
The Hunter(2012)

Wiliam Defoe headlines this Eco-thriller with a excellent performance as a hired mercenary on the hunt for a Tasmanian Tiger.
With a beautiful Tasmania as a center piece, this brooding adaptation is quiet and moribund, perhaps conveying the lack of redemption for the players involved.

Somehow it lacks the aggression it promises as the movie is building up which as well may be the chink in the script.

However, in the end a very good film.

The Guard
The Guard(2011)

I knew this brilliant film had some odd familiarity with Martin McDonagh's "In Bruges" when I finally realised that its made by John McDonagh who is the brother! Well then, this is blacker than black, peppered with incredible dialog and uproariously funny script, this is Brandon Gleeson's stand out act as an eccentric Irish police man going through the meaninglessness of life. The wise cracking dialog is cleverly sarcastic and delivered with such Irish matter of factness that its rib cracking hilarious, especially when these Irishmen don't find anything funny in it. Its surprisingly sentimental in parts too which gives it an added fillip.
Go on then, taste the Irish flavor in your drink! Super!

The Whistleblower

This movie is based on a true story of Kathryn Bolkovac, an American police officer hired by DynCorp ( Democra in the movie) a private military contractor, as a UN peace keeper in Bosnia where she uncovers a huge human trafficking trade involving most of the higher ups.

A first rate cast led by the amazing Rachel Weisz, this movie rips into international diplomatic hypocrisy, private military contractors and massive international level corruption.

It is very important and a damning evidence of how private military contractors are coming in as peacekeepers / law enforcers and gradually turn into wolves themselves, and how little governments care.

A very sorry state of world affairs. Please watch.

The Hunger Games

Emotionally distant, rushed and watered down, Hunger games is at best, pedestrian. Similar adaptations like LOTR and "Girl with a dragon tattoo" have gotten a similar critic ratings and this just cannot hold a candle to them, let alone be spoken on the same lines. Of course they had the advantage of a much superior source content, but even on screenplay and direction, this film falls flat. Jennifer Lawrence is the center piece here but even her talents can't save the movie from falling flat.



"Senna" is a documentary following the brief career of, perhaps, the greatest F1 driver ever lived, Aryton Senna.
Director, Asif Kapadia and writer, Manish Pandey, give the documentary a very unique treatment with doing away with typical third person narrative and constructing the movie using never before seen footage and then piecing it together.

The documentary shines on multiple counts, it has race circuit excitement, exceptional display of real emotion, pulsating background score and real people.

Must watch, even for people who have never seen an F1 race before.

Tour de Force!!!

Despicable Me

One of the finest animations with the most memorable characters...outstanding!

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

Pulse pounding, moves at a breathless pace, slick and violent coupled with strong script and strong performances, one of the few sequels way better than its prequel (and the prequel was splendid!) . Director José Padilha, who also directed the gripping Bus 174 , brings about a visceral quality to the narrative. A Brazilian gem, an absolute must watch!

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

A nuanced , unhurried espionage thriller brilliantly acted and directed. Gary Oldman is smashing in his quiet, penetrating gazes and dialogue. A delight.

The Last Lions

A national geographic documentary follows a lioness into her desperate journey for survival for her and her 3 cubs. Magnificently told/directed by award winning film maker Dereck and Beverly Joubert and magistically narrated by Oscar winner, Jeremy Irons.

Its a must see for a number of reasons, how the law of jungle works and most importantly how human beings are destroying the ecology of these incredible animals.


The movie is a one-set black comedy and chronicles delightfully the descent into chaos of its main characters after the initial vestige of civility cracks and medieval rage abounds. Sharp dialogue and sharper performances make this a riveting piece.

The movie is based on Yasmina Reza's play, "God of Carnage" and she co wrote the script with director Roman Polanski.

Jodie Foster is an absolute smash followed by Kate Winslet and John Reilly. Choristopher Waltz follows up his brilliant turn in "Inglorious Basterds" with another excellent performance.

Fans of black comedy and dialogue driven movies will love this.

Margin Call
Margin Call(2011)

J.C. chandor's debut feature is taut, tense, doesn't over simplify and is exceptionally acted.

The film follows 24 hours at a wall street broker after the company's risk management realize that the company is destructively levered up.

The heart of the drama lies at how high finance operates, the moral ambivalence, the fat money blunts the conscience and the ever important question of money division between people who do real work and people who work with numbers-JC brings all this up beautifully without levelling accusations at anyone-wall street or common street.

The high point of the movie for me was when a sacked ex-engineer risk-management guy philosophises about building a bridge as against the work he did at the firm.

No frills, doesn't take sides and an excellent docu drama, especially for people like me who work in finance and understand the mechanism.

Must Watch.


When a new strain of virus breaks out and kills millions within days, it is a race against time to identify what the virus is, where did it originate and how does it transfer and finally if they can find a cure. The movie tracks the social and administrative breakdown around the world that follows.

With honest performances from the A-list of Hollywood , the real star of the film is Cliff Martinezâ(TM) pulsating background score which gives the movie its sheen of paranoia which it intends to achieve. It is tense, without any frills and is woven tight like a documentary drama.

Definitely not for all movie goers, most will be bogged down by the film's dark undertone, tense atmosphere, paranoia and emotional indifference.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Although the characters aren't very well etched out, it does have its moments and the camaraderie shines through. Acting is sincere and cinematography, splendid, nothing over the top here. The real star of the show, though, is Spain, always breath taking, always splendid. The scenes where they just take in the moments with Farhan Akhtar reciting Javed Akhtarâ(TM)s poetry, is worth all the money you pay for your ticket.
Zoya Akhtar, after a super âLuck by chanceâ? shows that she is a directorial talent to reckon with.

Delhi Belly
Delhi Belly(2011)

On the lines of Guy Richie's films, Delhi Belly is peppered with sarcasm and witty dialogue throughout its 95 min length. Its a zany, and in parts, deliberately kitschy, black comedy. The high point of the film is its characters, especially Vijay Raaz, his cohorts and Poorna Jagannathan-A Delight.Hope it paves the way for more cinema like it.Well done and must watch.


Tense, suspenseful and unpleasant throughout with a cracker of a finish! It never departs from the fact that its a true blue horror movie. Super!


Not very smart but nonetheless engaging entertainment, Mr DeNiro should have had an hours role more :)

The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest

"Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?"
"Because it's there".....haunting and inspiring, i wish he did conquer the Everest in 1924.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

Crafty, taut and engaging. Damn good fun!

Never Let Me Go

Ambling and depressing but poignant and beautiful, its an alternate history love story where average life expectancy has increased beyong 100 yrs,how? that's whats at the core of the movie . Its based on a book by the same name ( its supposedly brilliant). Serious cinema but recommended!

Fast & Furious

just for the cars...there is nothing in it otherwise