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Personal Shopper
9 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Hitchcockian? Defnitely not! Although I like some scenes and the ambiance in general, one out of two: either Olivier Assayas had a very structured story in his head but failed bad in putting it out, or the whole movie was nothing but an excuse to undress Kristen Stewart and satisfy his fantasies. Let´s face it: with the exception of Maureen, all other characters are almost nonexistent and to such an extension that pretty much the entire cast gives us the most mechanical and terrible acting. Even if intentional once Personal Shopper is basically an one-character story, if secondary roles are not strong enough the story must be, and that´s exactly what it is not. In much better ways loneliness and alienation (Angela Schanelec´s "Marseille", to just mention one; and Kelly Reichardt´s "Wendy and Lucy" and "Ceratin Women"), and mourning and loss ("This Summer Feeling" and, why not?, "The Truth About Emanuel") have already been portrayed.

For the scaring parts I can´t say much once I am not fond at all of horror movies, but I would like it better if it had taken a more subtle approach. As soon as the Fox sisters were mentioned I knew things were definitely doomed, however, the texting scene brought a certain spark of hope. I was expecting the story to take a different turn, a more realistic one I admit, once it was clear from message one who was texting Maureen, whose vulnerability was so visible and touchable that she could be easily driven over the edge. "Are you alive or dead?" Really? You´re asking to be trolled.