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4 years ago via Flixster
Now You See Me

Now You See Me(2013)

No, I don't see you.

"Now You See Me" is one of those films that aspires to baffle audience's minds with a grand twist that no one is able to predict, but it's done in such over-exaggerated fashion; reminds me of "Lucky Number Slevin".

The premise is a strange one: magicians pulling off a real heist in front of an audience to have them marvel over the mysterious qualities of magic. If there was a plot that broke all suspension of disbelief, here it is. Oh, and you can see that this movie wants to throw a game-changing twist at the end that'll leave audiences with their jaws dropped to the floor. But by the end of the movie, you can't help but think that filmmakers made too many compromises with the plot just for the element of surprise. Undeniably, you won't see the twist, but that's because the twist is just too far-fetched. Okay, so let's say that the twist wasn't as compelling as the movie wanted it to be. How's the plot? Well, because everything's riding on the twist to be a haymaker, everything else is basically foreplay for the ending. And you know what? Movies that do that are usually pretty entertaining. I'm sad to say that "Now You See Me" lands pretty low on that list.

"Now You See Me" is pretentious, flamboyantly squaking away, making promises that are never fulfilled. "Now You See Me", I'm sorry but I don't see you.