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Norwegian Wood
14 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

By removing the aching empathy we have towards each of Murakami's characters, this adaption is no more than a skim-read of a novel that deserved a genuine recital.

The films story is squashed together in broken clippings and lacks the woven story telling and character depth that Murakami (by contrast) delivers in waves.
The portrayal of Reiko in the film was also especially disappointing for me, as well as the omission of her own story altogether. I can only assume this was ruled as nothing more than unnecessary conjecture by Tran; in a adaption where only the headlines survived the edit.

The film is only saved by the quality of the acting and the beautiful cinematography throughout. Unfortunately for Tran, by having us watch this tale with our eyes rather than our minds, we were always destined to absorb only a fraction of what Murakami allowed our imaginations to see.

Garden State
Garden State (2004)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Good film, however at times it's charm and obvious heart are obscured by more than occasional genre cliche's or the odd over-thought out (try hard) delivery. The charm of this movie, a brilliant cast and great (if slightly predictable) soundtrack, mean its definitely enjoyable and at times captivating, even if slightly formulaic. In my opinion Braff over polished this piece, playing it (very) safe rather than truly testing himself and the depth of his own creation. This leaves the film at times feeling slightly artificial and self conscious, detracting from any resonating feelings I may have had for a film that flirted with something more.