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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
21 months ago via Movies on iPhone

There's no denying "The Force Awakens" is a fun ride, created for fans, by fans, as part of one of the most globally known franchises of all time. It mostly succeeds in capturing the same sense of adventure and "magic" the old films are known for, using a combo of practical effects (puppets!) and CG to keep the same feel while also giving it an updated, polished look that totally works in its favor. This is Star Wars, there is no question.

No spoilers will be found in this review; I wanted to mention how I loved the flow of the film, and how the story slowly came together around you. Much has changed in the galaxy 30 years later, and instead of boring you with character monologues and a bunch of flashbacks to explain it all, it's tastefully told through the events happening on screen, leaving a sense of uncertainty as it all unfolds. I love how organically the newer elements melded with established the ones, creating a uncomfortably familiar, yet vastly foreign, galaxy. A galaxy you fondly remember, now with all-new shiny bells and whistles! And no green-screen overkill.

And really that's why this movie is so great to watch. It's a film created for film's sake. One that you won't get the full effect from if you don't jump in for the ride- if you don't cheer for the good guys, sigh "awwww" at the cute droid, laugh at Finn and Rey's back-and-forths, or question a villains' motives. Transport yourself there, watch "Episode VII" for the ride, and you may realize your a bigger Star Wars fan than you initially thought.

Krampus (2015)
21 months ago via Movies on iPhone

"Krampus" is a full-fledged Christmas movie at the end of the day. One you could "almost" add to your holiday movie rotation each year, and one that "almost" works for the whole family. But "Krampus" is also a horror movie, with some very well done (and genuinely creepy) monsters, including the titular character himself. And, to its benefit, the film is actually pretty light on gore and violence, never taking itself too serious and having generous humor throughout. The tone is very reminiscent of the movie "Gremlins," light hearted horror with a comedic twist.

Pompeii (2014)
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

For starters, yes this is a big dumb disaster movie that places all it's cards in giant set piece moments with crazy CGI effects. The story and characters are not even close to original, but I found myself caring for them, and Keifer Sutherland as the villain was just... Awesome. You could do A LOT worse than going to see this. Truly a fun, visual, over the top joy ride.

The Lords of Salem
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Ever watched a music video and thought, "wow, I really wish this was 2 hours long." Essientially it's what you get with Lords. It starts out setting up what looks to be a creepy, "Rosemary's Baby" and by the half hour mark youre getting random cuts of flashbacks and witches and the story nosedives. It's not to say, visually and atmospherically the movie doesn't work, because it does..... Just like a music video, which does not have to tell a coherent story.

Elysium (2013)
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

If you've seen and enjoyed "District 9," you'll be right at home in "Elysium," a gritty sci-fi adventure about poverty stricken earthlings trying to illegally board Elysium, a space colony for humanities elite members. On Elysium you live as gods, eat extravagant meals, and use medical bays that cure you of all illness and helps you to live forever. Naturally, the poor want in on this, and in the middle of Matt Damon trying to board the vessel to cure himself of radiation poisoning, he's unwillingly pulled into a political conspiracy involving Jodie Foster and a badass sleeper agent. One of the best sci-fi films in recent memory.