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Lawless (2012)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Lawless may have recieved mixed reviews, most naming it to be highly flawed and perhaps a bit eccentric, but I feel that Lawless is an extremely exciting film since it is simply impossible to guess what will happen next if you have never seen it before. When Tom Hardy's character Forest had his throat sliced open during an early part of the film, I was so shocked that I was reduced to tears (much to my embarrassment) mainly because you begin to know and understand the characters at such an early stage of the film that you can feel the emotion portrayed so brilliantly by the actors and the general atmosphere of the film.
Shia LaBeouf truly came of age in this film, showing the audience that he is indeed a serious actor ready to show us what he can do. His character Jack was quite demanding of him emotionally which Shia pulled off very well. In fact it is a struggle for me to think of a single flawed performance by any of the actors, even Guy Pearce's role of Charley Rakes was excellent, no matter how brutal and disturbed his character was.
Although I realise that parts of the film were in fact flawed, I find it hard to discredit this film. I happened to attend the UK premiere, which was an open air showing of the film at Somerset House, and just being a part of that audience automatically made Lawless that little bit more excting and shocking. The only other film that has made my blood boil in that way was Mississippi Burning and that was one of my favourite films of all time. Therefore, although it is hard to say what Lawless may be like to watch in the comfort of your own homes now that it is not in theatres any longer, I highly recommend setting aside some time to watch this film atleast once just to feel the intensity that Lawless brings to the screen.

Looper (2012)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A friend told me that Looper was more "mind-boggling" than Inception...I would almost have to agree except the setting of the film and the story line are completely different. I must say Joseph Gordon-Levitt gave us a brilliant performance as the looper Joe, even though he was almost unrecognisable with his modified facial features which give him a harsher, Bruce Willis like appearance. In my oppinion, the little boy Sid, otherwise known as The Rainmaker, was the highlight of the film. His performance was superb! Although many people found his character extremely "creepy", I was simply amazed at the boy's intelligence in understanding what was going on in each scene when he was involved. Emily Blunt managed to pull off a very convincing american accent and also gave a moving performance. Even Bruce Willis managed to present the audience with a decent representation of the older Joe, perhaps a come back for Bruce is in order? All in all, even though some parts of the film seemed to go by slowly (i recommend watching this film when you are wide awake), this is a must see!