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Beauty and the Beast
11 days ago via Movies on iPhone

To all those offended by the gay content, almost unnoticeable unless you are looking for it, all I can say is GROW UP! It's 2017 and we are not going away. Learn to live with it!

The movie itself is just ok. Emma Watson is a disaster as Belle - no depth or emotion. Too much CGI is just that and this movie makes you dizzy with visual effects. The songs are worn out as the storyline. An unnecessary remake.

Kong: Skull Island
16 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Perfect movie for brainless audiences around the world. It's so idiotic and inconsequential that at one point the audience is laughing during "dramatic" scenes. A moral flop for Hollywood and a new low in stupidity on screen!

Get Out
Get Out (2017)
30 days ago via Movies on iPhone

When a black man is killing a bunch of white republicans and the audience is cheering you have touched some nerve and movie magic crashed with reality.

A Dog's Purpose
59 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Disregard the video tampered by TMZ and all the fuzz Peta did about animal abuse - way overblown by personal interest - go see this incredible, touching and magical movie about a dog's soul journey and all the lives he touches. Animal lovers everywhere... this one is for you!

Nocturnal Animals
4 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Tom Ford did it again. Beautiful and devastating! One of the best movies of the year... by a mile!