CorpseMaster's Rating of Macabre

Corpse's Review of Macabre

5 years ago via Flixster


ultra gory movie, i really liked it even though it wasnt at all origonal. definatly very much like the movie 'inside' but with more victims and more serial killers. sometimes unorigonality can totaly ruin a movie but this one has so many gruesome murders that each room is destroyed with blood and the viewer is overwhelmed with violence. This brings on lots of death scenes that stick in your head and numorous visions of mutilations. More than one decapiations, knecks are brokens( the one in the forrest looked really nasty to me), arrows, chainsaws, knives, swords, and guns are all used insanely and the family of serial killers have creepy personalities especially the mother. One problem with the dvd as well is that there are no special features at all, which is a bit of a let down for such a crazy movie. still This movie is definatly memorable and well worth a watch for gore hounds:)