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Faces of Death

Faces of Death(1978)

First off these movies have a bit of a cult following and lots of history, i remember being traumitized in elementary when using napster to download video clips of faces of death. Now over a decade later im able to download the full dvd series and see how more in depth these movies are compared to the mere clips i watched as a kid. that said it wasnt as nasty as i was expecting. i was personally expecting it to be more of an exploitation movie but it disguises itself as a documentary which asctually makes it less shocking. It is a documentary on different ways things are killed. Some are gross, some boring, some crazy, some will definatly offend, and some educational. I found it to be an interesting movie but at the same time repulsive and would find it hard to tell someone that i actually liked it, while considering the subject matter. That said, im still intruiged will be looking more into the series.