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Chris' Review of Moonraker

2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


'Moonraker' is a much less awful film than most Bond fans would have you think. Sure, it's very silly (what Bond film isn't at some point?) and the film seems like they really wanted to cash in on 'Star Wars' with a cheap space film. Somehow though, the film doesn't leave as bad a taste in my mouth as I thought it would. Roger Moore's James Bond does his usual quips and action sequences and Hugo Drax, the film's villain isn't all that interesting. So, why is it that I return to 'Moonraker' over and over again? Well, the action scenes are top notch as always, the quips do make me laugh in this one, actually more so than usual, and the final scene on the space shuttle is a very interesting set piece. I have a lot of fun with the film and I tend to ignore the little problems the film has. You may not feel the same and that's why I can only recommend a rental for most people and for Bond fans I think the film is quite a hit or miss for them.