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Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies(1997)

While 'GoldenEye' was a high mark in the Bond legacy, it hasn't exactly aged all that well since 1995. I've actually been more fond of the 1997 sequel 'Tomorrow Never Dies' as it had a much more modern take on Bond and while it's missing a few key elements that would put it over the top it still manages to be an entertaining film. Pierce Brosnan was always a Bond I had mixed emotions for. On the one hand, he was the Bond I grew up with and saw his films through most of my early life. On the other hand however, he only seems to represent the image of 007 rather than portraying him well and this hurts him more in his later films. One of the best aspects of the film is actually Michelle Yeoh who throughout the movie actually does better than Bond in some scenes and she's also a strong independent woman to boot which is rarer than you'd think in a 007 film. The villain this time around is a Steve Jobs-like and while he is a much more believable character than previous bad guys he really isn't all that interesting and is very rarely threatening. The action scenes are top notch as is the norm during the Brosnan age, with lots of machine guns and 'splosions to make any action junkie happy. The action however is the main downfall of most of Brosnan's Bond films because they rely way too often on the action rather than story which I didn't expect from Bond that often, but it is nice to see. Overall, 'Tomorrow Never Dies' is a good film and in some ways outdoes its predecessor, but it chooses style over substance and it ends up making me wanting more from it. It is worth checking out and I may have sounded a little too harsh about it but I still think it's good.