Pedro Holanda's Rating of Looper

Pedro 's Review of Looper

5 years ago via Flixster


Hunted by your future. Haunted by your past.

Stuck on a loop.

We have all seen time traveling movies, what makes Looper different? Actually not much. Personally, Looper was a failed attempt to create a physiological sic-fi thriller. It was a failure because we have seen it all before (no pun intended).

Looper is a futuristic action thriller about present assassins who kill man from the future, they are called Loopers. Joe (Gordon-Levvit) is a Looper but one day is caught unexpectedly as the man whom he has to kill is himself (Willis) in the future. The movie follows Joe's decision and struggle to decide weather or not to kill himself.

My main problem with Looper was the lack of unoriginality. Yes the story is somewhat original, but the effects and the entire non sequential frame is all to common.

However, there are some phenomenal things in the movie. First of all the make up (they change JGL's face to look almost identical to Bruce Willis's face in the future). Another thing that works in the movie is the "trashiness" in it. By that I am referring to over violent shot sequences and use of trash punchlines for comedic purposes.

There are things that didn't work, like the acting that was just plain. Rain Johnson definitely didn't know how to work with his actors because he had an amazing crew like Dani and Blunt but was unable to create characters as vivid as these actors.

Overall I wish I had enjoyed more from Looper, but it just felt long and unoriginal. As though I had seen it before, maybe in my future life?

Joe: I knew this would go on forever and there was only one way to stop it from going on.