Pedro Holanda's Rating of Frankenweenie

Pedro 's Review of Frankenweenie

4 years ago via Flixster



A complete failure

Frankenweenie, is a boring and stupid film that lacks originality and story. Ill be very honest, people are just giving credibility to it because it's Tim Burton, and people tend to think that whatever he does is good. But they are very wrong, Tim Burton was great but recently he has been showing that he doesn't live up to his own expectations.

From the second I started watching the movie I already hated it. The black and white in the film is pointless and adds no artsy effect if there isn't any character development or any story to be followed. The vagueness within the story and characters in Frankenweenie are so colossal that it's hard to ignore it and enjoy the movie. As much as I tried to watch the film without a critic eye, it was impossible. As hard as I tried to just have fun, I wasn't able to.

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