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Antibirth (2016)
13 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This was a very weird movie with an interesting story and good actor. But it tried too hard with all the hallucinations/flashbacks and it wasn't until the end when things started to get very messed up.
~October 13, 2016~

The Girl on the Train
14 days ago via Movies on iPhone

I read the movie and I liked it a lot, and so I was eagerly anticipating this film. The features a very good casting, leading the story is Emily Blunt as Rachel which I did not completely like a 100% on the film. I felt like she overacted some of the drunk scenes, but in the end she was not bad. Also being a big fan of the novel, the movie felt kind of disappointing since I expected to be way better. I felt like they did not make justice to it, with some weird editing and the way the story was told was not as effective as in the novel in my opinion. As a whole the movie was entertaining but my expectations were high given the source material, thus the novel is way better than the film, but the film itself is not bad. Maybe if you have not read it, you might find it more intriguing and appealing.
~October 12, 2016~

Masterminds (2016)
23 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This movie had a very great cast, and although it some funny moments it was maybe too dumb at times. However it is a good time, were you have fun but nothing else. There isn't much content nor enough jokes, but with the performances is enough to enjoy it.
~October 4, 2016~