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Hugo's Review of Ain't Them Bodies Saints

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Ain't Them Bodies Saints

Ain't Them Bodies Saints(2013)

This movie had a very good cinematography, very similar in style to Terrence Malick. And even though it tend to become very dark as the movie went on, it added to its tone at the moment. The acting was very good too, although Rooney Mara's got into my nerves because I just disliked everything about her as well as Ben Foster's character. While Casey Affleck, eve though he wasn't a "saint" he still tried to do everything in his power to reunite with his family and do the right thing. For this reason, I disliked the ending and although it was kind of obvious that it couldn't end very good, this was a very sad one and plain depressing. Thus, overall it was a good movie with good performances but the story needed some more depth and some more hope.