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Hugo's Review of +1

3 years ago via Movies on iPad


This was a very strange movie with elements of Sci-Fi and Mystery. The acting was very good from all the main actors as well as how creative the plot was. What I really liked about this movie was the fact that even though the "clones" were kind of a threat, the real menacing ones were the real people. It was more about how the characters behaved in that situation and how we always think violence resolves everything. But also how we fear the unknown even though we don't know what were facing, because everyone has different intentions real deep inside them. Moreover, unfortunately the script did featured some plot holes and it wasn't very clear as to what or why it was happening, but the story kept me very interested until the very end. Overall, the movie is really good but the really good stuff doesn't start until the final third act of the movie. Still, it has a little bit of everything and a lot going on at the same time.