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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch(2011)

You have to be a really boring person to hate this film. Im not saying call it Citizen Kane of this generation but if you cant enjoy it, you have some serious problem with todays films. First half of the film was a great treat to my eyes. You have pretty girls fighting with giant machine gun carrying samurais, steam powered Nazis and an army of Orks led by a dragon. Every single visual of the film is stunning and thoroughly enjoyable. Thankfully there are very less words and much more action. Plus the background score of the film is the best Various Artist compilation i have enjoyed after Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. It all goes just like u wanted untill Snyder introduces you to his own version of feminine emotions and sacrifices. I mean WHY? Why do we need to have a story? We were doing so great till that jaw dropping Robot army train sequence and then suddenly all character start opening their mouth and everything turns boring. While i was expecting one last epic fight so that girl could walk free and i could go home, snyder gave me some emotional suppose-to-feel crappy ending and ruined my mood. Ignoring that single yet major flaw, i enjoyed the film to fullest and let snyder ravage my eyeballs with his EPICEST imagination and superb slo-mos. Yes this could have been a better film with good story and all the critic bla bla bla.....but this is what is was meant to be. In simple line, Sucker Punch is total paisa vasul movie. What Hera Pheri is of comedy, Sucker Punch is of CGI...just i hope it stops here because we all know what Hera Pheri 2 turned out to be. Also, try to watch it in Hindi. U'll have the best one-liners there.