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Pushkar's Review of Zero Dark Thirty

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty(2013)

For the first minute of the film, all you hear are the distress call from 9-11 attack. You can hear a woman screaming for help, a police operative trying to calm down a young guy under a lot of pain, people shouting screaming under fear and in that one small moment you realize the gravity of this decade year old manhunt. With around 2 hrs 40mins of its runtime, not a single second of this film is wasted on rubbish chitchat or any other typical hollywood bullshit. With a keen eye for detail, Biglow takes you from 9-11 to every single important terrorist event till May 11 2012 with what is said to be the first hand information about the subject. Cinematically, its an masterpiece. Right from those torture scenes to the raid for Bin Laden, every single sequence is perfect. You can actually see every important lead grow in front of you and Jessica Chastain and others have done one hell of a job convincing that to you. Film is set to release in India somewhere in Feb, do not miss this one!