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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
World War Z

World War Z(2013)

In a summer filled of good movies that still miss the bar for greatness, World War Z makes its long awaited arrival. While it didn't hit that bar which still remains untouched for the year, World War Z has however reached further than most of the movies for the year so far.
The movie itself is an action-packed thriller with zombies, to make them scary, the effects team had to push the edges to make the swarm of zombies really exhilarating. The result is an exciting film that uses great set pieces and some scary-ass zombies to really get the blood pumping
Plot-wise the movie was alright, there were many inconsistencies with the eventual ending, and so many stupid moments by side characters, its not easy to ignore. that being said, the plot was capable of telling a compelling story with of course is supplemented by the action. This is mostly due to the plot not using many cliches, and I suppose makes it original.
The acting was good as well, mostly by the 2 main actors, Brad Pitt and Daniella Kertesz, the rest were decent. The 2 main characters were likeable, and many of the side cast, despite the sheer stupidity at some point. There was on character death that was actually so stupid, you'll scream out "WHAT???"
One major complaint I have is that almost every scene in the first 2 acts were in the trailers, meaning you know what's going to happen before it does, and in many scenes, EXACTLY how it happens. Luckily the film avoids this for the final act, mostly due its last-minute production. If you watched all the marketing material, the last act is really the saving grace, as the movie ceases the action and slows down to a suspenseful climax.
World War Z was a really good movie, definitely worth the watch and is probably worth watching over several other movies currently in theaters *cough cough* Man of Steel *cough cough* Iron Man 3 *Cough*. You really can't go wrong here.