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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Top Movies of 2012: #13

Looper was one of those movies when I left the theater I was saying "Wow, that was a great movie", while wiping some tears off of my face. Looper did so many things right, it gave it a good plot, great likable, memorable characters combined with great performances from Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt, and a shocking ending, which I believe was the only way it could've ended. There were so many things present for action fans, you got Bruce kicking ass and well as sci-fi fans, you got time travel and genetic mutations, the movie felt like a complete experience.

The reason Looper isn't closer to the top of the list is because of one critical reason, the writing for the Time Travel was bad, in order to fully enjoy Looper, you have to watch it and ignore the time travel aspects. While the only real problem arises in one scene, for a more intelligent sci-fi movie, this causes a serious clash with viewers. Despite this (supposed to be) minor flaw, it takes away from what I believe to be one of the best movies I saw for the year.

Original Review:A very original and well-developed plot that makes you actually think, great acting by Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis which helps you care about the characters and fast-paced action that keeps you gripped to your seat all combine to make Looper a movie that keeps you fully engrossed from start to finish and gives the heart-wrenching ending a strong emotional punch. Looper is a movie any Sci-fi lover must watch and any action fan should check out.

Edit: A second, more-critical viewing revealed a gaping problem with the time travel mechanics, being the basis of the movie, it is difficult to shrug aside. That being said, all of the characters, acting, set pieces, plot, and action remained as fresh, so half a star is knocked off for the improbable laws of Time Travel