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Top Movies of 2013 - #2

Gravity had the distinction of being the first movie awarded the coveted 5Stars during the year, as it was the first movie to make me say "WOW" as I left the theater, and stuck with me for a very long time. Gravity was one of the most unique movies I had the pleasure of watching, an experience that I never had before. The concept was so simple, a survival movie about being stranded in space, following 2 persons' journey to make it back to Earth, but at the same time the movie was so complex. Gravity was an intense film, which could impress the viewer and also scare them.
Gravity excelled in creating an atmosphere. The special effects were top-notch,they looked and felt like it occurred in space. Shrapnel flew in all directions as objects collided and tore through each other, with the debris shooting in all directions with a great force. It was a grand spectacle that was amazing to behold. The effects looked detailed and realistic, and followed the laws of physics properly, something that must be followed in a movie of this type. The characters also interacted with their environment in a realistic way. They tumbled and collided with spacecraft as they try to get a grip, floating in whatever direction propelled them. They struggled to maintain a sense of direction in an environment without any Gravity, that force which keeps on the ground,which we on Earth take for granted. The movie did a fantastic job of showing their struggle in space.
The movie would not succeed without its characters though, and the 2 members of the cast did a fantastic job of showing their character in peril. Sandra Bullock stared as Ryan Stone (or as I like to call her, Space Sandra), a woman on her first journey through space (and probably her last), witnessing the events as they occur, much like the audience. It was through her that we connect to the film, and Sandra Bullock does a fantastic job of showing the fear her character experienced. George Clooney co-stars as Matt Kowalski (or as I like to call him, Space Clooney), a calm and experienced space veteran who helps Space Sandra on their quest back to Earth. It was through him we develop a sense of hope in the movie, and George Clooney was perfect in the role, as he made his character completely likable.
When you combined the atmosphere and characters, you got a survival movie that matched no other. You could imagine yourself in the character's position. There's nothing to hold on to, you're floating around, there's the threat of a storm of shrapnel in the next few minutes and you're running out of oxygen. You're in an environment that's unlike anything you could ever experience on Earth and its outright terrifying. You're in Space Sandra's spacesuit, you're scared and you're hoping Space Clooney will rescue you. He finds you and there's this glimmer of hope that you'll make it back home. Then the movie takes him away from you, him sacrificing to save your life, and you feel hopeless, ready to give up and die in space. But then you remember him and decide you want to live. You're empowered to see yourself survive this ordeal. You make it back to Earth and you could breathe a sigh of relief having done what no one had ever done before.The movie gave you sense of accomplishment by the time it was done.
The movie had succeeded in sucking the viewer into it more than space sucks a person out of an open airlock. The movie was more terrifying than any horror movie, and could probably deter a generation of kids from wanting to visit space ever again (they always wanted to be a fireman anyway...). But yet, Gravity still had you wanting more, and as such you go to watch it over and over again,as it was completely entertaining. As such, Gravity earns the #2 spot on my list.