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Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty(2013)

Top Movies of 2012 - #15

I'll be honest, The Hurt Locker bored me, the characters were great, cinematography was great, but the story was really sloowwww. When I hear of Kathryn Bigelow's follow up, I wondered if Zero Dark Thirty would follow suit. What I got was an intriguing movie that portrayed something we all have interest in: The Manhunt for Osama Bin Laden. While many segments were long and somewhat confusing, in the end, you don't remember any of it because you were just given a highly detailed movie, with a good plot and a great protagonist in Jessica Chastain.

Original Review: Another movie raking up the nominations this year is Zero Dark Thirty, a movie about the Hunt for Osama Bin Laden, and the determination of one woman to find him. With so many nominations, and an interesting premise, Zero Dark Thirty looked to impress me. Now 2 and a half hours later, I can say one thing, Zero Dark Thirty is a great movie.

Within this 2.5 hour run-time, there is a LOT of talking, about leads they have, and how certain leads are dead ends. There are a few bits of action spread throughout, mostly in the form of bombings or torture. All of this is very well-detailed and seemingly precise,and allows the drama of the movie to develop. One problem I found in these segements is that most of the leads involve so many Middle Eastern names, that its very difficult to keep track of which prisoner/ lead is which. The movie is rather confusing at times, although that is not as distracting as one would think though. That being said though, one of my major gripes with this film is its slow pace, the movie was 2.5 hours, but felt like 4, since again, not much takes place at a time. The movie instead decides to drown you in information, allowing it to marinate in your mind. Its up to you to decide whether that's your style.

Zero Dark Thirty follows Jessica Chastain's Maya, a woman who is determined to find Bin Laden regardless of the cost. Throughout the movie, we see how the hunt for Bin Laden has affected her life, losing friends and relationships as a result of her hunt for the terrorist. Jessica Chastain puts on a great performance in her role, although not much of Maya as a person is put forward, we don't know who she was, what she likes or any of her backstory, only what she feels and experiences at the moment. Jason Clarke puts on a great performance as well, his character having a little more personality than Maya.

The finale, showing the operation where Bin Laden is killed, is the most tense part of the movie, although we know how its going to end, its intriguing to see how Bin Laden is killed, especially after following the chase for so long. The finale, feels like such a different movie, yet compliments what precedes so perfectly.

Zero Dark Thirty, in summary, brings the hunt for Osama Bin Laden to life, with fine detail and great performances. Although some of the characters were not very interesting, and the movie being a bit too long, and perhaps too detailed, Zero Dark Thirty will entertain those who want a smart and tense drama, and the willingness to sit through the entire runtime