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Dmitri's Review of Argo

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


If there's one movie out there that's raking in the awards this year, its Argo. After a Golden Globe Best Picture Win, and several Oscar nominations, I was excited to hear my nearby cinema was showing Argo after a limited run in my country.
When the movie had finished, one sentence passed through both me and my friend's mind: "Damn, that was disappointing". Argo, one of the most praised movies of the year, was a miss for me. I did NOT expect this.
Before I begin with the movie's flaws, I should mention where Argo excels. This is the technical front. Great attention to detail is seen in every shot, excellent camera work work together to create an atmosphere that should engross the viewer. Ben Affleck really did a good job with this film, he deserves the Best Director Win.
Now here's where the movie falls flat - the human aspects. While acting is good, it cannot compensate for the poorly developed characters. I find it difficult to care about any of the 6 hostages since none of them are developed much, or even at all. I don't care for the main character's relationship with his family since its never even mentioned. The only supporting character who stands out is Bryan Cranston, and he has a limited role. Alan Arkin got nominated for Best Supporting Actor, even though his character just spouts one-liners, Javier Bardem would've been a better candidate. Maybe its the type of movie Argo is, or maybe I missed something, but from what I saw, Argo lacked any compelling characters.
I suppose that's Argo's downfall, I don't care for any of the characters, I know how the hostage crisis ended, so it kills most of the tension in the movie, causing what was intended to be a tense, gripping movie, into a bore. Don't get me wrong, Argo is a good movie, its just not a great one. Perhaps a second viewing will reveal what makes this movie such a hit with critics and audiences, but until then, Argo receives a 3.5/5