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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Top Movies of 2013 - #5

So we're entering the 5-Star top cut of the Top Movies of 2013 List, and the top 5 Movies of the Year. To start off the Top 5, we have Rush, a biopic about the 1976 Formula 1 rivalry between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda. It's a racing movie, as well as a drama, and was top-notch in both of those genres.
There was a lot of racing action in the film, and it was presented with near-perfect sound and amazing camera work. The sound was so well done that you actually believe you were watching the race as it's going on. The camera work was so well cut that again, you would believe you were watching the race happen before you. The action in the film really got the adrenaline pumping.
Outside of the races, was a thoroughly engrossing drama that focused on the rivalry between the characters and their personal lives. This was where the movie truly shined, as we began to bond with the character of Nikki Lauda, played by Daniel Brohl. Daniel Brohl put on an amazing performance here, completely stealing the show. Here's a clue of how he stole the show, James Hunt was considered the main character, played by Chris Hemsworth, and by the time the finale came around, you're more interested in Nikki, completely forgetting about Hunt. Daniel was just so amazing, he brings character of Nikki Lauda to life. At first glance you don't like the character, but as the movie progresses and you watch the suffering he goes through, you would begin to love him. This was what Daniel did, he made us love a character we may not have liked otherwise, he showed the intense physical pain his character was going through in such a way that you may shed some tears.
When the finale came, there was in no way I could take my eyes off the screen. The movie had captured by interests from all directions, and kept me glued to my seat. Rush had succeeded in telling its fantastic story.