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Stalker (1979)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

An ambient, symbolic, provoking and philosophical wonder. Stalker manages to present a gloomy, dark, feel from the first scene and sustains it until the final cut. The dialogue is masterfully crafted, creating quote upon quote with much philosophical provenance. The progression of the story may seem slow, yet the long camera movements across the detailed scenery provokes thoughts about a message which can be interpreted in many ways. Before watched, however, a summary of plot of either the film or novel should be read as context is not clear until a sizable amount of the film has passed.
Wonderfully thought provoking.

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas (2012)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A charming piece. Cloud Atlas successfully interweaves six stories into a three hour epic. The astonishingly different locations used for the films brings a real pace and forever-changing sense to the film, which also manages to cover a range of genres suited to any taste. The story may at sometimes catch you as, there is a gargantuan plot which in the end boils down to a very tender message.
Through these features the film will be able to be watched over many times, to concentrate, contemplate and examine every storyline in the detail it deserves.
Without a doubt, one of the most endearing and absorbing films released in recent years.