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Cast Away

Cast Away(2000)

i was "Cast Away" by the beauty of the film

I watched this film somewhere back in 2002 or 2003. but as i got older and wiser i felt that i should catch this film once again because the last time i watched it i was a little to young to even understand what was going on, and trust me, i dint get what the was about back then, only thing i knew was a man getting stranded in an island.

So, i decided to watch the film, in 2012

I'll be honest, the first time I saw this film, I wasn't too sure if I liked it. I mean, I certainly enjoyed it, but I just wasn't too sure of how I felt about the film as a whole since i was abit too young. I must say that this film was MUCH better the second time around. And just got better with each additional viewing.

As the film went on i was interested to see how Cast Away was going to solve the tool issues and how they would deal with a person living on his own for a long period of time. The solutions were simply marvelous: ice skates, volleyball, etc. Tom Hanks is superb in the role.

I simply loved this film but was shocked by the bad reviews that people gave it. To this I say to them: You seriously misunderstood the meaning of it. Although I won't reveal any real details about the meaning because I think that you should try and understand it yourself. The movie was terrific and simply breathless the whole time. I felt awestruck about how the life of one man could be so changed after an experience that Hanks went through. I say that every element of the film was perfect. And for those of you who hate Wilson, you have to understand about how human he really was to Chuck. I was amazed on how well this movie was made and think that everybody should have an experience that should cause you to take stock of your life.

The end of this movie confuses some, making them feel that they have wasted their time. To me it is the most memorable part of the movie. As Chuck stands in the middle of this isolated intersection, he finally gets it. He finally sees why life has given him a second chance. He held on to three things while on the island. A picture of Kelly, which gave him hope, Wilson, who gave him companionship, and one last Fed Ex package, which was his since of duty and purpose in the world he could not return to. Wilson was lost in his attempt to rejoin the rest of the world, Kelly was lost in his absence, the package did save his life by providing that sense of purpose, which he followed through to the end, by taking it back to where it had shipped from four years earlier. Only then, when this beautiful woman entered into his life did he realize that the sender of the package, not a picture of Kelly, represented his future. The movie ends with Hanks forming a thin smile on his face, because he sees how he (and the movie) have come full circle.