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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Casino Royale

Casino Royale(2006)

This is finally a Bond Film again that's worth to be called a Bond Film,

The movie was very good, nice action, plot, acting; Everything fell in place quite nicely. Obviously nothing shocking compared to other movies, but compare to the previous Bond films, this was diffrent. There was rarely any blood or disturbing scenes,

Yes, Sean Connery remains the definitive James Bond, but Daniel Craig effortlessly (actually, it looks like it took a great DEAL of effort) supplants George Lazenby as the very *very* good second best, and hopefully a great Bond for the next decade or more.

The charm and stylishness of "Casino Royale" cannot be denied, and neither can Craig's impact as 007. The film reminds action fans that, while there are many imitators, James Bond is still at the head of the pack.

Overall: Perfect Bond Film.