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Joseph's Review of Skyfall

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Skyfall is the twenty-third official James Bond film, the third to star Daniel Craig and the sixth to star Judi Dench as M. I feel like it's all been leading up to this and in a way privileged to have been able to experience 50 years of Bond, one of cinemas most iconic characters in such a short amount of time. After numerous iterations of James Bond and almost a dozen directors it all leads up to Skyfall. After a fairly big misstep with Quantum of Solace, Bond's back on form. Bond looks rough in this one, declared dead he spends his time sleeping and drinking. And he isn't relaxing drinking vodka martini's before he goes to bed. No, he's doing shots of whiskey with a scorpian on his hand trying to avoid getting stung while people bet on it. Say what you want about James Bond, he knows how to go on a bender. It's not until he notices in the news that there was an attack on MI6 that he's awoken from his drunken haze and returns to kick ass and take names. It's one of the coolest and most unique bonds ever. From its action packed pre-title sequence that leads into it's ultra cool and sleek title sequence, it prepared me and set the standard for the rest of the movie. It's so stylish and shot with such elegance that it simply oozes cool from beginning to end. Javier Bardem plays the villian Silva. He had such a great introduction, one long shot of him walking towards the camera and bond, telling the story he tells. Thats how you introduce a character. Javier Bardem plays it which such menace and accompanied with that hair and those crazy looks he gives it makes him one of the most well established and best villians ever to be attached to a Bond film. Where Casino Royale was a brute force, gritty action orientated bond and Quantum of Solace was a let down, this one is a welcomed edition to the legacy. It has a perfect blend of action and story and deserves all the praise it gets. It feels like a trilogy that has set it up perfectly to go back to the old formula and that leaves me excited to see if they do. I'm a bit reluctant about giving Skyfall five stars, because i'm basically saying it's my favourite Bond and i'm not so sure that it is. I left the cinema so completely satisfied and on such a high that I felt like I had to unless I thought of something i didn't like enough that it would demote it to a lower score. And that thing is the CGI komodo dragons. One of the things I like about the older Bonds is that everything they could do real they did, especially when it came to the animals. Like the sharks in Thunderball and the crocodiles in Live and Let Die. And not having even one shot of a real komodo dragon in a scene that involves them being more then just part of the scenery is just a bit lazy. Skyfall handles all the bond (borderline)stigmas well and so uniquely that it doesnt seem forced or like they includied them just because they felt that they had to, they made them relevant and fresh, new but familiar. From the casual martini to the new Q branch. I was surprised at how moved I was by it, but i don't think it would of affected me so much if i havn't invested so much time in watching them all lately. It wraps up so perfectly with its brief epilogue that I immediately got exciting for the next one. One of James Bonds finest hours. Sam Mendes does a really great job and Craig smashes it as bond solidifying his place in 007 history. Thoroughly satisfied.