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The Fate of the Furious
7 days ago via Movies on Android phone

This franchise has turned critic proof a few films ago, as long as it never bores it's doing it's job right. And by that standard, it delivers.

Life (2017)
29 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Fantastic little gem of a horror thriller in the vein of Alien. With solid acting and direction. Still though, i think it was a missed opportunity on Sony's part not having made this a straight-up Venom origin film.

Saban's Power Rangers
32 days ago via Movies on Android phone

7.5 out 10. Pays respect to one of the most beloved & ridiculously cheesy franchises of all time by trying to make a fun movie with characters you like... blending power rangers with the Breakfast Club. Falls short on the action and spectacle due to its clearly limited budget (Krispy Kreme paid for the entire last act), here's hoping this makes enough money for a sequel with a bigger budget.

The Belko Experiment
36 days ago via Movies on Android phone

I like james gunn as much as the next guy but this movie was aggravating. Cruel violence for the sake of violence, no payoffs, way too serious, and to top it off, the audience doesnt get any kind of answers. Save your money and rent Cabin in The Woods.