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The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises(2012)

Regardless of how you choose to look at Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise, it is pretty difficult to deny that they are pretty darn good films.  Clearly he has taken Batman in a couple of different directions that have really gotten under the skin of some fans he has even done things with the core character beliefs of Batman that you would likely never see in any of the other retellings over the years (like quitting Batman for 8 years), but Nolan makes it work within his universe.

By now you know what you are getting into if you go see a Nolan Batman movie he's not going to change the tone drastically from you've come to expect. I think one should look at it for what it is, not what they want it to be.

Nolan delivers big time in the conclusion to his Batman trilogy. The movie feels bigger, the action is larger, and exist on a far bigger scale than anything in the previous two films. Speaking of which, this does serve as a third act to a three film series, but almost all of the films best moments and story tie in to Batman Begins more than it does The Dark Knight.

Ann Hathaway is fantastic as Selina Kyle (would it have killed them to mention Catwoman just once?) she isn't the Batman Returns version but she stays really true to the Catwoman character and adds a lot to the movie with her dynamic with Bruce Wayne and Batman. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also pretty fantastic in this movie as John Blake and he plays a fairly pivotal role in the film.  Michael Caine has been great in all of the "Nolanverse" films but he really stood out in his scenes and without a doubt provided the absolute most dramatic and emotional scene in any Batman movie (and probably anything I have seen this year).

Tom Hardy as Bane was solid, but never stood a chance against Heath Ledger's Joker. That being said Hardy was not the super sized monster from Comic Book fame but he was as about as ruthless and Batman was totally over matched physically every time they confronted each other. His voice will likely be a point of discussion forever, there were some moments where the Bane voice was grating, and I am pretty sure at the beginning Sean Connery was actually doing voice overs, but for the most part I got use to it, and I didn't have a problem understanding anything he said.

This will likely go down as one of the most solid and well built trilogies ever made along with Lord of the Rings. Where the real debate will lay is with fans consider them good Batman movies.

This wasn't a perfect movie by any means. At times it did start to feel like it was getting long, but just in time a great action beat would start up. It was a very well paced roller coaster ride.  The last hour of the film is utterly fantastic and kind of leaves you wanting more (which we know is impossible) yet the ending of the film is clearly leaving the door open for future involvement.