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Anthony's Review of Dredd

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


The original Judge Dredd movie came out when I was just hitting my teenage years and I will admit it, I was a fan. Fortunatley for me, time heals all wounds, or in this case? Time heals all stupid opinions about movies. I will also admit that when I heard we were getting another Judge Dredd movie I winced pretty hard.

This ain't your Sly Stallone and Rob Schneider "I AM DA LUUUUUR" crapfest no! Dredd 3D is what Judge Dredd should be. He is a complete Bad Ass Mofo who dishes out the law to the criminal element of Mega City One, he never takes off his helmet and we barely learn anything about him at all, he is a total mystery, and it is awesome!

Karl Urban does justice (I guess pun intended) to the Dredd character, and the real story and character development comes from rookie Judge Anderson played aptly by Olivia Thirlby. She is a psychic (a rare find to be sure) and a powerful one at that so the Hall of Justice is going to be interested in her skills.

She heads out with Dredd on what was suppose to be her evaluation, until that is, they run into Lena Heady's "Ma-Ma" who is producing drugs out of a giant apartment complex. Dredd and Anderson get stuck inside and have to fight their way out.

This movie is bloody and brutal with  capitol "B". The action is pretty intense and it should be. This movie flies along at a rapid pace, it is a scant one hour and thirty minutes. Honestly that is the perfect amount of time for a movie like this. The story is simple, it serves as an introduction to that world, and it is packed with action. You would have to search long and hard for a cheesy scene or a moment of corny dialog.

Dredd fans, your long nightmare is over. This may not be the perfect Judge Dredd movie but it is light years above and beyond the Sly Stallone installment.  If I were you, I would hope your strongest hope that this version of Dredd gets a sequel, because there is so much more ground to cover in this universe. Dredd 3D was an excellent jumping off point.