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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3(2013)

Marvel fans, true believers, FEAR NOT! Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. have returned in Iron Man 3! This time under the helm of a new director in Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang).

In last years uber blockbuster The Avengers we saw a scene where Captain America challenged Tony Stark about what he is without his suit, and that is the entire premise of Iron Man 3. Tony Stark can't sleep and he is having anxiety attacks after The Battle of New York and at the height of his problems with insomnia; things come crashing down around him.

Tony loses his suit and has to relearn not only what he did before Iron Man but who he really is as a person. This all comes courtesy of The Mandarin (or if you live in China Man Darren *rolleyes*). The Mandarin is played by Ben Kingsley who really is just fantastic in a role that will literally through Marvel comic book fans for a loop that they will enjoy or will go into some kind insanity fuel HULK RAGE over. He is joined by Aldrich Killian played amazingly by Guy Pearce. This was a truly memorable performance that will raise the bar for other future Marvel foes.

Both Don Cheadle (Iron Patriot/James Rhodes) and Gweneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts) have A LOT more to do in this movie than in the first two combined. Add to that the cherry that was RDJ's fantastic performance. This go around we spend MUCH more time with Tony Stark then we do with Tony in an Iron Man suit.

The film also has more comedy then in previous films but it is all done so perfectly. The pace was smooth, the action was intense, and several of the visual effects were breath taking.

There is one big swerve in the plot but it also was done very well. At first it was a little jarring (as I think it was intended to be) but in the long run it made for a much better and much tighter story and for a very satisfactory ending.

I would count this right up there with the first Iron Man and maybe a little above that. As far as the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe goes, I still think The Avengers is the best overall film but Iron Man 3 is a close second.

Ohhhhh and yes......There is a post credits scene (this is a Marvel movie after all). That might be the only down point of the movie. While I enjoyed the scene it certainly lacked the punch that all of the other post credits scenes provided. If you were expecting to be given some kind of amazing look into the future of Marvel Phase II then you might just want to head home before the credits stop rolling.