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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward(2000)

Interesting film, with standard acting, that tries to push not a utopian fantasy but, an ideology that could, in theory, allow a society to make the utopia no longer a fantasy and into a reality. A little to optimistic for my tastes but, not without merit.

With that said, I found the actual screenplay to be quite ridiculous! Why would realistically, at least almost entirely, anyone do such, specific, things for other ppl when the effort put forth is, at least so highly likely to be, wasted on that individual?? Wasted largely given the reality that the person "Paying It Forward" is going to get screwed, perhaps by their own stupidity, such as during the flashback scene at the hospital, as that MORON kills other ppl, too...

Then there's the death scene at the end, which I doubt could have looked more fake. I know that this is not of the action and/or horror and/or science fiction, etc., genres but, they just did not try...

A rather wasted & pointless effort!

Worth seeing?: Eh, not really... Certainly not worth paying for!