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Megaforce (1982)
3 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Hal Needham! Corman-esque stunt oriented fun flick. Brainless? Yes.. This is Michael bay before Michael Bay. and without the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ . relax its just a movie.

It Comes At Night
6 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Is this a joke? This movie has nothing. No Suspense, no great acting, no horror,no visual stunning scenery (Looks like woods in my neighborhood) . In a crowded theater not one but Many loudly spoke after ending, "I sat through That?" "What the F*&K" and more. I love bad movies, I enjoy genres across the spectrum. This just felt like a joke.. Maybe it is so deep that humans can't get it. (Its not) My rating is probably low but critical expectations raised bar, Iowered it. Notice the audience score is way low and dropping fast. I don't say bad movie or generally criticize art. Its not to my taste is general response. Same here is not to my taste. But have the reviews been paid for? The barebones trappings have been utilized to far greater success in many other films. Feel like I was conned.