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Lights Out
Lights Out (2016)
17 days ago via Movies on iPad

David F. Sandberg effectively took advantage of the dark and made what could've been just another horror flick, exceptional...

The Imitation Game
20 days ago via Movies on iPad

Morten Tyldum has proven he's one of the best European filmmaker, hopefully Hollywood next...

The Trust
The Trust (2016)
20 days ago via Movies on iPad

Pretty well done movie...but things just make no sense, not even the final twist...all those time wasted...

Mechanic: Resurrection
22 days ago via Movies on iPad

This globetrotting Bond-esque Mechanic could've been a blockbuster if only they had one good screenwriter, instead of a bunch of misfits...

Jeruzalem (2016)
26 days ago via Movies on iPad

This was a better than average apocalypse flick that starts out great, then slowly descending into a no-brainer.
But still, a promising debut from the Paz brothers that deserved a better remake...say, from JJ Abrams?