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The Big Sick
The Big Sick (2017)
35 days ago via Movies on iPhone

A moving and meaningful take on the classic rom-com. It takes full advantage of the tenants of its genre and subverts and embraces them intentionally in equal turn. Educates without preaching, romanticises without ever feeling dishonest.

The Little Prince
12 months ago via Movies on iPhone

An erratic, contrived plot doesn't do justice to its source material. The animation is gorgeous, the it's worth watching for the visuals alone. However, it's ultimately an overly sentimental and poorly written adaptation of a classic.

Captain America: Civil War
13 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Civil War is a mostly cohesive flick that takes a note from the violence without consequences of its previous installments. The fight sequences are slick and enticing. However, it adds nothing new to the canon besides gritty conflict. Its main cast feels tired and old. The actual Civil War conflict feels forced and barely believable. It's more an excuse for some cool fight scenes and randomly introduced new characters than anything. However, its real story and emotional core is the conflict surrounding the Winter Soldier- and it's done well enough that I'll give it a pass, because it would have been completely tedious without the Avengers divide. Beyond that, its villain, Colonel Zemo (who I assume will be developed into Baron Zemo) is indistinguishable from every other brooding bad guy in the series; only his motivations differ. And while the plot more or less carries, again, it's only a vessel for its characters who I don't like enough to care about. The dialogue is all bantering filler and exposition, the relationships between the main cast members feels whiny rather than tense or emotional, and because they all maintain their friendships throughout the conflict (minus Cap and Iron Man, of course) the stakes never feel that high. What saves it from being genuinely boring is its new supporting cast: Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Ant Man. The film paid off in that respect as I'm now genuinely interested in a new Spider Man flick and a Black Panther origins story. Perhaps this should be a sign to move onto new territory and let the Avengers burn themselves out.

And a PS- did some of the CGI feel crappy to anyone else? With a budget this huge, bad CG is inexcusable.