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Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad (2016)
3 months ago via Movies on iPhone

The Suicide Squad didn't just save the world, They saved the DCEU by delivering a kick ass often funny film that makes you really feel compassionate for characters who did atrocious Things. In addition to its all star cast it has a great soundtrack , as well boasting plenty of impressive visuals . Even with all that being said they're still some flaws for instance The main villains were fairly generic as well as it having some unnecessary Cgi

Ghostbusters (2016)
4 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Even with its talented cast and occasional laughs ."Ghostbusters" didn't do enough to warrant its existence and all involved would have been better off making a movie without the ghostbusters banner

X-Men: Apocalypse
6 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Although it doesn't reach the heights of its most recent predecessor, " Xmen Apocalypse" boasts plenty of eye popping visuals, impressive action sequences and delivers superb performances from its stars most notably Michael Fassbender.

The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys (2016)
6 months ago via Movies on iPhone

"The Nice guys " starring Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling is a authentic throwback to the 70s that is often funny, exciting, and just a total entertaining experience.

The Jungle Book
7 months ago via Movies on iPhone

"The Jungle Book"is a fun, often funny, and thrilling adventure making this one of the best remakes of all time. It has a all star cast as well as possibly the best CG in film history.