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Ghost in the Shell
49 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Although I'm not familiar with the source material to have a legit comparison, Ghost in the shell somehow manages to be convoluted while at the same time being no where near as smart as it's trying to be .it has some impressive visuals but that alone doesn't do enough to warrant its existence .

Beauty and the Beast
6 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Rating this 5 at least until I see it just to spite all the religious creeps

Fifty Shades Darker
7 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Hopefully next time it gets even darker to the point of a pitch black screen , Fifty shades darker is half the narrative and double the shallow unrealistic romance of its predecessor and that's saying something .

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
9 months ago via Movies on iPhone

"Star Wars Rogue one" continues the trend of enjoyable nostalgic Star Wars films since being acquired by Disney . Even with a narrative where the outcome is known it still boasted enough impressive visuals as well as great moments to justify its existence. It is one of the rare occasions where a prequel makes the original seem more important due to witnessing all that lead up too it.