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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Bilbo continues the Journey with the Dwarven King, Thorin Oakenshield, and his band across the land to take back the Lonely Mountain from the Clutches of Smaug. They must seek the help of strangers and old friends as the face Mirkwood Forest, Orks, Elves, Humans, a bear, giant spiders, and a dragon. Can the band of brothers make it safely across the land to reclaim their home, or will they perish before the conclusion even begins?

The Hobbit part 2 held a good storyline. The action sequences were well done, and unlike the first one, the viewer did not feel like they were just watching people walk across the screen over and over. There is action and discussion, but the best part is how much history the viewer attains in this movie. The entire movie is filled with back story that is important. This helps it stay away from the drag on movie that the first.

The acting was phenomenal in the movie though. Orlando Bloom killed the the awesomeness of Legolas, making him better than in the first three movies. He brought the character to life and showed the history of the the Legolas we all knew. Gandalf was probably the weakest character in the entire movie. The writers just killed the role of Gandalf, making him look stupid and foolish, but worst of all the movie made Gandalf appear weak and blind to everything around him.

These things cannot sustain a movie though. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was a sad comparison to the movies of 2013. It cannot compete with Catching Fire, Ender's Game, Man of Steel, Frozen, or even the worst movie World War Z. The Hobbit offered nothing new to the audience. They stuck with the basics that were impressive when the first Lord of the Rings was released. The 3D was hardly there, and let's be real Frozen stole the crown for the 3D effects this year. The Hobbit was just a good story that did not stand out against the other Great story lines. It was a mediocre movie that the viewer could leave not caring to see the last one in theaters or not.

While the movie contained a good story and good music with brilliant actors, the movie was far from extraordinary and fell too far from the books. From a moviegoers perspective, the movie was the 3rd worst in the LOTR series, and from a fan of the books, this movie was the worst of the series. Its a mediocre movie with nothing holding the fans to the series. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug is one of the biggest flops of 2013.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Returning to the television once again is the greatest news team of all time. The story starts out with the newscaster, Ron Burgandy, played by Will Ferrell (Elf), in San Diego co-hosting the San Diego News with Veronica Corningstone, played by Christina Applegate (Anchorman). San Diego News promotes Veronica and fires Ron. Now with his wife making more money than him, he feels embarrassed and leaves her and his son behind. Ron eventually gets approached for a segment on GNN, 24 Hour news. Burgandy travels across the country picking up some old friends to form a news crew. Can they create the greatest news team of all time?

Anchorman 2 came back with a rating of 75% on rottentomato, but does it actually deserve that rating? There can be too much comedy in a comedy. The problem with Anchorman 2 is that it was like being at a circus where the only goal is to make you laugh. They tried to come at the movie with a laugh every minute, but that was for the worst. A good comedy may not satisfy everyone's humor, but it only has enough laughs to satisfy anyone watching it. Will Ferrell is capable of doing a great job in the world of humor, but in Anchorman 2, he held no restrain. Constantly putting everything he had out on the floor, Will Ferrell just let the clueless, inappropriate comments fly. Is it too much to ask for a restraint on how much comedy is in a comedy?

The movie is just too long for a story plot that no one truly cares about. The story gets so buried in all the comedy that you hardly remember there even is one, and a movie with no story plot just cannot be longer than 90 minutes. You sit there and every so often see a glimpse of a story line. It grabs your attention, and you become slightly interested. Yet it goes as fast as it came.

I can count on a single hand how many times I became engaged in this movie. The entire movie is crude, crass, and senseless. It takes no wit or energy to watch this movie, and you may find yourself board as soon as the movie starts. For that, Anchorman 2 takes a flop for its over reliance on laughter and no care for a plot!

Frozen (2013)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Elsa, played by Idina Menzel, is born with the ability to control snow. Anna, played by Kristen Bell, Elsa's little sister, loves to play with the snow Elsa creates. When things go wrong, Elsa is commanded to go into hiding by her parents so that she can master control over her powers. Upon Elsa's 18th birthday, she must reopen the gates to her castle and allow every to see her again as she becomes queen of the land. While at the ball, Anna pushes Elsa too far, and Elsa loses control of her powers and forces the land in an eternal winter. Anna must convince Elsa to lift the spell, but is it within Elsa's powers to undo what she has already done?

Disney has begun to get back in the fight since their release of tangled back in 2011. Tangled has become one of the most loved animated films since its release, and Disney only continues to release better movies with Wreck-it Ralph and now Frozen. What makes Frozen so great though?

There is not many negative reviews that are honestly fair to knock a movie down on. Everything simply bashes the movie for being a typical Disney movie, but what else is a Disney movie suppose to be? The more classic like it is, the happier not only kids are but the 20-30 year-olds are. This is a movie for everyone, and if you don't believe me, there was even an older couple sitting in front of me because they wanted to see it not because they had grand kids with them.

The music of this movie was brilliant. It not only excited but inspired. It made me feel like a 5-year-old again. It made me giggle and feel as I did when I was younger watching Aladdin and Lion King. Not only did the music create the emotions in me that it needed to, but they were just catchy songs. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the song "I wanna Build a Snowman" because that is the only song my friend has listened to since seeing the movie. It is fun though so I cannot complain. It is not a song that drives me insane or gets on my nervous, but it simply grows on me more and more as I hear it. The music just drives 1/3 of this movie. The characters are who they are through the music they sing and dance too. Some of it is cheesy and little kid, but remember it is geared more toward the 0-10 year old not the adult. This may be one of my favorite movie soundtracks of all time though.

The animation was definitely more toward Tangled animation which is fine when you realize the creators were the same. I think the best part of the animation was the ice and snow. It was just so well done. You do not think a plain of snow could have much to it, but they really made the ice do its thing especially when Elsa was manipulating it. The structures made out of ice and snow were just phenomenal. Also when Elsa would make something out of her powers, it was snow until she touched it. Then you watched the snow turn into ice, and it was made the feel of the movie more realistic. The animated ice and snow are what made this movie unique from every other Disney movie out there, and that is the most important thing to remember

The story line is oddly enough redundantly unique. I say that and you are like that is an oxymoron. Now just stay with me. The story line is like every other Disney princess. The girl is in trouble and needs help, but the best part in this one is no prince can save her. She needs her sister to save her and remind her of her abilities of good and love. The entire movie there is mention to a true loves kiss as an act of true love, but it is more them making fun of the crazy fact that this is the typical lesson of a Disney movie. The movie does not go that route at all though. It takes more the route of a true act of love is doing something that can cost you everything. It shows how true love is selfless and not as shallow as a kiss. That's what makes this a unique story line.

There are going to be people who hate this movie. There are going to be people who do not see it as I do. There will be people who hate this movie simply to hate it, but this movie is a breath of hope for the future
generation of kids. It is good to know that the kids will be able to enjoy a movie I would have loved as a child. Frozen takes the holidays by storm and is HOT!

Author's Note:
The best part of this movie is the short at the beginning. Classic Disney right there. On top of that, there is apparently something after the credits so stay seated an appreciate how many people it takes to make an animated film.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

She volunteered in place of her sister. She fought to survive in a wilderness unfamiliar to her while being hunted. She manipulated the games to save her fake boyfriend. Now Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence who is also known for her roles in X-men and Silver Lining, is faced with what she believes to be her biggest challenge yet: the tour. Katniss and Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson who is also known for RV and Bridge to Terabithia, travel through the districts offering their condolences for each tribute lost. Katniss is thrown into a hard shock when she begins to see the upraise she has created when she manipulated the last games. After having his threat fail, President Snow, played by Donald Sutherland who is also known for his roles in Pride and Prejudice and Italian Job, and the new Head Gamemaker, Plutarch Havensbee, played by Philip Hoffman who is also known for his roles in Mission Impossible 3 and Moneyball, come up with a plan to get rid of Katniss. They created a hunger games out of the current victors pool. Katniss is forced to face her worse fear when Peeta and her are thrown back into the games. The only question they have is how will they both ever get out of these games alive?
These movies have been truly blessed with a fantastic cast. There is not a single actor or actress that just hinder this movie in any sense. As always Woody Harrelson, Willow Shields, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Lenny Kravitz, and Donald Sutherland all nailed their characters perfectly, bringing the story to life more than anyone could have ever wished for, but the true star of this movie is the lead herself, Jennifer Lawrence. This actress blew my mind in the original Hunger Games and then again in Silver Lining, but this by far may be her most emotional role yet. The viewer watches Lawrence struggle through the realities of revolution as she tries to protect herself, her family and friends, and the surrounding districts. Wishing she would have died, she simply wants life the way it was before the first games. The viewer watches her desire for a night full of sleep, peaceful hunts with her best friend, Gale, and joyful moments with her family again, but Katniss is broken and living in a world of horrors. Lawrence is Katniss Everdeen and forces the viewer to follow her through the hell she lives in. The viewers will find themselves cheering, fighting, and crying because Lawrence demands it with her acting skills.

The other thing that really just makes movie is the creative team behind it. They held back nothing when coming up with images and ideas for this movie. My personal favorite touch they did with the movie was the technology they used. These movies are filled with so many primitive devices that the viewer finds themselves forgetting about the futuristic technology they have. They use whips and bats to torture people, and for weapons, guns are hardly seen. Weapons mainly seen are bows and arrows, swords, tridents, spears, etc. Medieval weapons are the most seen technology in the world of Hunger Games, but they really did it with this movie. Showing us more than simply the game table. They show airborne televisions, fireworks going on a building, force fields, and even the game table seems more impressive- this may simply be the fact that the arena is more impressive. Then just the Computer Generated Images just take the cake. Simple yet perfect. Remember the dogs from movie 1? They were fairly real yet took a cartoonish look to them. The monkeys do not struggle with the same problem. They look real and authentic. It is the perfect touch to the movie. Then all the effects are just perfect. A rolling fog, striking lightning, mocking jabber jays, and a giant ocean wave. Never once questioned any of them, and I truly appreciate that.

The best part of the entire last paragraph is the $140 Million Budget Catching Fire was made in. Seeing my last review, you should be able to tell I really am beginning to struggle with the ridiculous budgets that movies have, and most of the movies fail to even break even with it. It used to be a movie that did not break even with its budget had its sequel cut because it was not worth it. Here Catching Fire presents a reason budgeted movie with fantastic effects and realistic touches to it. It proves no movie has to be made over $150 Million budget.

Now this was not my favorite movie at all. The hype I heard from the fans after the movie is not realistic. I know I might get ragged on quite a bit for saying all this. Let me tell you though. Catching Fire is no movie of the year (I still give that to Man of Steel). The effects and acting were all fantastic, and they make the movie worth seeing just alone. I found 3 simple flaws with this movie.

First, there was simply too much comical relief. I was annoyed after about an hour with the humor. I did not come to see a comedy or light hearted film. It was not suppose to be that either. The books are deep and heavy. They reside in a dark era. I expected the same to be true in the movie, but I found myself laughing too much. There is an aspect of this being affected by the theatre I resided in. Many of the fans laughed at what was suppose to be a serious moment. All the same, I wanted to be struggling to breath. I wanted to be sobbing with Katniss, but I was often times laughing. Sometimes it was over a sarcastic comment from Katniss or Peeta, and those moments were fine. I just found myself thirsting for heavy feeling that weighed down on my heart rather than the laughing.

Second, the music was no Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings. Music is very important to me in a movie. It can make and break a movie as much as the graphics and added effects. It is what truly tugs at the viewer's heart in a movie. It was pushes those emotions for each little moment created by the imagery. Good music is not noticed, but it is felt within the viewer. I remember distinctly thinking during Catching Fire about how the music was disappointing. I do not know if it was because they need to go with a twilight approach and use lyrical music, or if the instrumental music was just lacking. Either way, the music could have made this movie much better if brought to the same level of the effects.

Finally, there was not a lot of moments to truly dwell in the emotional moments. This probably has something to do


with the music not pushing the emotions out when they needed to be, but the emotional moments could have been given a few more seconds for it truly to sink in for the viewer.

In the end, Hunger Games is one of the greatest series of this generation. Catching Fire proved it as much as Hunger Games did. While Catching Fire is much closer to the middle line than most movies I review, it still was entertaining, well made, and enjoyable. Katniss Everdeen remains on fire in Catching Fire with a HOT rating.

Very Close to the Book!