HectorJimenez's Rating of Gravity

Hector's Review of Gravity

2 years ago via Movies on Android phone


An impressive movie and one that lives up to the expectations of the trailers for once. The visuals are just impressive overall and something that awes the audience like a special on discovery or national geographic. The story is a suspenseful thriller of the dangers that can occur in space where one slip up can lead to death. The camera shots show off the visuals and the music is implemented to every scene pretty nicely. Even the quiet silence leads to a suspense or a major turning point which is a good thing. Even the comedy from George Clooney in this film is hilarious while Sandra Bullock gave a convincing performance as the astronaut going through the pressures of survival. An impressive movie that should not be missed and another good movie that could win an oscar this year just like Argo did last year.