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Original, fresh, and something out of the box and you have a great movie. A kid who's trying to get to college whole dealing with drugs and hang peeps sounds cliche at first, but this movie has no cliches, it's different. Can't ruin this film so just watch it, entertaining throughout

Inside Out
Inside Out(2015)

A movie that made me believe in Pixar films once again. Everything works in this film. The characters are developed well (cared about the characters a lot ), the plot works, and the idea of how our minds work is amazing. A good interpretation of our minds. The end where they explored other minds was funny as well as the gum commercial. The only problem for me was the sadness character early in the film, but was better as the movie almost ended. An amazing film that everyone should watch.

Jurassic World

Finally, a sequel that Jurassic Park deserved. The other two sequels were OK but this should've been the sequel. The effects are awesome and the dinosaurs still rule the film which is awesome. If your a fan of the first film than you'll find a lot of memories and accessories from that film still here. The human characters are good, better than the two sequels but not not as good as the first, but some characters were useless and unnecessary. Some of the plot don't make any sense as well. Still an entertaining movie nonetheless and a worthy addition to the Jurassic Park series

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Everything works and it's the best Mad Max movie of them all. Mel Gibson roles in this movie and the plot and chase scenes work well. The only thing I might not like is when the stunts look fake even to this day. That didn't effect me from enjoying this film. Watch this one for the definitive Mad Max experience

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I get that some of the humor is for teens and it's a rip off of Back to the Future, but still. The characters are still entertaining and what happens in the future is hilarious as well. I didn't even look at the clock to find out when this film ends because I was into the movie. I'm a fan of the first movie and it's still better than this film. If you don't expect much out b of the film then you will like it.

Mad Max: Fury Road

An awesome movie and a good fit into the Mad Max series. The Action and excitement of the last few films is still alive here and the actors did good as well. The problem to me is the lack of plot but the film made up for it with what I mentioned before. It's crazy, violent, and awesome. A must watch


To me it was a disappointment. The other characters work like staham and rose Byrne characters which give the movie some laughs and a better experience. The action and plot does the job as well. The biggest problems were that some of the film has bad jokes and the performance of Melissa Mccarthy. She was good when she was angry and fighting and that's when I liked the film. The problem was that it didn't happen as much and the beginning wasn't so great. Not a fan of the film but there are some good moments here though.


A movie that I've watched as a kid and I've watched it now 15 years later. I have to say I still like this movie. I know the movie has some bad acting, one liners, and some outdated special effects but it still didn't distract me from liking this film as much as others. Honestly though, I liked the effects still and the acting worked for Spawn and especially the clown, now he was funny through most of the film. A guilty pleasure movie for me since I'm a Spawn fan and it works. Just wished they could've made a sequel to this but we'll see


Honestly the film has some good ideas combined with good actors and awesome effects. The biggest problem with the film in general is that the pace is slow. you'll be bored at the first hour but it gets better later on. Also you really have to pay attention in order to understand the film. Miss a big point on theory and you'll be questioning yourself. Overall it's a decent movie, but it depends on you.

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6(2014)

Surprised me a lot actually. The animation is amazing and the characters are fun as well. The machine stole the show though and made this film. Who cares if the story is ok, what matters is the fun of the film and it has just that.

The Wedding Ringer

Overall a basic comedy with the same elements used before but in a different style. The big main force that's driving this film forward are the main stars. Kevin Hart and Josh Gad are funny together and keep the movie interesting. The jokes are both good and bad and just Kaley Cuoco gives a meh performance as well. There's more they could've done with this film but it works for me and one again the two main stars are behind it

Wayne's World 2

Still fun the second time around but this time it's a bit and miss. Continues on with the timeline just a couple of months after the film. Characters are still cool to see develop and have fun. Christopher Walken is a cool villain, just wished they could've used now of him and Aerosmith rules as the band in the film. My big main problems are again the OK storyline and the jokes are more hit and miss this time around.

Wayne's World

Just a hilarious film. Lots of memorable lines and scenes are presented here and they still hold up. Wayne and Garth are hilarious. Although the plot is OK and some of the laughs are stupid, your still going to like this film with the likeable duo. Bonus points for the Alice Cooper performance.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Better than the next film, but it isn't by much. The plot is minor, cheesy jokes and once again the characters are too predictable. Still the laughter and drama with Blart, the daughter, and Amy just works and keeps the movie going. Worth watching considering the problems, but your going to be entertained.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

It's not as bad as I thought it would be considering the previews and awful ratings. I would admit that some of the jokes are bad, the plot is simple, and the way they took away important characters in the last film took its toll a bit. Only Blart and his daughter made the film better than it is and when the middle begins then it got better. Especially look at Blarts speech and his "craziness" battle with the villain. Overall not bad, but could've been better. At least it's not grown ups 2.


Just amazing, couldn't find anything wrong with the film. This bond film has everything and then some. Good mix of new bond and old elements of bond are implemented as well. Good performances by the cast and this film kept me in my seat. One of my new favorite bond films, best by Craig. Keep it coming

A Million Ways to Die in the West

Basically just Seth McFarlane doing his routine in the west. Depends on how funny you find his work is how much your going to line this film. To me the film is OK, not great but I'm OK with it. There are some funny moments, but most of the jokes are a miss

Dracula Untold

I'm not considering history in this film to begin with. Interesting way to describe Dracula's origin story. Luke Evans performance is amazing and the effects are spot on. those two things have kept this film going and ignored the minor characters minor performances and simple story. Would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the classic movie monsters in general.

Three Amigos!

This movie just works and the three main actors are just hilarious. It's not one of those haha funny films but if you pay attention to the film then you'll find the laughs. Some of the film drags but the three main actors keep the movie interesting and entertaining to watch. Watch it and see for yourself


Just a fabulous movie from beginning to end. Michael Keaton stole the show as Beetlejuice and the other supporting actors are his as well. The effects and visuals are still amazing even till this day. Tim Burton was and is still an amazing director and this is one of his bigger films including the two batman films and pee wee


Interesting ideas and concept but lacks execution. Considering the cast and story you would assume that this film could surprise you and it's not. Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, and Morgan Freeman give good performances and the visual effects are excellent. The other actors are meh and a film where you root for the villain terrorists instead of the innovation is just odd and threw me off the film. Film was OK but it could've been better

Django Unchained

Traditional Tarentino type of flick and I'm OK with it. Mostly all the elements ate there with the humor, plot, and action that we've seen before. It's not a pulp fiction or a kill bill but it works for fans of his work.

Furious 7
Furious 7(2015)

The series just keeps getting better and better. When Paul Walker died, I had a bad feeling about this film but I'm happy I was proven wrong. The thrills, action, and laughs are there especially for furious fans. The send off to Paul Walker was amazing and should get everyone to see this film. After watching this film, new People of the series can see the other six as well

Get Hard
Get Hard(2015)

Hilarious film which brings about Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart at their best. Although not all the jokes are funny, the movie still works and those guys made it their own.


Amazing film, no question about it. A great mix of horror and humor. A great story about a scientist who discovers a serum to bring the dead back to life with catastrophic results. The gore is there and its good but not for the people that hate blood. The acting was ok for most characters but the ones that stood out were Herbert West and Dr. Hill. The actors who played these characters did the best performance that I have seen. Some elements of this film are similar to other films as well. For instance the opening song reminded me of Psycho, the opening credits were from the Exorcist, and the corpses coming back to life resembled Night of the Living Dead which is good for a classic horror fan like me. I did not find a problem with this film, it was just great and a major film to watch for horror fans

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Decent film but it just didn't get my attention as much as the other films in the series had. Although I like the car scenes, the Han character from the other films is back, and the cameo from Toretto, the rest is basic with nothing else. Only for serious fans of the series only

2 Fast 2 Furious

A film that does what you expect from it and it's racing and fun. The latest Adventure of O'Connor in Miami. Not better than the first but for fans it gets the job done

The Fast and the Furious

Decent way to start a series. Start of Toretto, O'Connor and crew and the movie is good because of the story of these characters and the races are awesome as well. Once again, don't expect Oscar worthy film, expect a fun movie.

Fast & Furious

The true sequel to the first two films. Don't expect Oscar acting here, if you don't expect that then this is for you. Amazing cars and action scenes, pretty much the same for fast and the furious fans who are amazed by these films

Fast Five
Fast Five(2011)

The start of these films combining both car races and over the top action and getting bigger reception for everyone alike.

Fast & Furious 6

Picked up where the last film took off and it still doesn't disappoint. Great Action scenes and the characters develop just as gradually as before which is good. Just another great addition to the series which keeps getting better everyday.

Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

Best of the Gingerdead man film series and that is saying something but it is a fun experience overall. Lots of puns and the plot are copied from elements of other films but it adds its own to make the film unique. This Gingerdead man is actually the best I have ever seen, hes probably better than the Gary Busey one and that is saying something. He kills a lot while also giving funny puns which make the film better because of it. Still the acting is mediocre and the effects are the same but the company is known for these effects so it doesnt matter. A good film to watch to get the overall idea of this maniac. Watch this and the first, but stay away from the second, please. That was just horrible


A decent film which brings back Will Smiths acting. He is hilarious while also conning people easily. The other actors do well as well and the film is a good ride from beginning to end. This film had more potential with the plot and writing but this is a decent offering from Smith.

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

This is a typical action movie that does not innovate but it gets the job done. Cruise and crew do an excellent job to make a typical plot interesting and worth watching. Lastly, Cruise does what he does best which is action

We're The Millers

An ordinary middle of the hill comedy. The idea of the film is great, but sometimes the jokes hit or miss. The cheesy romance scenes sometimes don't belong, but the miller's are great to watch.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Just amazing, think of this film as a Groundhog Day type but it is different. Both actors are amazing and the story kept me surprised throughout. Only disappointment is the ending, but other than that this film surprised me and it will for you too

Let's Go to Prison

Decent movie, but don't expect this movie to blow your mind and laugh. The usual prison stereotypes apply in this movie, but the characters and situations make up for it. Go into this movie with no expectations and you'll like this film. Other than that, if you don't like these films but this won't change your mind.


I'll say what I can but words can't describe how amazing this film is. Plot is an up and comer musician who is driven by his professor to be the best with good and bad. Both main characters are amazing and really developed well throughout the film. The minor characters are decent with that they got.This is the movie of the year and I can't say anymore to give this film justice. Just watch the film and you won't be disappointed.


Zac Efron, where have you been. These are the types of roles you should have done a long time ago. Anyway, about the movie... I kind of had the idea that this movie is going to be hillarious and I have to admit that it was hillarious. The acting is great, but somehow Seth Rogen's character is starting to get old. Even with the old character, he did manage to get some funny moments in the film. The real stars though are Zac Efron and Rose Byrne who are able to make the easy stereotype characters into something more. Even the sorority characters are much different than the usual stereotypes we see as the characters have another side to them. The jokes are mostly hilarious including the abercrombie and fitch store, the party scenes, and the fights between sororities and the parents. The only things that I didnt found funny are the overusage of sex jokes that are just bad that I couldnt say anything. The milking scene was just horrible by the way. With the good and bad, I can say that the overall story, the great acting, and most of the comedy was good that it is a movie I would recommend you go and see


An impressive movie and one that lives up to the expectations of the trailers for once. The visuals are just impressive overall and something that awes the audience like a special on discovery or national geographic. The story is a suspenseful thriller of the dangers that can occur in space where one slip up can lead to death. The camera shots show off the visuals and the music is implemented to every scene pretty nicely. Even the quiet silence leads to a suspense or a major turning point which is a good thing. Even the comedy from George Clooney in this film is hilarious while Sandra Bullock gave a convincing performance as the astronaut going through the pressures of survival. An impressive movie that should not be missed and another good movie that could win an oscar this year just like Argo did last year.


Good performances by the actors and the amazing cinematography was worth it. The story was told well and most of the points in the bible is present. The only thing that threw me off is the rock people and the idea of animals getting slaughtered by an evil guy who survived. At least the guy died and the Noah and his family surviving was a good thing. Things were added that were not in the bible but thats suppose to happen or the movie will lose interest. You'll either love it or hate it but Im more toward the love it side than the hate.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

An interesting take on the living life to the fullest. Ben Stiller directed a decent film about trying to do what you have to do in order to accomplish your goals and live life. The only things that got me not liking this film are the lack of comedy, some of the characters are one dimensional and the film has some problems with the script. Other than that it is worth seeing just for the fact in what Ben Stiller is trying to portray and the amazing visuals. It just works and a fun movie that everyone can enjoy

American Hustle

Just amazing, this movie just flows well due to the amazing characters and direction. The only problem I might have is the plot and some bad acting bits from Christian Bale but other than that it is a good film. Not the best movie of 2013 but it is on the top 5 list

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

Interesting look into the origins and beginning of the Superman character. Some good things and some things are just dumb. Henry Cavill is an interesting Superman character and will get better from here. The plot is the same as both the original and the second superman film. General Zod and his crew was a good idea for a villain here and they did well but there needed to be another villain that many people would like to see. The cinematography is good and the acting is decent overall. The CGI ruins some of the film but it had to be used and the Superman that has more feelings in his powers is not what I thought Superman was. Other than that its a decent Superman film, but it won't convert anyone who has not liked or heard of Superman.

The Hunger Games

The surprise hit last year and who can blame them. It is just good although there are some flaws but they dont effect the film much. The pacing is kind of slow and the silence between a lot of scenes ruins a lot of the scenes. Other than that there are a lot of good moments in this film. The acting is just perfect in this film and the movie does well at getting the book to film. The action is great and the cinematography is good. This is a good film and should get fans of the book a good film to watch.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Just a good movie and a successful sequel to the original film. The movie's pace is just great and it never lets go. The plot involves around Katniss Everdeen and her partner on another matchup in the Hunger Games. The characters develop well, the story works and the cinematography is top notch. A good film to watch and I would recommend it to everyone. Can't wait to see the next film

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Basically if your a Jackass fan then you'll probably like this film just like me. If your not a fan then you'll probably think that this is immature and stupid. There were funny scenes throughout the film but I wont want to talk about them since it will ruin most of the movie. The plot is simple and I really dont need to get to much detail but like I said before it is for fans of Jackass and thats probably it

Curse of Chucky

Finally, Chucky is back. The last two films were just horrible and something had to be done to get the series back to its roots and this is it, sort of. The story is typical of a chucky film, but it brings up some parts from the original movie which is impressive to see. The acting is ok, could use some work but considering the audience cares about chucky then who cares. The kills from the doll were good to see but the one liners were just horrible. Chucky could do better than that, oh well. Even the lesbian scene took everyone by surprise but it was predictable that all the useless and terrible characters had to die, but the suspense of the doll killing and striking fear was the best. A decent start to bringing back chucky was ok, just want to see if there could be more improvements to the character if there is another sequel. Nonetheless, its better than the last two and worth a worth a watch for chucky fans

Safety Last!
Safety Last!(1923)

A classic and an innovative movie that still holds up today. The actors are amazing with Harold Lloyd being funny in almost every scene. Trying to impress the girl at the department store is hilarious as well as any other scene he's in. The other supporting actors are good as well with the best part being the climb up the department store. Just watch it since I can't spoil the whole movie since it is just so impressive and an amazing watch today.

Insidious: Chapter 2

The first movie was better than this but it has its moments. The suspense was only there because the theater was so loud other than that it wouldn't have gotten to me. The story and acting were interesting but the scares weren't there. Rental only if your interested, but stick to the first and dont consider the upcoming sequel.

Monsters University

An amazing film that goes into how Mike and Sulley both started before joining Monsters Inc. From the first few minutes of the film, you knew you were going to like it. You really feel bad for Mike as he was basically been picked on his own life. It was nice of him to try to prove people wrong. To clarify, Sulley and Mike were not big friends and were there under circumstances, but later on they rely on eachother and become best friends. Most of the characters from the previous film will make brief appearances and will be easily recognizable to people who have seen the previous film. The college atmosphere is interesting and had its good moments all around. The only complaint I might have is they could have gone more creative on the university environment and classes as well. That is just minor and the world seems great. Pixar did it again and made a great film that is worth watching, but first see Monsters Inc in order to get the appearances of some of the characters from that film.

Evil Dead
Evil Dead(2013)

What a piece of crap. Critics and other people like it but I think this is because they have not seen the original Evil Dead trilogy before this. When they see this then they would know. I really wanted to like this film and give it a chance but it just keeps embarrassing itself and the trilogy. The beginning had much promise and showed the events that were only discussed a little bit in the original film and some of the kills were actually pretty awesome. I can see some of the new things being put into the film but it eliminates what the original was so popular. The humor, a big part of what made the first so good, is completely eliminated and some of the jokes that the characters were trying to say were just not funny. The one liners that Bruce Campbell said were amazing and had the perfect timing. In this film, especially toward the end, the one liners were not right and were forced instead of being in the moment. The characters are just people that you want to see killed in an instant. The characters in the original were great and you cared about them but in this film these characters do not like like each other and no motivation to care for them. The concept of the relationship between the brother and sister is meh at best and was just not there. In the original film, you feel bad for Ash when his girl is trapped by the evil dead book. In this film you didnt want the girl to survive and she tends out to be the final girl, that sucked. Also the main guy character is just a loser at best. Ash was first a shy character but later turned to be a bad ass. This film though, he was just a wuss and would not do the necessary things in order to survive. The gore is good, but replacing the humor in order for this is just bad. Finally, the writing in this film is just horrible. The would be jokes are bad and the dialogue is just boring, useless, and brings nothing big to the table for people that know the original film already. What an overhyped piece of garbage. Hollywood, stop remaking classic horror films, they are going to make money but you are ruining the original source material and the legacy as well. Look at the remakes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street and you'll know what I'm talking about. Stop doing this to classic horror films and stay away from this film at all costs.

The Croods
The Croods(2013)

It works but I have seen a lot of animated movies in the past few years that I think that this is just a concept that is used a lot in film. I dont mind it since its hollywood but there needs to be new ideas in cinema. The animation is crisp and clean and the environments look amazing. The acting is good but the characters are not so memorable. I do not have a moment in this film that I will remember in the next few years and that is a little disappointing. The characters that stood out turned out to be the animals, they brought amusement and intrigue to the film. At first, you know that they are out to eat the croods but later turned out to be funny and helpful in the families chance at survival. The ending is typical but this is hollywood once again so I do not mind it as much. A decent animated film but I think that there has to be a better animated film that will come out in the next few months than this, hopefully


Lincoln has been a major and historical figure to everyone and this film shows just that. The plot is nothing new for some people since they know the history of Lincoln but it gives viewers more of a learning experience at the end of his life. The acting is spot on and contained a lot of bright spots in the film. Tommy Lee Jones was amazing as a senator who was against slavery. Sally Field was great as the wife of Lincoln and who couldn't forget Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln. He showed how Lincoln dealt with the situation and was able to have some fun while under pressure. The direction was great and Stephen Spielberg is still a great director no doubt and this proves it still. There was a major problem with the film and that was the pace and the length of the film. The pace is slow and took a while to get to but it was worth it. I also wanted to see more of Lincoln dealing with problems during major battles of the war. The audience wanted to see more of Lincoln during days of a battle during the civil war as well. The movie could've been cut more but its alright. The film felt more like a historical documentary which I do not like documentaries but with a figure like Abraham Lincoln theres an exception. Also some of the characters that were emphasized were not that necessary and shoudlve got rid of like the oldest son of Lincoln but its ok. Besides the minor problems, the film is great and should be watched. This should've won best picture.

Identity Thief

This film is ok but there are many problems that I saw that do not make this film better. I like the plot in which a man tries to confront this person who stole his identity and reclaim his name. To be honest, I was expecting a lot of laughs since many people said it was but it was not the case. There was some laughs in this film but many of the jokes were mostly a miss. The first part of the film suffers in which many of the jokes headline this part and it wasnt that good. The second half was better and you really feel a little bad for both main characters. The acting in the second half was big in the second half, but in the first half, this goes down in order to provide more jokes and that is just horrible. I honestly wanted to give this movie a chance and win me over because I didnt like this films idea when it came out. It did do better than I thought it would be but still needs to improve a lot in order to be a film that everyone will love. This film is overhyped at best, but still try to watch it at least once

The Birds
The Birds(1963)

Pretty good film about Birds coming to a small town and kill people. The story was good and it eventually gets the audience to care for these characters to survive the onslaught of the birds. The acting was spot on and not much problems on special effects. There are a few problems though and one them is the outdated special effects. Especially in the kids getting attacked from birds and it was rediculous but I was ok with it because of the times. The major problem that I did not like was the ending. I was expecting more of a battle between Daniels and the birds and escaping in a quick and timely fashioned manner. The ending found that the birds were weak and the family was lucky. Despite the problems, this film was pretty good and another of Hitchcock's masterpieces.

Saturday Night Fever

Decent film about a guy dealing with his family, life, and dancing in particular. The acting is spot on as you really care about some of these characters and what Tony has too go through. The music and choreography are what makes the film so great. The disco music and all the dancing is spot on and make up a nostalgia view of the 1970s for the people who are into that. The only problem with this film is the friends of Tony because I thought they were immature and do not really do as much as bring Tony down in a way. The priest character could've been more emphasized and see how he did not want to be a priest anymore. The film focuses more on Tony and I understand but I think that this is still a film to see and a good trip back to the 70s and disco films

The Stuff
The Stuff(1985)

Interesting film about a food that controls people. Dictates that societies food problem and that anything can kill them. The ads and songs that associate with the stuff is amuzing and I liked the plot but more information on the origins of the stuff would've been better. The characters are hit and miss, you wont remember a lot of these performances just because the only thing you'll remember is the stuff itself. The special effects is hillarious and still hold up well to today. I did not like the little kid character because he was annoying. He was ok at the start of the film because he was worried about the stuff controlling people but when he destroys everything in the store then I did not care much for this character. I actually rooted for the stuff to defeat everyone and take over the world because the power of the stuff is amazing. Movie is still good regardless but these problems prevent it from being a better film


This film is much better than most people say it is. The CGI does not look as bad and the story wasnt that bad either. There were some boring parts and some of the camera angles were bad but the film is suppose to show Banner's psychology of his life and the fight between himself and the Hulk. This film is interesting and the actors gave good performances as well. Much better than the 2008 remake but I still like both films regardless.Recommended watch for any comic book movie lover. Also check out the game in which goes along with the film, its awesome

Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen

Amazing film, everything works and I dont see a bit of weakness in this film. The version you've never seen shows scenes that compliment and add more to the already great film. There's nothing more to say, just watch it and be amazed and at one of the innovative horror films still to its day

Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust

No,No, No. This is the sequel that is in deed worse than the first. The acting is worse, the effects are still non existent, the puns are terrible if there is any. Also, the gingerdead man was not as memorable or as funny as the first, just a horrible sequel that should not have seen the light of day

The Gingerdead Man

Not the best horror film but what do you expect. A low budget film that involves a gingerbread man killing people. Although the effects are not so good and the acting was mediocre at best, the gingerdead man is the one that stole the show. Gary Busey did pretty well as both the killer and as the cookie. The killing spree of the Gingerdead man along with the humor he possess was good. A one time watch just to see what this is all about and nothing else.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

A film that is underrated just because of many things but it is a good film on its own. The film had to do with what it had to do considering it was a part of the ratings system that was in place during those times. The 1931 version did not have a good rating system so thats why it could do what it wanted to do but this is good as well. Spencer Tracy did a good job as both Jekyll and Hyde, but to be honest Hyde was a more crazy lunatic and thats not what I think Hyde would be. Other than that consider this as its own movie and you will be surprised how good it is

The Haunting
The Haunting(1963)

An interesting film that made innovations on the haunted house horror plot. This film really bring about some paranoia if your scared of ghosts and the supernatural. The camera angles and sound were phenomenal and really gets the audience worried about what will happen next. There are two problems with this film first they could've cut this film a couple minutes because some scenes are not good. The other problem is the character of Elanor Vance, she was more annoying and paranoid then anyone else and I just wanted to see her meet her end as soon as possible. Other that that, this was a great film

House of Wax
House of Wax(1953)

An exceptional film about a man who lost his museum due to a greedy partner and having to build it from the bottom up once again. Vincent Price shows why he is one of the better performers of horror. He is a nice guy but he is up to something and the ending was phenomenal. Although the bigger climax was the fight scene between the partner and Price that began in the first 10min, I liked the film overall. The 3-D gimmicky effects are not a problem but a funny reminder of how movies cashed in on the 3-D craze in the 1950s. A great film that no one should miss.


Great, just great. Once you see this movie, you will not think the same way of circus people ever again. You actually feel bad for them especially for the main character himself. Although I want to see the extra 30min that the director removed from the overall movie, its still good. I want to see that footage though, but that wont happen anytime soon. This film was a disappointment when it came out, but it is a classic film now and a great film for anyone to watch. Watch the tragedy and mystery of circus people while showing that normal people can be mean and cruel

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

Great, just great. The acting is great, the plot was interesting and this film does its own from the original by having a concept of the thing being anyone instead of a creature. The biggest advantage of this film is both the all male cast and the special effects. With the all male cast, they worked well as a team and everything that happened was common. The effects were the best and seeing the thing doing all of what its done, it will blow you away as well. The only problem is the dragging beginning, but it picks up quickly and it wont let up. A great recommendation for anyone of sci fi or horror fans

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

Just a useless and not worthwhile take on a the Carpenter remake. Everything was meh and the effects (particularly the Thing itself) is just stupid. Not worth my time and anyones as well. Just watch the Carpenter or the original 50s version of the film. Those two films feature good story lines, good acting, and good effects while also doing their own thing and it helps. This one tries to do something good but fails altogether


What an incredible movie. Did not know what to expect since someone recommended this to me but it was amazing. The plot had many twists that it makes you think a lot and the acting and everything else is top notch. I do not see any problems with this flick and I would watch this again just to get a better sense of the plot.

Audition (Ôdishon)

I gave the movie this rating is just to show how the beginning of the film was just a drag. The last 40-50 gets interesting since you want to know what happens next but the beginning just ruined it for me. Also, I did not like that there was not so many kills which was a let down. By the title I was expecting something more, but what can you do

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Outstanding film and definitely the best movie in the series. The acting is top notch with Campbell being the character we come to know and love. The effects are improved and this film blends horror and comedy perfectly. A must see for everyone, its a blast

Dead Alive
Dead Alive(1993)

A phenomenal movie, what more can you ask more. Great performances all around and a good mix of funny scenes and horror. You actually feel bad for the main character through his journey in the film but you are glad what happens in the end. This is one of the goriest movies that I've seen but it is still great to see. I cant say much more about how great this film actually is, go and watch it. You wont be disappointed.


An interesting movie overall that takes elements from other movies while also adding something on its own. A group of people hide from the cops and then come across a family that is bent on killing them and keep the family business alive. The themes of the film implements are creepy but it works well and demonstrates the eerie vibe. The music is good and gives the audience a good sense of suspense. The gore is there to the max if your into that type of thing for a horror flick. The suspense is there and the camera works in getting the suspense. The acting is great and it works. The only problem I had with the flick is that the main girl should've died in the end but was saved by someone from the family. Other than that, its a great film and recommended for anyone who is willing to see this

Bubba Ho-Tep
Bubba Ho-Tep(2003)

Decent film that had an interesting twist to the side of Elvis. This movie is about Elvis and JFK as they try to defend the home from Bubba Ho-Tep, a mummy that eats peoples souls. It was an interesting concept but the movie took a while to develop though. If there was at least one more kill from Tep and the story of the Elvis character went quicker then it would've been better. Although later on in the film the plot progresses well and the characters are fun to deal with once you learn about them. Bruce Campbell gives an excellent performance as Elvis and his one liners are still there. A good film overall but somethings prevent it from being the masterpiece that it could be.

American Psycho

What an amazing flick, every scene kept me on the brink of suspense. Christian Bale steals the show as Patrick Bateman who is a company executive who is actually a killer. The other members of the cast are great and everything just worked. I would've liked to see more gore and more into the mind of Bateman but it works just as good as it is. Also the ending will get you on the edge of your seat as well. A recommendation for everyone, a movie you should not miss

The Invisible Man

Amazing movie, where do I begin of all the great elements that this film has to offer. First Claude Rains did an amazing job as the invisible man who goes from a man trying to find a cure to a madman because of the effects of the serum that turned him invisible. This film is more comedy than horror if you watched it for the first time but it works. Sometimes it can give you a fright but the funny scenes are just flat out funny, especially the invisible man walking in only pants on the road and him riding a bike. Everything was good and an easy recommendation for any horror film enthusiast.

The Last Stand

A decent film and marks the return of Schwarzenegger to the silver screen after the Expendables series. The acting was ok and the action scenes (toward the end) were good. The only problems with this film are that its the typical action film so new ideas, the scenes with the villains and the chase is kinda boring and the acting doesnt get good til the 2nd half of the flick. Regardless, its Arnold being Arnold and thats what its supposed to be. If your a fan of action movies and Arnold then this is a good movie for you, the rest should just pass

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Amazing movie no doubt about it. The acting was amazing, the deaths are gruesome and the suspense is still great even if you watch it today. Leatherface got his start here and he delivers and the family was pretty fucked up as well. A recommended movie that still delievers and is still the masterpiece that still stands up pretty well

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Funny movie that spoofs NASCAR pretty damm close. I feel that this is the state of the sport. The cast was awesome. Jokes were hit and miss but they were overall really good when hillarious. Definitely worth what I paid for and worthy of another few watches

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

Good movie overall about a Fish named Marlin finding his son named Nemo in Australia. There's not much to say about this movie except just to see it.

The Evil Dead

Amazing, what more can you say about a movie that still scares people to its day and on such a low budget. Actors were great and the effects and scares are just amazing. Great start to the franchise, watch it as soon as possible since its one of my new favorite horror movies


Just awesome, what more can you say about this movie. I don't see a single flaw in this movie, a perfect and one of my favorite gangster movies of all time. No question

The Nutty Professor

From the first time I saw this to seeing this movie today for the first time in a few years, it is still enjoyable and hillarious. One of Eddie Murphy's best movies ever playing the whole Klump family which was hillarious. Each Klump member had their own personality and its just great. Other credit has to go to the rest of the cast for also doing well including the man who played Dean Richmond, what an ass. The story was the same as the original but a much funnier twist and I love the message of the film as well. Although this movie could be even more funnier than it should've been, thats just a minor complaint to a great film. Everyone should at least watch this once and a great movie, one of Eddie Murphy's best movies

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

Better movie than what the critics and other people are saying. Johnny Depp did well playing Barnabas Collins. Tim Burton knows how to create a perfect dark atmoshphere and story and it shows in this film. There could've been more humor and scary moments in order to make this movie even better. Still the cast does well and the movie does enough things well to make it a is a watch


Interesting movie overall and a good introduction into the original Alien movie. Although the beginning is a bit boring, it is necessary in order to get the story going. After the 45 minute mark, the movie gets interesting and thats when the best parts of the movie begin. A recommended movie for everyone

Wreck-it Ralph

Amazing, what more can you say about this movie. This whole movie has so many classic video game characters that it is fun just to mention them out. The story was interesting as a bad gaming character just tries to be good in the face of others. The writing was interesting and the characters are all great, especially Wreck it Ralph and Fix It Felix. I hated the kid so much in the beginning, but you fell bad for her towards the end of the film that you forgive that. Great film overall and one of the better animated movies of the year

Jurassic Park

Great movie from start to finish, what more can you say. Everything worked and the thing that impressed me the most was the dinosaurs and how they were able to move so realistically. I still remember all the awesome moments from the movie when I was a kid and that was a delight. An awesome movie that everyone should see before they die because it is so awesome not to miss

Day of the Dead

A good way to end the trilogy of George Romero's zombie films, but still not as good as the previous two movies and thats ok. This movie deserves more recognition that it deserves. The plot, script, and characters are good except I hated the military people because they're morons. There is more blood and guts in this movie than in the previous two films and that iis awesome. I don't like the beginning as much but it has to happen in order to get the characters developed for the rest of the film. A good film and a recommended movie for everyone, but consider this movie as its own movie and not compare it as much to the other two films because it won't win

Dawn of the Dead

One of my new favorite horror movies that I have ever seen. Where to begin since this movie is great from beginning to end. The characters were well developed, the script was good, the kills and suspense were good as well. Even the cultural references to the time were great. I don't see many flaws, if any. An awesome horror movie recommended for everyone and much better than the remake

Terminator Salvation

The only thing that I can say about this movie is that it is an interesting way in which the future of skynet is about. I like some of the story in this and Sam Worthington did an awesome job but not much else is that good overall. It is still the terminator setting but without Arnold, this movie is just not the same or even close to the first three movies. Decent try but it missed the mark on a couple of occasions.

The Campaign
The Campaign(2012)

A pretty good movie about politics. Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis did good jobs being politics who will do anything to win. I can't believe that Cam Brady would punch a baby and a dog and still win the election but it happened. It just coomes to show that politics is being run by corporations and money and will do anything to be elected and thats not what it is about. Being a poltician should be about the people and thats what I learned in this flick. Good movie and a good recommendation to anyone

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd(1995)

Not bad, but not good either. A movie that has a good supportig cast, great action, and Stallone's performance as Dredd. The bggest problems for this movie include the story which is the same as many other movies, the script which is not good, the translation between the film and the comic book, and the one liners. Other than that, a good action/popcorn movie for anyone to watch

The Haunted Mansion

Not bad but not good either. Eddie Murphy did the best with what he can but the script was just dry and not funny at all. The story was too predictable and the characters weren't that great. The ghosts are also hit or miss and the biggest hit was the singing heads, those were hillarious. Overall, just watch it once and thats it since this movie should not be watch more than once and there are much better Disney movies out there instead of this one.

The Frighteners

An interesting film that deals with the supernatural. This movie is not better than Ghostbusters, but it is in the same ballpark. A guy working with ghosts is an interesting idea that works well. The characters are well done and the special effects are just awesome. The only thing that I hated about this movie is the weird fbi agent that reminds me of the guy who hurts himself in The DaVinci Code. Just to let everyone know, Patricia in the movie is a nutjob and a freaking idiot. Overall a good film and another one of Michael J Fox's good movie

Inside (À l'intérieur)

An amazing movie that is full of suspense and blood and guts. One of my new favorite horror films although the movie almost made me want to puke at the ending but I didnt so thats alright. Characters worked and the movie was well written. Finally a movie that scared me and made me think and thats what a good horror movie should be about

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Some of the ideas in the movie are interesting and Johnny Depp provided a decent performance as Wonka, but why would anyone make a reboot of the classic Wonka film. Songs sung by the Oompa Loompas are just horrible and not catchy, the Loompas themselves are not as memorable or fun as the classic ones, and the environments are ok, but again not as great as the classic. Even the story is not as great as the classic and the ending needed to be better. A movie to watch once just to see the differences between the two movies and thats it


An incredible movie that pays a good tribute to the classic horror movies.Based on a 1984 short film by Burton himself, he expanded upon the movie with some great results. As a moviegoer, I felt bad for Victor and Sparky throughout the movie and wanted them to succeed throughout. Not as funny as it needs to be for a kids movie, but this is what the classic horror movies were about. Watch this movie as soon as possible and it definately beats Hotel Transylvania by a long shot, people just dont know what good movies are these days

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

A decent movie overall, maybe the only one Adam Sandler movie other than Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison that is at least decent

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

First time I saw this, I was amazed at how good this movie is. Johnny Depp had a wonderful performance as Sweeney Todd as his story will make the audience feel sorry for him. Everyone else did great as well, but Depp just outdid himsel. A big shout out to all the effects and the violence that goes on throughout the film, Tim Burton is awesome at making this movie. Music is sung pretty well and the ending will shock everyone so see it as soon as possible. What a great film


A great musical film, even though it is not better than the play but who cares. Most of the cast were from the original play and did great reprising their roles while Rosario Dawson did well playing Mimi. Give props to Chris Columbus for taking one of the more popular plays and turning it into a film that is great and keeps most of the great scenes from the play intact. A must watch for rent fans and people who love musicals, but everyone whould watch this at least once. Hands down

Casa de mi padre

An underrated movie. A tribute to Hispanic movies that made some decent results. Will Ferrell had a great performance as Armando. Thus movie is not as funny as I thought it would be but the movie sets out what it should do. I recommend it to anyone who likes spanish soap operas, telenovelas and Will Ferrell

The Expendables 2

Much better than the first movie. More action and violence, what more can you ask out of an all star action heroes. Go and see it as soon as possible, you will not be disappointed

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages(2012)

The best musical turned movie film of all time in my opinion, second goes to Rent. Great musical numbers and a great performance by Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx. Although the story is the same as many other films and the other performances is average, that is the way it was meant to be though. Not better than the play by any costs, but a good representation of the play. Recommend it to people who like musicals, 80s, and rock and fall fans

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

Great sequel, the additions of Jessie and Bullseye are great.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

The jokes start getting old in this movie, but it happens when the series is at the third movie. Decent movie, but the other two movies are better

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

Even though its the third movie in the series, it is still good. A great end to a great franchise

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

Great movie with everything just perfect, enough said

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Mike Meyer's best movie in my opinion. Hillarious movie that spoofs a lot out of the Bond films, but also is its own movie which is great

Snow White and the Huntsman

Interesting imagery and the dark side to the snow white tail. Only problem is the acting, pace of the story, and Kristen Stewart s acting in general


Great movie, a great story of a man and his bear with a lot of comedy thrown in. Just great 10/10 or 5 Stars

Michael Jackson's This Is It

One of the best movies I have ever seen this year, Michael was still able to dance and sing and this movie proves it. We miss you Michael. Long Live The King Of Pop!

Jennifer's Body

Pretty good movie, although some parts were badly written and there is not a lot of scary moments. Megan Fox's first movie after the Transformers series is good, she can act and is hot.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This Movie is Awesome, I don't know why the critics hate this movie?