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J. Edgar
J. Edgar (2011)
5 years ago via Flixster

Not one of Clint Eastwoods finest but Dicaprio is mesmerizing. He pulls off another great role. However the script for this movie was all over the place. I would have expected a better timeline and not as scattered as this picture was. The flash forward and back was not done well and it was confusing at times. The focus was on how the FBI was started and how powerful and paranoid Hoover became. But the storyline did not get too detailed in areas where you really wanted it to. Armie Hammer almost upstaged Dicaprio in this movie as the confidant and colleague and life partner. There was only an overlay of Hoover's other life of homosexuality. A few enlightened areas but in all a messy movie that really became boring and confusing. Not the best. Not sure why Oscar keeps snubbing Dicaprio.

Drive (2011)
5 years ago via Flixster

Well done movie with an 80's movie feel. The script and storyline was ingenious and Gosling shined as the stunt driver/wheelman, showing no emotion or feeling. Even the soundtrack was a bit strange in this movie with weird undertones of Miami Vice type crime dramas. Both Cranston and Albert Brooks performed well and it was nice to see Brooks in a dramatic role. Mulligan was a little more tolerable but still not my favorite actress, looking as annoying as ever. No need for all the detailed gore like a Tarantino move, but it held the script up nicely. A few weird areas but in all not a bad movie. Not sure why Oscar snubs Gosling or snubbed this movie.

Killer Elite
Killer Elite (2011)
5 years ago via Flixster

This movie was just boring and a mess of cat and mouse games that didn't make sense and was all over the place. The previews made it look like an action movie but what it came down to was this true obscure story of the British SAS in 1980 and the revenge a Sheik wanted for his family. Who cares!! Deniro was the only good part of this move when he appeared for the maybe 10 minutes and even the action sequences were rare. Clive Owen and Statham are usually pretty good in movies, but this was just a dud. Dominic Purcell with a bad British accent shined a few times but this movie had too much going on and got so involved with a boring storyline and a horrible ending. They were trying to make this like Munich but failed miserably. What a waste since it could have been a whole lot better!

The Ides of March
5 years ago via Flixster

Not a bad movie, a few twists and turns but it was predictable and the ending was bad. Gosling and Seymour Hoffman did well, but Clooney was barely in this move and the parts that he had, were small and obscure. It was not a political thriller by any means, but it just represented more scumbag politicians lack of integrity. Enjoyable to watch but the end could have been better. Giamatti is always good and did well in this.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol
5 years ago via Flixster

Not bad for a 4th installment to this popular franchise. Nothing could be worse than number 2 since I fell asleep in that one. This one Cruise does it a bit different. Not only does he produce it, but he puts a few twists on it and throws in Jeremy Renner to help out. The action in this one number 3 are unstoppable, but whats good about these movies, the comic relief and the gadgets. This is almost like Bond, but much like the Saint with disguises and crazy missions that seem just impossible. Nice cameo by Ving Rhames and Tom Wilkinson. Renner did well but Simon Pegg and Paula Patton were a nice touch. Good storyline and nice stunts make this a great sequel. I am sure there will be another.