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In July (Im Juli)

Mar 2011 - Pretty shallow romantic comedy. The characters are exaggerated in an unpleasant way and I found the view of the romance and the role east was playing a bit insulting.

Don't Look Now

Feb 2011 - This a very unique movie and it clearly stands out if not as a horror or erotic movie, as it was probably categorized when it was screened, but as an interesting experience with location, architecture, colors and sounds. The movie uses these to its advantage and creates an extraordinary feeling that carries us through the movie and makes it possible to overlook the flaws in the story and its realization. The love making scene in the beginning is also a fascinating example of what I like to call accidental cinema, where it would not have been made if it was not because of the censor. It is very good on its own and I think clearly adds to our emotions during the rest of the movie.

On the Waterfront

Feb 2011 - I am sure at the time this was view more than anything within the political atmosphere of the time and the unpleasant role that Kazan had played. That wil always remains with this movie but the personal journey taken by Terry is what overshadows that. Brando's acting is a classic and his lines, his character and his final walk are unforgettable. I was not so fond of the cliche portrayal of their love, Eva Mari Saint's acting and the abuse of the background music which I suppose was customary at the time.

The Warui yatsu hodo yoku nemuru (The Bad Sleep Well)

Feb 2011 - This is far from Kurasawa's masterpieces but has some of his characteristic marks. The noiresque view of the events and a lonely hero who is of course played by Mifune. A hero who is seeking revenge in vain especially when he is so much tangled in his own web. This adds to his impotency and creates the grim ending which I believe shows Kurasawa's admiration for the american noir of an earlier period.


Mar 2011 - I suspected my interest in this catholic portrayal of St Therese may have declined after nearly 20 years but it is as fresh as ever. The images are as powerful as the magnificent silence. And so much for Mouchet's face and her amazing portrayal of Therese. The movie concentrates completely on the human relations and emotions and avoids any divine intervention or presence and this makes it more a humanistic drama than it is a religious one.


Feb 2011 (with Amin) - A very well made psychological drama. Fiennes is superb and what I like the most is the simplicity of the story. It perhaps makes the story a bit predictable but on the other hand it is real and gives a satisfaction knowing what is going and why.

Heavenly Creatures

Feb 2011 - I was mesmerized by the story and the friendship with the two girls. The reality of the events and the accuracy of how it is portrayed makes it much more attractive as well. I was not super excited about the fantasy scenes and the visual effects and this is unfortunately what has become the focus in Jackson's later movies. Finally what a casting with the introduction of Winslet and Lynskey.

The Kids Are All Right

Mar 2011 (with Setareh, Kaveh and Eiman) - It was a lighthearted comedy with an attractive story and performances. I was more than anything happy with the script which made things quite natural and got us so well acquainted with this otherwise peculiar family.

Three Days of the Condor

Jan 2011 - This was fantastic. Robert Redford is at his best and the movie remains on the border of a spy movie and a romantic drama. The spy story does not get too much on the way of the other things and one can certainly enjoy the interesting relationship that develops. Also I was happy to see Max von Sydow with his unique style of acting.


Feb 2011 - I definitely put this among experimental movies and the movie, its cinematography, story and almost everything is as original as it can be. A short introduction and finale allow us to submerge in the nature with the kids and their aborigine friend. We follow not only an experimental movie but an experiment of how human beings from completely different worlds connect and communicate. Various things in the movie are crude and unfortunately distract the viewer but all that is definitely worth the experience.

Raise Ravens (Cria Cuervos)

Feb 2011 - I know very few movies who manage to show the world from the point of view of a child with this much accuracy and realism. The portrayal of pain is as honest as it can be with no over-dramatization. Even the time devoted to different matters is so appropriately adapted to how a little kid thinks. The importance of music, death and painful drama that happens around all reflect Ana's character and how she views them. Josefina Diaz is just perfect for the role. I loved the ending, the Ozu-like feature of allowing the story to develop out of our view and almost everything in this movie.


Feb 2011 - This was brilliant. It is very funny but at the same time very honest and with a decent social content. The character of Michael/Dorothy, played incredibly by Hoffman, is very well developed and completely believable even though it goes through so much transformation. The movie says so much about the role of women in the society as well as in the show business. Yet it remains a personal journey for the main character who discovers qualities in himself by going through the transformation.


Dec 2010 (with Kaveh and Setareh) - This was a very good romantic movie and it got better and better as it progressed. The music is very good and integrates so well with the story. Also I couldn't be happier with the ending. The suspense is appropriate and I like the fact that there has been a careful choice to avoid lengthening the ending. I was a bit unhappy with English chosen as the main language and I also thought the beginning was a bit slow and made it easy to get distracted.

Into the Wild

Jan 2011 - The movie falls so much behind the book. The narration that is so strong and powerful in the book becomes a burden and perhaps since the movie does not know how else to tell the story. Even worse some responsibilities are given to the sister and that in fact takes its toll on the strength of the main character. The short stories are not so well connected, the portrayal of the parents is so direct that it becomes annoying whereas the main character had always liked for them to remain in a shadow and the book does this so well.


Jan 2011 - The movie is so much centered around Bruno, his character and how it goes through a major transformation. The story is very real but it gives us a fare share of an emotional journey with the protagonist to understand how much he needs his human emotions. On the other hand, it is admirable that the movie does not fall into becoming a melodramatic presentation of the love between the couple and Bruno's regret does not become a catholic redemption.


Jan 2011 (with Setareh in Regal Arbor) - This was extremely good. It had a pleasant mixture of a social drama and a personal journey for the main character. I love the fact that quite slowly we are pulled into the story and you find yourself more and more involved with the characters, their choices and their emotions. The personal experience of Uxbal was the most fascinating part for me. His discovery of his emotions toward his kids and his father and little by little people around him. While it is admirable how the movie destroys any hope of fixing the miserable lives of all those people around. There is only one thing that the protagonist can do and has to do and it is best reflected in the words of the older women who gives him advice.

Reversal of Fortune

Jan 2011 (partly with Kia) - The movie is not so especial and if it was not because of Jeremy Irons and the fact that it is based on a true story, perhaps wouldn't even be worth watching. It is a peculiar court drama, perhaps due to the strange narration by the victim. The movie is not so successful in making us identify with Von Bulow or Dershowitz but still the characters have enough color to keep us mildly attracted up until the end.

The King's Speech

Jan 2011 (Alamo South Lamar) - Excellent story and it is very well adapted for the screen. More than anything the acting of Colin Firth is so fantastic that it is impossible to view it without that. The story is successful in humanizing the historic characters and it is done in an extraordinary way. The portrayal of King George VI is probably a bit too glorified but it is understandable when the enemy is his stuttering. The character of the doctor is also superb and very well played by Geoffrey Rush.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Jan 2011 (with Setareh and Kaveh in AMC Barton Creek) - The movie follows Aronofsky's style in his previous movies. The schizophrenic view of the reality by the main character, bursts of violence and a character driven story all could be said about The Wrestler. Yet this one distances itself a bit from the reality and tries to retell the story of Swan Lake. This is quite interesting and the movie does a good job of that but the story is a bit shallow, blak and white and even sentimental for cinema. Even though hiding some of these superficialities in the sub-conscious of the main character helps but the well known fairy tale takes away the surprise of the story as well.


Jan 2011 (with Kia, Marisa, Setareh and Kaveh) - I watched this twice within a week and I could easily have watched it once more. These were all after 6 years since the first time that I watched the movie. The comedy is fantastic and more than anything the characters become so real that you understand them, you see them and you love them. It is amazing how the movie starts from a community of ideologically driven people and moves you into seeing them as very typical human beings. It is so interesting that the humor is so suited to the movie and not only adds to the entertainment but also prevents the movie to fall into a melodramatic drama.


Jan 2011 (with Setareh) - This is a modern musical but it gets so deep into the musical aspects and tango that it nearly loses its quality as a movie. The dancing scenes become boring and the actings are exaggerated to a level that it makes it very hard to get involved with the story and characters. The ending is however nice and appropriate.

Voskhozhdeniye (The Ascent)

Jan 2011 - This is nothing but propaganda but it is made so well that it is impossible to ignore it just as propaganda. The story unfolds with so much parallelism with the story of the crucification. In the last sequence this becomes excruciating where the christ is being hung (crucified), we have the Judas, christ's apostles and obviously Germans (romans). Interesting that near the end I remembered that I had seen this when I was around 10 years old and the pain and depression that I had gone through seeing all that has remained so much with me.

Howards End
Howards End(1992)

Jan 2011 (with Setareh) - This is definitely the best of the Merchant-Ivory movies. The story is fascinating the dialogs are exactly what they should be, the atmosphere and the acting all are fantastic. Right from the beginning the characters become so real and close that you see what goes on behind all those implicit conversations. I was very happy watching this again.

Elective Affinities

Dec 2010 - This does not measure up to the best of the Taviani brothers yet I like the atmosphere and for weir reasons it has a similar texture to some of his older work which is surprising for a movie made in 1996. I was more excited about a novel in the 19th century that speaks of the issue of relationships with so much liberty and questions the institution of marriage with such an ease.

Pennies From Heaven

Dec 2010 - This is a very interesting musical. The story is not that interesting but the style and how the music gets integrated into the movie makes it very thrilling. Steve Martin does a very good job and he clearly became a jerk in various parts of the movie.

Spy Game
Spy Game(2001)

Dec 2010 (with Kaveh and Setareh) - It is a shallow spy movie. It is well made but follows the same kind of rules and surprises as almost any spy movie.


Dec 2010 - It is a good example of a relatively successful political drama. The movie fails to give a realistic picture and its populism can be annoying at times but the story and the picture bring back a nostalgic feeling of the nostalgic leftist idealism of that period.

I Am Curious (Blue) (Jag är nyfiken - en film i blått)

Sep 2010 - This is a very experimental movie but it is hardly anything else. There is obviously the revolt agains the political system, standard styles of film making, standards of decency and I am sure many other things but they remain very shallow and on the surface. The movie may have been a controversy at its time but I find it only a temporary success and a piece of the history rather than the art.

The Informant!

Oct 2010 - The central point of the drama is obviously the amazing character of Mark Whitacre. The super complicated lier that leaves no way of understanding what makes him behave the way he behaves. It is all acceptable and realistic for the important reason that this is based on a true story and this makes this so fascinating.

Broadway Danny Rose

Oct 2010 - The narration of the story through comedians sitting in the Jewish deli is quite an original style that makes the movie very interesting. Also the relation between Rose and Tina is an unexpected friendship that keeps us attached to the movie and the story. This is not Allen's best but the light and simple story with very good actings makes it a joyful experience.

Port of Call
Port of Call(1948)

Oct 2010 - This is an early attempt by Bergman to show the ups and downs of a troubled relationship. Characters engulfed by their pasts have to reach an understanding that keeps them together. The death of Gertrud seems to provide such a possibility. Bergman's portrayal of the psychological tension is something that reminds one of his masterpieces later but here they remain raw. Among all these I liked the scene were we experience the pain that Gertrud goes through and how it touches other major characters of the movie.

The Naked Kiss

Oct 2010 - The characters are not very well developed. The dialogs are not so good and all this makes it hard to connect to the movie, to believe the changes that the characters make and also understand where their positions are. This however may have strengthened the movie's attack on the hypocrisy of the people of a small town and their degrading of the women. I was not happy with the actings either.

Törst (Thirst) (Three Strange Loves)

Nov 2010 - This is a strange mixture of various short stories and unfortunately they don't feet so well together. The flashbacks are kind of annoying and the way the stories are supposed to connect is unsuccessful.

To Catch a Thief

Nov & Dec 2010 (with Setareh) - Watched it twice in the space of a month. The wit and ease of the story makes it so easy to watch and follow. This is definitely far from Bergman's best but yet you see some of the amazing aspects of his style that make it so attractive.

Cape Fear
Cape Fear(1991)

Nov 2010 - Took me a while to recognize I have seen this before. A not very successful attempt at a thriller. Robert De Niro is quite good and especially the relationship with the daughter, Danielle, adds a bit of a spice to the movie but overall it remains a mediocre thriller about a crazed revengeful criminal against a corrupt lawyer who is not convincing as a family man either.

Hets (Frenzy) (Torment)

Nov 2010 - I liked the expressionist style of the movie. The torment that is visible in the pictures, actings and the lights. The story however is not as good as I expected. Caligula is an interesting character and twisted but his portrayal remains suspended between a surrealist aspet of a horror movie and a realistic psychological drama.

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

Dec 2010 - This is a nice and entertaining movie. It does no make you involved that much and honestly the few remarks about the morality are boring at their best. On the other hand, the actings are reasonably well and the story is told in a nice narrative that the bits and pieces of it are revealed with a natural flow.

Woman in the Dunes (Suna no Onna)

Dec 2010 - This was a masterpiece. A nearly abstract portrayal of a relationship that realistically and at the same time symbolically shows a love, a marriage, a relation between a prisoner and the guard, a man and a woman and so many others. The images are nearly perfect and the poetry is so striking. Then it is amazing that how attractive the movie remains in its entirety. We follow these characters, feel with them and for them and we learn how to reach the same levels of emotions and reasoning. The people of village are so vivid. The scene where they show up with their masks and ask the couple to make love in front of them is one of the best scenes that I have ever seen in a movie and it is so touching, believable and beautiful that it is hard to find a competition for that.

Love and Death

Dec 2010 (with Setareh) - Watched this for 6th time perhaps. It is one of the funniest movies of Allen and even though the quality of the story, acting and directing is not as good as his best movies but the dialogs make it so amazing that it is easy to forget all that.

Cries and Whispers

Dec 2010 (with Setareh) - I watched this for perhaps the 3rd or 4th time and it is as beautiful, real, painful and visually striking as ever. The theatrical atmosphere and performances and the restriction of colors to red, black and white is so fitting with all the pain that the spectator suffers along with the characters. The quest for a human touch and connection is portrayed incredibly well and obviously makes the movie one of the most personal movies I have ever seen.

Reservoir Dogs

Dec 2010 (with Setareh) - I watched it again and it is still so fresh and original. The humor, actings and even violence all leave no doubt that there was no surprise that this became a cult movie so quickly. The dialogs are still the best and you can just reiterate the lines and enjoy them as much as you can enjoy the wonderful music that has been chosen for the movie.

Talk to Her
Talk to Her(2002)

Dec 2010 (with Setareh) - Watched this for the second time and it is still so fascinating. The charcter of Benigno is so strong and attractive that it is hard not to fall in love with him. Also it arose plenty of sympathy in me. A strong feeling for a love that looks as weird as other people can imagine. The music is heavenly and even though in the beginning may seem unfit becomes very essential later. I love the dialogs between the two men and how Benigno explains his views on women and love.

I Shot Jesse James

Dec 2010 (with Kia) - This is is Fuller's debut and it is amazing just as that. There is definitely an artificial feeling with the movie in the beginning. But it gets much better when we see ourselves deeper into the character of Bob Ford. We see how Jesse James' ghost follows him and how he cannot get away. I loved it at the end when in the duel like scene, we are reminded again that he shot Jesse James from behind. It was also fascinating to learn how much of the story has really happened.

The Razor's Edge

Nov 2010 - I had read the book and seen the movie a very long time ago. Not much had remained with me sympathies of a very personal nature. Overall, I did not like the movie at all. It has all the mediocre characteristics of popular movies of hollywood in that period. Very shallow and black and white characters, bad dialogs and overdramatic acting and storytelling. The one thing that I can like in the movie is Uncle Elliott who happens to be the only grey character of the movie and brings something to the movie with his wit.

Late August, Early September

Nov 2010 - This is another fantastic work of Assayas. The dialogues and the characters are so real that you just know them personally and the actors help so much. The death is very central but it is never overdramatized. The lapses and chapters are also quite crucial and allow part of the story to take place where there is no narration for it and we don't see it. This of course reminds me of Ozu. From what the name suggests and also the realism of the characters and their relationship, I see a tribute to him. Finally the character of Gabriel (Mathieu Amalric) is fantastic. He has the love, doubt, egoism, superficiality of almost any want to be artist that one can imagine.

Facing Windows

Nov 2010 - A nice romantic movie. The beginning, where we see the appearance of the old man and the development of the love, is the best part of the movie. Later on the movie falls into the trap of sentimentality especially with respect to the old man's memories. It would be much better if he would remain his quite distant schizophrenic self.

Le samouraï
Le samouraï(1967)

Nov 2010 - This is a masterpiece. The perfection used in the decoration, in the music, acting, colors and the silences blew my mind. Delon's looks are absolutely penetrating and the story is so much in the service of delivering the characters and the atmosphere that I recall a handful of such movies.

Floating Weeds (Ukigusa)

Sep 2010 - It is of course very important to see this in contrast to the earlier, silent and black and white version of the movie made by Ozu. The story also has moved to the more modern period. The are certain dimensions added to the movie which makes it richer than the original. In particular the conflict between the generations is more apparent here. Also the colors are so fantastically chosen that despite my love for the expressionist scenes in the earlier version, I loved this one. There are more of the short stories beside the main story and in particular we see and understand other members of the troupe. There is however something that I missed hear and it was the theatrical, stylish and dark atmosphere of the earlier version. I think this matches the story more and for example Ozu's humor in his later movies is not so at home with this story.

Mou gaan dou (Infernal Affairs)

Sep 2010 - This ia obviously a very good story and so are the actings. It is very attractive and one of the best gangster movies. However what encouraged me to see this was to compare it to its remake by Scorcesse and I definitely like Departed much more. I agree that that movie's success owes so much to the story but this is, I believe, a very good example of how a mastro with is own signature and style can add to the dimensions of the movie. Scorcesse's version becomes so much cult like that you cannot call it an action movie any more. This is obviously also because of the influences of actings of the amazing cast and in particular Decaprio and Jack Nicholson.

The White Ribbon (Das weisse Band)

Sep 2010 - A naked and at times brutal portrayal of a German village at the verge of WWI and the rise of fascism and racism. The story and movie provides a very good view of all these in the actions of ordinary people, in a way that makes it more realistic than historic movies concentrated on actions of their leaders. The black and white cinematography is almost essential and so are the faces and the ugly landscape. A very important aspect of such a look at history is how it can reflect other conflicts as well. Here we see the class struggles at the end of the feudal era and also the chauvinistic culture all playing their part in what we all know happened later. The mystery and its unsolved end definitely remind me of Cache and other movies of Haneke where the motivations are there, not hard to find but they are completely out of the screen. Yet I think I still prefer Cache and the more controlled environment that made the movie more successful.

Clash by Night

Sep 2010 - I was very much disappointed at the story and its very conservative point. I cannot tell if this is a conservative side of Lang (and I hope it is not) or merely an attempt to secure the box office success of the movie. The demonization of liberal views for women is in fact intolerable. So what remains is a bit of Lang's technic, his mastery in showing his characters at times of desperation and finally a very good performance by Barbara Stanwyck.

La Guerre Est Finie (The War is Over)

Sep 2010 - I cannot compare this to Resnais's masterpieces and formally this is definitely inferior. However something that compensates a bit is a successful and realistic portrayal of the leftist revolutionary groups of that period. We get to know the main character very well and through him we clearly see the shortcomings of the idealist approaches of these groups. His personal life entangles with all this and by the end, very naturally we are asking the same questions as the main character asks.

Wag the Dog
Wag the Dog(1997)

Sep 2010 - It is hard to say what my reaction would be if I had seen this before Sep 2001 and probably I would not like it this much. Now it gets as close as you want to some sort of prophecy. The powerful selection of actors makes the movie very funny and even though at times I wished parts of the movie were cut or remade, I did enjoy watching it.

A Serious Man

Sep 2010 - (with Setareh) It is a smooth black comedy with an interesting religious spice of retelling Job's story in the modern time. The jewish elements are quite appropriate and add to the humor. Characters are also interesting and have the same comic portrayal as Coens' characters in their previous movies. For me this however was not much more than a week adaptation of their style of characterization in this setting. The comedy, religious background and the human drama are minimal and not quite effective and after about a week of watching the movie, I have a hard time remembering it.


Sep 2010 - A very simple story that fades appropriately when we want to see the personality of the main character and her efforts to get back to a normal life with her kid. The actin of Maggie Cheung is incredible and the scenes with the child are so well delivered.

Höstsonaten (Autumn Sonata)

Sep 2010 - This is another of incredible human dramas in the later work of Bergman. This time everything is focused so the relationship between a mother and a daughter. The movie is so much in control and so realistic that despite the limitation of an ordinary life conflict, one is faced with such a touching drama. It is also incredible to see Ingrid Bergman acting in the movie and how the two giants worked together.

Kris (Crisis)

Sep 2010 - This is obviously not a good movie even though it is not terrible and one can follow it to the very end. It is more a ferry tale coming to life and there is an unrealistic dimension to this. This is emphasized by the innocent portrayal of the village and its people in comparison to the evil people of the city. This definitely was intentional on bergman's part but does not work so well.

A Story of Floating Weeds (Ukikusa monogatari)

Sep 2010 - My first view of Ozu's early period and I was quite impressed. The lighting, camera and directing is superb but perhaps more mainstream than his later movies. The acting is very good but the setting and the story is way more theatrical. The drama is more intense and as perhaps normal with silent movies, the facial expressions are exaggerated. One interesting similarity was the humor, its light mood and natural appearance. Finally in the beginning I was surprised at the hostile view of the theater company and in fact a judgmental point of view of the story but it dramatically smoothened as the movie progressed and perhaps at the end these are the theater people who have the upper hand.

Mother (Madeo)

Aug 2010 - (Thanks to Setareh for the recommendation) This was good in so many unexpected ways. We see a decent crime movie and this is a crime movie in such an original setting and story. More importantly though is when it goes beyond a crime movie, it digs deep inside the mother and in some way inside us. It becomes surprising but not in an unreasonable and unrealistic way, in fact it surprises us in being realistic and avoiding the expected exaggerations or romanticism. The directing, cinematography and obviously acting, all play along and help the movie become another unforgettable recent Korean movie.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Aug 2010 - It is quite funny and provides a good parody of the cliche rock star life. I also liked John Reilly's acting. For me the problem is that the movie remains undecided if it wants to be a satire or a wholehearted funny comedy. Also the cartoonish moments are few and sporadic and again we are left wondering what type of comedy we are dealing with.

The Rainmaker

Aug 2010 - It is a nice and powerful story following a young Memphis lawyer. The inexperience of the lawyer and the weird assistant played by Danny Devito make this different from typical courtroom movies and make the lawyer more emotional accessible. Yet the characters are a bit superficial and our view of the matters remain at most sentimental.

In the Mood for Love

Aug 2010 - (with Kaveh and Setareh) The camera, the amazing interior scenes and the music all are excellent. The relationship itself feels frustrating at some points but we get drown so much into the two characters that we clearly feel for them. The facial expressions of the main actor is superbly appropriate. He does so much of his acting with these facial expressions and I doubt there is anyone this good in this type of acting.

Get Low
Get Low(2010)

Aug 2010 - Except since the actual funeral party, the movie was nearly perfect. Interesting characters, good acting, nice scenery and a nice touch of humor kept it all together. Unfortunately the actual story and the way it was told through Robert Duval's speech in the funeral party spoiled things. At that point, the main character had become likable enough that we didn't even need to have an excuse to be sympathetic. It is funny how sometimes the story becomes a distraction for the movie.

Bright Star
Bright Star(2009)

Aug 2010 - (with Setareh) This will be definitely one of my favorite romantic movies. More than anything the scenes and the compositions were so splendid. Every scene is designed so carefully and esthetically that I was lef in awe for most of the movie. Also the story is as simple and as humble as it can be. The characters take over so early and they remain free of the events.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Incredibly funny! Perhaps pointless but how it matters when it is that funny.

Goodbye Solo
Goodbye Solo(2009)

Mar 2009 - (in Austin Film Festival) This is a lovely but simple story of the friendship between two men. The strong contrast between them and how despite that they make a bond is very powerful. The whole thing progresses on a background of misery for both of them but it is interesting how the optimism of one character struggles with the pessimism of the other. Also I should mention how much I was reminded of the Taste of Cherry.

The Road
The Road(2009)

The atmosphere, people and even what remains of the nature is quite scary. The most important is the sequence where they face the cannibals. You cannot even relax when they find some shelter. It is a frightening tale of loneliness. I did not like the presence of the mother that much and I think it becomes more of a distraction especially since we don't get that much information. The ending is exactly what it should have been.

Crazy Heart
Crazy Heart(2009)

Jan 2010 - This remains a simple story following a country singer played very well by Jeff Bridges. We follow him in and out of a relationship where he realizes his personal problems and in particular how much alcoholism hurts him. I liked the modest ending.

L'Heure d'été (Summer Hours)

May 2010 - A nearly eventless tale of how a family spread after the death of the mother and how much their unity is tied to their summer house. We and the children see the nostalgia they still hold for the place but the loss is inevitable and I think it is shown quite realistically and in fact with a minimal emotional involvement of the narrator.

Up in the Air

Jan 2010 - Witty and attractive screenplay with very good performances makes this perhaps the best american movie of 2009. I was however disappointed by the ending of the movie, how much the first half is successful in building the main character the second half ruins it by romanticizing the events and that very character.


Jun 2010 - (with Hadi & Bahar) This is an excellent depiction of the turkish immigrants in Germany. Different possibilities for them and how they all get intertwined in a complicated and novel like drama. I loved the musical breaks in the middle of the movie. The reality is boldly presented and the acting is fantastic. The plot is a bit cheesy but if that's the price of showing so much, I have no problem with that.

Umberto D
Umberto D(1955)

Jul 2010 - Another priceless trip to De Sica's unique new realism. The central character is again so bold and human that I think shadows the socio/economical statements of the movie. The friendship with the housemaid and more importantly the dog adds so much to this picture. We feel so close to Umberto in wanting him to stay in the apartment and more significantly in his love for the dog, it becomes so crucial that he finds the dog and despite all the hardship that ramins, I definitely consider this a happy ending when he decides to live and not let the dog go.

Me and Orson Welles

Jul 2010 - (on the plane leaving the US) A neat look at the New York of the 40s, its theater scene and most importantly a young Welles. The main character is likable and I suppose is necessary in Linklater's romanticism but I find him more like an obstacle to see more of Welles who I definitely care more about.

Mad Max
Mad Max(1979)

June 2010 - (with Kia) Another interesting action/thriller Australian movie of that period. The brutality and weirdness of the characters is very original and seems so ahead of the movies everywhere else. The scary picture of the villains is the most memorable image of the movie.

Mary and Max
Mary and Max(2009)

Jul 2010 - One of the best animations I have ever seen. The pictures look incredibly nice and the characters are lovely. Though inappropriate for children but the story remains so innocently real. Also I loved the presence of a realistic adult suffering from the aspergers syndrome. I suppose with a neighbor suffering from PTSD and Mary's struggle with depression, this is also a great movie about mental disease.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

June 2010 - (with Kia) To begin with, this was way worse than the first one. The comedy is not original and there is not much attraction left in the comic style. Finally the story is quite lousy.

Gomorrah (Gomorra)

July 2010 - This is a very realistic portrait of southern Italy and the very disturbing picture of the gangs and how they affect the community. The pictures' honesty is very impressive but is not as attractive and memorable as a movie like City of Gods.

Please Give
Please Give(2010)

Jun 2010 - A successful independent drama following several people in NYC. The characters are well developed and especially nice is the portrayal of the hypocrisy of the middle class who are filled with an artificial feeling of responsibility for the society. I loved the beginning music.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Jun 2010 - (with Kia in Alamo) This was a masterpiece and a masterpiece in a genera that does not exist. Somewhere beween documentary, drama, comedy and experimental movie. It is a documentary but the element of fiction runs so deep that we know basically nothing about the movie and what is real and what is not. And the narration is so original that I admit watching it was like seeing the train enter for those people who watched it for the first time more than a hundred years ago. I left the theater as excited as I could get.

Shutter Island

Mar 2010 - A fantastic thriller. The atmosphere, the thrill and the questions remain with you for so long after leaving the theater. Unbelievable is the power of DiCaprio to play the hesitations, the doubt and frustrating quest of his character to find the truth. I should also express my admiration for the acting of Mark Ruffalo who portrays someone who simultaneously is a big lier and a compassionate partner. The look in his face in the las sequence is one of the best that I have ever seen.


Jul 2010 - (with Negar and Eiman on the opening night) Very well directed and remains attractive the entire 148 minutes. Acting is very especially by DiCaprio who plays a difficult role again. All this can probably hide a rather silly story and a fully action Hollywood drama without any depth. There is the mixture of real and surreal to some level and the ambiguity of reality but since matrix, this concept seems to have been abused so many times that it bores me to see another expensive thriller of the same theme.


Aug 2010 - (Watched on the plane getting back to the US) The story is very well adapted and told. It is lovely to see Morgan Freeman play Mandela and it is hard not to feel jubilant when everything is finished in victory and happiness. But everything remains a bit superficial and shallow and will be easy to forget the movie after a couple of days.

The Big Heat
The Big Heat(1953)

Aug 2010 - It is interesting how much we miss the straightforward, maybe even cliche, crime/noir movies of that period. This is a good example of a mediocre Lang movie. How terrible he is in showing the ordinary life and how bad the actings are. Feels like there has been a rush in making the movie and you can even see some obvious mistakes in the scenes. But the movie gets better as it progresses and Lang is completely in charge when the characters are at critical points, when they are devastated and are subdued by the events and the atmosphere around them.

Good Morning (Ohayô)

Aug 2010 - This is Ozu at what he does better than anyone. The modernizing urban japan and how exactly the families look. The children are amazing and make the movie so lively, so do the wives of the neighbors. (By the way why Ozu families almost never have little girls?) The humor is so natural and light. My favorite scene is when we see a very long corridor with a tv box in the middle and at the end there is the kids room, where they are celebrating the purchase of the new tv set.

Early Summer
Early Summer(1951)

June 2010 - I find it hard to imagine any better family drama, any movie that can show the clash of different generations in a family and in the context of modernization so honestly and effectively. The character of Noriko is so fantastically played by Setsuko Hara (as in all the Ozu movies of this period) and describes the mentality of women of her generation. Her older brother and his wife on the other hand show a different mind set of the same generation. Then we have the grand parents who are also in their silences and unique way of mourning for their killed son exemplary for people of their own generation. Finally we have the naughty and rebellious kids who are phenomenal and bring so much to the movie by adding humor and showing what the society should expect in the next generation.

Hour of the Wolf (Vargtimmen)

June 2010 - This is definitely not one of the best movies of Bergman. I feel like he just wanted to make a horror/thriller. However the emotional and psychological state of Ullmann and von Sydow and their portrayal of the main characters leaves the movie with unmistakable touches of Bergman. I think this is a successful psychological drama and shows Brgman's usual fascination with the complicated nature of the human psyche but I feel it does not go as deep as his better works.

Der Amerikanische Freund (The American Friend)

June 2010 - I had a hard time following the movie. I definitely prefer Minghella's adaptation of the same novel and the weakness of the characters in this one, was perhaps the main reason why I was quite bored. The action scenes are unimpressive and there was also the strange thing that everyone was speaking in English. Perhaps the only significance of this one was the darkness compare to the other adaptation.

Il Sole Anche di Notte (Night Sun) (The Sun Also Shines at Night)

June 2010 - This is another one of the Taviani brothers' movies that leaves me more with nostalgia for movies of the past. The spiritual, humanist, new realistic and full of fantasy Italian movies of 50s and 60s that we miss so much. Unfortunately unlike some of the other movies of them, this one remains a bit scattered and different pieces of the movie don't match very well.


July 2010 - I feel Assayas was trying too hard to make a B movie and this end up a very bad one. The story remains shallow (as probably it was intended to be) but the actions and various unrealistic plots never unify to leave me with almost anything positive to say about the movie.

The Big Red One

July 2010 - Fuller is clearly trying to give us a striped, real and biographic picture of war. To some degree it works and we have an unconventional war movie without a single story and with scenes that makes it hard to draw a clear line between the good and the bad guys. But this gets mixed up with an immature development of characters that try to be more than ordinary soldiers. This emphasis on these characters and their weird friendship also stands on the way of making a semi-documentary about war and its ugliness. I should add that I liked the very first sequence of the black and white memories of the WWI with just the red ribbons; but that also remains irrelevant to the rest of the movie.

Mean Streets
Mean Streets(1973)

July 2010 - More than anything this reminded me of Amarcord and I felt like this was an Amarcord about Little Italy of NYC. As in almost all of Scorsese's movies, the characters are attractive, believable and very well played. Locations and the scenes are as good as it gets. It is hard to make something like this without a straightforward storyline. Scorsese does a good job but I am sure after some time you won't remember anything of the story but will be left with a persistent impression of the atmosphere and scenes.

Strangers When We Meet

July 2010 - This is a very well developed family drama. The characters are quite attractive even though I don't think they are explained very well. K Douglas is always somewhere between a deceiving unfaithful husband and a true artist in love. On the other hand K Novak looks psychologically troubled and the only explanation for her strange behavior seems to be sexual deprivation. Other characters are rather shallow. But overall visually the movie is appealing and I liked the ending.

Late Autumn (Akibiyori)

July 2010 - This is another masterpiece of Ozu in giving you a realistic and memorable view of the urban middle class post war Japan in such a delightful manner. The humor is so appropriate and natural. The relation of the mother and child is very well developed and the men who try to marry off these two are also fantastic. The dialogs are simple, believable and sufficient. It was a joy watching this.

Love Story
Love Story(1970)

July 2010 - This is a very sentimental romantic movie and perhaps the best example of that genera. As a movie has not much to offer except of course an nice view of the 60s, Harvard and Boston then. But as many such romantic dramas it is not so hard to let your emotions flow with the movie and be touched by the ideal, ferry tale sentimentality of the story.

Les Enfants terribles (The Strange Ones)

July 2010 - This is am amazing movie. For the first half I was wondering how this crazy story with that strange narration and the theatrical actings can merge and make a good picture. But all of a sudden it was as if I was watching a Greek tragedy set in a modern stage. It is poetic in such an intrinsic way that could be done by one and only one person who is of course Jean Cocteau. Obviously Melville remains a technician in the service of the novel and the movie has not much to do with his later movies.

Masculin Feminin

Sep 2009 - An experimental picture of the master of such experiments. I find myself fascinated that it is still pretty attractive and more amazed at the quality of the acting.

Apocalypse Now

Hard to imagine a better adaptation of an amazing novel. The movie lives its own life and in that it becomes a masterpiece on its own. The atmosphere of the movie is so right, Martin Sheen is brilliant and even a short piece for Brando is enough for him to turn it around in a way that is unimaginable without him.

Not on the Lips

Funny and entertaining musical which remains very shallow.


Jan 2010 - Obviously does need meet your expectation if you keep looking for the good old Resnais but still I found it a light sweet portrayal of the characters. The dissolves and the music gives the movie a dreamlike quality and the very mild humor of late Resnais is present through the movie.

That Obscure Object of Desire

January 2010 - This is an amazing movie where Bunuel's usual tricks with the audience work very well. The surrealist view is mixed with a comic and satirical narration of the story.

Pickup on South Street

Jan 2010 - An interesting noir which is distracted by the little bit of the american hatred toward communism. The happy ending also is fake and puts the movie behind other great noirs of the same era. It is interesting to compare this with Bresson's masterpiece The Pickpocket and see how Bresson manages to penetrate the character of the pickpocket in a much deeper way.

One, Two, Three

Jan 2010 - A very funny and witty look at the ridiculous rhetoric of the cold wary by Billy Wilder. Very attractive and wonderful performance by James Cagney.

Jerry Maguire

December 2009 - A shallow romantic comedy! But it is honest and straight and as a popular movie at its time is worth a watch.

The Big Lebowski

December 2009 - As in many other cases, Coen brothers make this farce a brilliant and memorable movie. The characters are incredibly funny, honest and fit so well with their dialogs and story. Jeff bridges' excellent appearance certainly deserves a separate mentioning here.


December 2009 - A very strange science fiction! In fact the humanist approach to the drama makes this much more than a usual science fiction. Finally the appearance of the young versions of Ethan Hawke, Jude Law, Uma Thurman and Tony Shalhoub makes it a must see.

Touchez Pas au Grisbi (Hands Off the Loot)

January 2010 - A lovely noir and one of the best examples of the French approach to the genera. This is also incredible because of the acting of Lino Ventura and obviously Jean Gabin.

Harvard Beats Yale 29-29

January 2010 - A fantastic documentary. It is centered about this game but it is much more than that. It tells you so much about the people involved in it, the time where this was played and the atmosphere around it.


January 2010 - It is alwasy hard to explain poetry and how it affects us. The images and the words in Solaris are of the same nature. You don't need a logic or straight story but you feel it and you cannot ignore its attraction.

The Edukators

Nov 2009 - A bit disappointing and cliche at the ending but overall a nice portrayal of the young radical mind versus its future.

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

Dec 2009 - A very straight and honest picture of characters who are faced by the reality of what they represent.

Sherlock Holmes

Jan 2010 - The action takes over the usual mystery of Sherlock Holmes movies. Still I liked the characters of Holmes and Watson in this new version.


December 2009 - The story line is quite shallow and has nothing original. It is however an interesting first view of what probably will become very ordinary in a few years.

The Insider
The Insider(1999)

November 2009 - Interesting but a bit long. I think the most important facto for the movies success was that it was based on a true story and real well known characters otherwise I am not sure if it would get the same ratings.

The Visitor
The Visitor(2008)

November 2009 - Very personal and a very honest movie. Richard Jenkins does a terrific job and the movie remains very faithful to a realistic portrayal of its characters. It gets a bit melodramatic at times but the ending makes it alright. Very touching for me as it was also reminding me of someone very close.


October 2009 - Interesting thriller with more emphasis on the characters of reporters and investigators around the story.

The Man Without a Past

November 2009 - This is a fantastic human drama with such a straight and simple story-telling skills. The humanist nature of the movie and the very original witty tone of the movie makes it very attractive and unforgettable.

Frozen River
Frozen River(2008)

November 2009 - It is a decent independent movie which seems very inexpensive in production. It is also admirable as a socially aware drama.


October 2009 - It was quite brilliant. The story, the atmosphere of the movie and the light symbolism of the dialogues and events all were surprising from a movie I had not heard about.

Little Dieter Needs to Fly: Escape from Laos

October 2009 - The story and character of Dieter Dengler is enough to make this interesting on its own. Herzog does a good job of finding such an amazing story and not staying on the way of it being heard. It is also interesting to find out how truthful he was to the story in Rescue Dawn not to exaggerate things and in fact he had even toned down or eliminated some of the dramatic events.

Away We Go
Away We Go(2009)

October 2009 - It is quite funny but it doesn't really deliver the expectation that one would have of a Mendes' movie. The characters are quite interesting and are possibly some of the weirdest one can imagine.

Rescue Dawn
Rescue Dawn(2007)

October 2009 - A very well structured action/war movie. The character of Dieter is really attractive and so is all the scenery and the cinematography.

Ripley's Game

October 2009 - The success of the movie depends so much on the character and unique acting of John Malcovitch. Other actings are also very decent and overall make a pretty attractive movie worthy of watching for the second time.

Waltz with Bashir

October 2009 - A magnificent documentary! This is incredibly honest and at the same time so visually perfect. It is such a good feeling to know there are still amazing and original movies and ideas. Thanks!

The Spirit of the Beehive (El Espíritu de la colmena)

October 2009 - It is hard to imagine many movies that are so appealing in their images, sounds and also the human drama that unfolds in front of our eyes. The silence and the restriction of dialogs to the children's makes this so impressive. The acting is of course incredible and finally the homages to the classic movies and Frankenstein is done in a very natural manner.

Pineapple Express

October 2009 - The dialogues are very hilarious and very believable. I did not like the more action second half of the movie but the acting and dialogs were good enough to make it worthy of watching.

Rififi (Du Rififi Chez les Hommes)

October 2009 - Another interesting attempt by Dassin to mix the crime and noir genera. I find it weaker than his earlier works and rather than a good mixture of the two genera, it splits the movie in two parts which don't match so well with each other.


October 2009 - This is a very decent and modest portrayal of a transsexual. I love it that the character looks so normal within the framework of the american family and the classic road movie genera. It does not become very deep but this is also perhaps a good point to insure that it attracts a larger audience.

Knife in the Water

October 2009 - He may be the devil himself but he knows exactly how to portray those evil feelings. A perfect triangle with no unnecessary additions. The angles and the acting and the black and white view of the water is so powerful and fits well with the characters. Enjoyed watching it after many years from the first time.

Like Water for Chocolate (Como Agua para Chocolate)

September 2009 - It is a nice mixture of a romantic comedy and a tiny bit of magic realism but remains quite shallow. The importance of cooking is probably the only significant thing that remains with me after watching it.


September 2009 - An interesting detective drama with a twist that makes it quite different.

The Rape of Europa

September 2009 - A fascinating story of the plunder of the art during the World War II. It is more fascinating to see how emotional we can be regarding these objects and how important they are for our cultures.

The Hole (Le Trou)

September 2009 - This is a masterpiece. A statement of how fantastic the pure formalism of cinema's language can become. The sounds, the vision, the precision that overwhelms the viewer everything is exactly what it wants to become. One wonders how else you could do this movie. On a personal note, again after about 15 years this reminds me of beauty of mathematics. The precision, the abstraction and the pure joy of doing things precisely only for the sake of beauty is absolutely mathematical at its best.

The Class
The Class(2008)

September 2009 - Hard to imagine something more realistic and less melodramatic among movies with the same theme. After hating so many ones where you are bombarded by a shallow image of the instructors selflessness and students overdramatic changes, this one remains as accurate as a documentary.


September 2009 - It is so strange that even for the 4th time watching it, it is still so engaging and attractive. This time I owe part of the joy to K and S who were great company in watching it.

Diary of a Chambermaid (Le journal d'une femme de chambre)

Sep 2009 - Quite interesting account of the perversive and decadent life in provincial France of late 19th century. Everything is going well but it has nothing that is really eyecatching. I would be very interested to see Renoir's adaptation of the same novel.

The Manchurian Candidate

September 2009 - A very interesting psychological thriller. The story is a bit lousy but to me is a good example of when the surrealist features of a movie make it stand out more significantly than the realistic parts. The dream is fantastic and unconventional for such thrillers.

The Ice Storm

Aug 2009 - Watched for the 3rd time and still amazed at how strong the story line is. An incredible view of the decadence of family in 70s. This time, I was also shocked that completely accidentally K and S were watching this exactly when H and I were.

The Fallen Idol

Aug 2009 - A masterpiece of Carol Reed. He is so good in portraying the loneliness of the antagonist. The images are also so aesthetically satisfying and the acting even though a bit theatrical but very catching. The only thing I can consider as a flaw is the too much use of the music.

In the Loop
In the Loop(2009)

Aug 2009 - Alamo - Roja, Eiman, Negar - Quite funny. The dialogues and the amount of cursing reaches incredible limits. I liked the performance of Peter Capaldi and Gandolfini is incredible as usual. Yet it is more like a tv production.

Equinox Flower

Aug 2009 - As always, this is another amazing view of the urban japan after the war. The conflict of the different generations this time around marriage. It is funny at times and a few of them don't really fit Ozo's style well. This is his first color movie but the colors are so fantastically beautiful.

Inglourious Basterds

Aug 2009 - Hilarious! The dialogues are the best as it is usually with Tarantino. It gets more and more satirical as we get closer to the end. I found it quite lengthy and slow in some scenes. The first sequence was the best for me.

The Conversation

Aug 2009 - What an amazing movie! Mystery turned into a psychological thriller. The love making scene is priceless.

Good Bye, Lenin!

May 2009 - Interesting and funny at times. Gives an honest view of the different viewpoints at this critical point of the German history. But I didn't feel connected to the movie for some reason.

Rachel Getting Married

I think it was the best movie of 2008. The narration, music, acting everything is purposeful, real and original.

In Bruges
In Bruges(2008)

quite sarcastic but remains very attractive to the very end.

The Man With the Golden Arm

Beautiful noir on drug addiction and crime circles. The wife is a bit unbelievable though.

Ace in the Hole (The Big Carnival)

A selfcriticism of journalism and media, combined with a portrait of an opportunistic journalist.

Roman Holiday

A bit too sweet and too romantic for my taste.

Dead Man Walking

Performances are very well but it is a bit over melodramatic.

Anatomy of a Murder

Jimmy Stewart's play is so unforgettable. He does such a good job at breaking apart the stereotype of the super smart detective.

The Squid and the Whale

One of the very few of such comedies that I have liked. The dysfunctional family is portrayed very well and the dialogues are very real.

The Long Goodbye

A noir very well adapted to LA in 70s.


A very simple and original modern musical. The music is very soothing and despite begin a musical the story remains completely real.

10:30 P.M. Summer

I like Duras and I like Dassin but together I was not that much impressed.


An incredible cult movie. The elements look quite unreal but this only adds to the grotesque quality of the picture.

The Naked City

The narration can be bothering a bit but the view of the Manhattan and the masterhood of Jules Dassin in making a noir make an excellent movie.

Annie Hall
Annie Hall(1977)

Funny, memorable, deep, original! Maybe the best comedy I have ever seen.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Unbelievable how personally you can be touched after such a strange movie and characters. The duo of the headhunter and the detached head makes one of the best road movies ever.

Early Spring (Soshun)

Who can give you a portrait of the urban japan in a better way than Ozu. This one explores the marriage, relationships and life of the white collar workers so well.

Never on Sunday

Strange character drama from Jules Dassin. A personal debate of intellectuals vs ordinary people.

The Hustler
The Hustler(1961)

Very powerful story, characters and obviously acting by Paul Newman. One of the movies that remain with you forever.

Walk on Water

There are quite many gaps in the story but accidentally they make the movie kind of funny at times which takes away the bothering serious aspects of the movie. Enjoyed watching it with my advisor!

Thieves' Highway

A noiresque portrait of the reality for lower class farmers and ordinary people. A must see for Dassin fans.

La Vie en Rose (La Mome)

The interesting story of Piaf's life, her music and the acting of Courau carries almost all the load.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

A powerful and important political drama. The righteous image of Jimmy Stewart is bothering but recommended anyways.

Blue Remembered Hills

Unbelievably good for a TV production. The story is so well thought and very well played.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Historically is quite important but after years feels not much more than a shallow moral drama.

Allegro Non Troppo

This includes some of the best animations I have ever seen.

Bunny Lake Is Missing

The ending of the story is weak but the mystical and mysterious atmosphere, sounds and black and white pictures are priceless.

The Asphalt Jungle

Noir combined with a crime movie. Well adapted story and characters.

Straw Dogs
Straw Dogs(1971)

Maybe the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. Yet it is so good. I did not like some of the features and perhaps the end that much but the anger in Peckinpah is unbelievable. Not recommended for mathematician's wives.


Seeing it again after many years. It has nothing other than occasional jokes said by Woody Allan


I was left in a state of wow. Feels like a new genera, like a never before told love story.

Ik ook van jou (I Love You Too)

A movie covers such bizarre characters and story and then you forget them so easily.

La Haine
La Haine(1996)

A brilliant view of the projects and Arab slums in France. The characters are created very well and perform very well. The music is also quite memorable.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

The worst Hitchcock movie I have seen.


An incredible independent inexpensive movie.

The Syrian Bride

An honest and straight story of how regular lives are affected by the politics that seem so blind about the human aspect of things.

Ugetsu (Ugetsu monogatari)

An ancient story told in a style that fits it so well. The ghosts and spirits are dreamlike and like fairy tales.


Hard to imagine a movie more disturbing than this one. The hopelessness that comes in the movie is amazingly profound.

The Lives of Others

One of the best movies ever. The characters and the story are so close and so believable. Humanism in the middle of a black and white world is not easy to advocate and the movie does this perfectly.

The Conformist

The analysis of how one becomes a fascist. Done very well in an atmosphere that remains in between New Realism and Felliniesque colorful movies.

A Face in the Crowd

One of the best political dramas of all times. Funny how many similar stories in the real life one can find.

Body and Soul

So powerful in acting and directing. As the name suggests, the story is as much about the physical body as it is about the soul.

East of Eden
East of Eden(1955)

The study of Cal's character, his relations to his parents and people around him is very strong and at times hard to take. The rebellious character and the god like dominating adults make it like a biblical story.

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

More than anything I was touched by the historical accuracy put into this movie. The true story and characters themselves are interesting enough to keep them precisely as they were.

The Lost Weekend

An amazing study of the mind of an alcoholic. You get so close that you can feel the urge, you leave your judgements and you simply live the life.

Sunset Boulevard

A masterpiece from wilder. It is an incredible noir and psychological drama at the same time. The character of Swanson is so well adapted and the narration also fits so well with the story.

How Green Was My Valley

Very overrated, shallow and mediocre. I agree some of the technical aspects are done well but I find this responsible for the decadence of typical Hollywood dramas.


The abstraction, violence and disturbing images seem pointless when I don't feel attracted.

The Intruder
The Intruder(1962)

A very strange movie. It perhaps was a movie about race but now seems more on the psychoanalysis of the main character, his populism and people who blindly follow him.

Harlan County, U.S.A.

This is certainly one of the best documentaries ever. The music is so amazing and incredibly well integrates with the story.

Gentleman's Agreement

I understand the historical importance and I like Gregory Peck but watching it now, looks like a usual black and white class on ethics and behavior. Was good for its time.

A Streetcar Named Desire

Quite theatrical but what an incredible theater. Vivien Leigh and Brando are at their best and you will be left with impressions of them for the rest of your life.

Night and the City

One of the best noirs ever and amazing is the situation in which this one was made. Richard Widmark is just fantastic, one of the best anti-heros of all times.

Double Indemnity

Perhaps the movie that defines the noir genera. The elements are put together with such masterful hands.

What's New, Pussycat?

Pretty funny and interesting to see all those brilliant actors in an old colorful comedy.


I found it very funny and amusing. Perhaps this is the first Iranian musical, I have even seen.

The Last Picture Show

The incredible view of a small Texan town and its people. The stories unfold so perfectly and in coordination with the location.


I found it overrated and pretentious.


Phenomenal masterpiece. The psychological analysis of the stylized figures make it as touching as the Crime and Punishment. Images are so unique to Bresson.

True Romance
True Romance(1993)

Funny and Tarantino-like at times.


Such an amazing view of the white collar world in Japan after the WWII. Far from Kurosawa's usual historical setting and yet done perfectly.

All About Eve

Incredible character drama. The human emotions are so well portrayed here that it will be hard to find other examples.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Jul 09 - Not that different from the predecessors.

Che: Part One (The Argentine)

Mar 09 - A very documentary like narration of the story. We feel sympathetic with Che but there is no judgement beyond that. I think the best strategy for making a movie about Che.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

Feb 09 - An interesting new version of Dirty Harry. An apologetic, politically incorrect loner who end up being the lovely hero of even those who disliked him.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

Jan 09 - Quite powerful and memorable images. The christ like figure of Rourke is very touching and his connection to people around him is also very prophet-like.

The Reader
The Reader(2008)

Jan 09 - Not nearly as good as the book. The story is very good but it feels like the actors don't really connect to the characters.

Drag Me to Hell

Jul 09 - Another Horror/Comedy which I have a hard time grasping. Never liked the genera.


Jul 09 - Interesting psychological drama.


Jul 09 - Wonderful tribute and modernization of the noir genera. The script and dialogues are written masterfully and bring out an interesting dimension to the noir experience. Loved it!

The Lady From Shanghai

Jul 09 - It becomes theatrical at times but the characters are very powerful. The mystery is not played out well but the noir atmosphere is fantastic.

Strangers on a Train

Jul 09 - The drama involving Guy and his girlfriend is a bit phony and annoying but on the other hand, the psychology of Bruno is quite powerful.


Jul 09 - A powerful mystery. The plot however seems artificial after 65 years which I suppose is normal.


May 09 - Watching it after 15 years, it did not seem as good as what I had thought then. Still brings the strange relationship between Ford and Buckley in a challenging way.

The Little Shop of Horrors

May 09 - Fantastic comedy/horror. Also incredible how cheap it was made. Finally Jack Nicholson fans should not miss this.

Oscar and Lucinda

May 09 - Terrible! Had a hard time watching it to the end. I feel bad why Fiennes and Blanchett play in this.


Apr 09 - Not recommended unless you like Ben Kingsley or Penelope Cruz.

Jimmy Carter Man From Plains

Mar 09 - Interesting but not such a good documentary.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Mar 09 - The book remains much better and even gives you more cinematic images.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Jan 09 - I don't really get this. Didn't find it funny either.

Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry(1971)

Jan 09 - A classic based on a single character who has lived beyond this movie.


Jan 09 - An interesting mystery from Jules Dassin. Even though is not as good as his noir movies but the movie does a good job telling the story and keeping the elements at their places.

La Moustache
La Moustache(2005)

Feb 09 - Interesting idea but I think the writer and director had a hard time figuring out how to turn it into a long movie with a decent ending and I don't thing they were quite successful in doing so.

Clean, Shaven

Feb 09 - There is no question of the originality and bravery in showing the viewpoint of someone suffering from a mental illness. The images and sounds become so disturbing at times that make it hard to follow the movie though.

Ballad of a Soldier

Feb 09 - Perhaps the most poetic war propaganda ever made!

Standard Operating Procedure

Feb 09 - Very essential and important historically and politically. But as a documentary, I expected a deeper view of things from Errol Morris.

A Room With a View

Feb 09 - An early Ivory-Merchant production which doesn't really measure up to the later successful projects. Yet it was fun watching it after listening to the book.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Feb 09 - Such a touching family drama. The characters are very real and very soon you get to know them very well. What an incredible performance by DiCaprio.

Brève Traversée (Brief Crossing)

Mar 09 - I think it is the best Breillat movie, I have seen. The modest story, small number of players and limited space makes it possible to concentrate on the relationship and the dialogues remain quite attractive to the very end.

The Counterfeiters

Mar 09 - A very professionally told story. I was also quite impressed by Markovics' acting but I will be surprised if too much of the movie remains in my memory in a few months.

Bad Boys
Bad Boys(1982)

Mar 09 - A not so much original story of a juvenile criminal who at the end chooses to reform in some way. Interesting to see a young Sean Penn though.

Mississippi Mermaid (La Sirène du Mississipi)

Mar 09 - A masterpiece by one of the most incredible masters. Amazingly it stars from the reality and all of a sudden you are in the middle of a modern fairy tale. The final sequence is so memorable.

La Vie et Rien d'Autre (Life and Nothing But)

Mar 09 - I enjoyed many of the sequences, dialogues and the main character but I admit I did not understand it for the most part.

Murmur of the Heart

Mar 09 - Incredible movie that challenges all of one's views on relationships, parenthood and children. A perfect example of telling the story, explaining the characters with no judgment, with no black and white divisions. A masterpiece.

The Seven Year Itch

Apr 09 - This has been famous for a single sequence but I also found the narration quite adventurous. It does not work that well but it is amazing how courageous Wilder was even in the most commercial of his movies.

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

Apr 09 - A nice family movie and a mellow view of the depression.

A Simple Plan

May 09 - It felt like a preaching tale of morality and righteousness. But was successful for making me feel guilty all the time.


Jun 09 - Interesting story and interactions among the characters are also fascinating but does not get close to become a masterpiece.

The First Circle

Jul 09 - Nothing more than a tele-theater. The story does not engage anyone and leaves you with the picture of a talkative Christopher Plummer.

The Band's Visit

Jul 09 - Incredible characters and how fit is the music than naturally accompanies them. What leaves you stunned is the political/racial/religious tension behind the story than no one speaks about. Loved the final scene.

Before Sunset

Jul 09 - So simple and yet amazingly effective love story. The honesty and ease that the dialogues are spoken is so touching. I enjoyed it and especial thanks goes to K & S who watched it with me.

Strike (Strajk - Die Heldin von Danzig)

Jul 09 - I certainly expect more than a flat, shallow political drama from Schlondorff. It is an incredible story but making things into black and white only antagonizes me as a viewer.

Nothing But the Truth

Jul 09 - At best a tv drama. Simply the fact that it is loosely based on a recent true story does not make it a good movie. Almost everything remains nearly mediocre and the ending is actually kind of stupid.

Forbidden Games (Jeux interdits)

Jul 09 - A masterpiece! The view of the war from the point of view of the children makes this one of the most humanist movie I have ever seen. It was also amazing to relive the incredible feelings I had 16 years ago watching the same movie.

Starting Out in the Evening

Aug 09 - I liked the main character and disliked the girl. Langella does a good job playing the part but the whole thing does not raise to anything more than an average movie.

The Intruder (L'Intrus)

Aug 09 - I don't see the point. The narration, acting and disorganization left me bored.

Solo Con Tu Pareja

Aug 09 - Quite Funny but very shallow.

Ne le Dis à Personne (Tell No One)

Aug 09 - Quite attractive thriller. I wish it did not have such a super complicated story though.

Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom(1960)

Aug 09 - Such a powerful psychological drama. Leaves me twisting and turning. You are the voyeur and no wonder you feel so much sympathy with him.

Bad Day at Black Rock

Aug 09 - The lonely Spencer Tracy with a strong moral stand and his hidden left hand which we never really know what happened to it. The loneliness of the hero in the middle is good, the end when the good prevails is bad.

Young Torless

Aug 09 - Incredible analysis of fascism, cruelty and passiveness. Can't forget seeing it for the 1st time 12 years ago in the Fajr Festival.