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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Blade Runner

Blade Runner(1982)

No more than 10 times in my life will I rate a movie with five stars - I promise that now. And no more than 10 times will I ever self-identify within a rating - and I promise that now. This film speaks for itself, more so than I could even begin to imagine to wonder to believe. Sheer and utter brilliance, set in an Alien-esque dystopia, crafted by the one-and-only Ridley Scott, forded by none other than Harrison Ford, this tour de force (in every sense of the oh-so-clichà (C)d phrase) literally defines and redefines human nature within constructs of our most evil, disenfranchised, and horrific intentions, and shocks home the very feeling with which we associate the all-encompassing phenomenon of love, torture, and being. I am simultaneously more and less human for seeing this film.