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Crimes and Misdemeanors

Crimes and Misdemeanors(1989)

This film is, depending on your stance, either a comforting reminder or an ominous expose on the true nature of the subscribed moral code in our society - whether we're bound by a rigid set of absolutist values or weaving in and out of a fluid relativism is only determined by the nature of the person who's asking, and the nature of the situation at hand. Woody Allen illustrates this with a non-centralized, self-aware set of lead characters, plausible and applicable circumstances, and a touch of typical Allen humor - the kind you almost feel bad for laughing at. Some of the actors display occasional weaknesses, but it doesn't detract from the film's overall punch. Allen has never let any technicality ruin his always poignant yet subdued rhetoric on just why the hell we're so fucked up.