Mouhannad Sawas' Rating of Cellular

Mouhannad 's Review of Cellular

5 years ago via Flixster


Ryan (Chris Evans) just wanted to live another day on the beach hitting on chicks with his best friend until he meets with his ex-girlfriend (Jessica Biel) and will do anything to win her heart again. He promises to do her favors until his cell phone rings out of the blue and hears a desperate woman (Kim Basinger) in despair where he thinks it's a fraternity prank. It doesn't turn out to be a prank once the screams and hits on the faces turn out to be real. The desperate woman reveals herself as a science teacher held hostage in her attic while a bunch of unknown guys have taken over her home and want to kidnap her son and kill her husband; she doesn't know why it's happening except it's on her.
Ryan does what he can to make sure the woman is alive while staying on the phone meaning that there's no way he can hang up. He goes to the police department and catches up with Officer Mooney (William H. Macy) where he has plans of his own but decides to help anyway. A riot breaks out in the station before the woman could be saved.
It's a race against time with Ryan as he goes all over the city like a maniac looking for various cars and various chargers for the phone while encountering many people from a crooked face lawyer to the thugs that want to hurt the family.