Abhilash Asokan's Quotes - Rotten Tomatoes


Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa (2006) 5 years ago
  1. Paulie: Are you still mad that Adrian left you?
  2. Rocky Balboa: She didn't leave, Paulie.. She died..
The Godfather, Part III
The Godfather, Part III (1990) 5 years ago
  1. Vincent Mancini: Don Lucchesi, you are a man of finance and politics. These things I don't understand.
  2. Licio Lucchesi: You understand guns?
  3. Vincent Mancini: Yes.
  4. Licio Lucchesi: Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.
Swordfish (2001) 5 years ago
  1. Gabriel Shear: Thousands die every day for no reason at all, wheres' your bleeding heart for them? You give your twenty dollars to greenpeace every year thinking you're changing the world?
Indecent Proposal
Indecent Proposal (1993) 5 years ago
  1. David Murphy: I know now that people in love remember the things they do to each other. If they stay together, its not because they forget, but because they forgive.
Oldboy (2005) 5 years ago
  1. Lee Woo-Jin: Your gravest mistake wasn't failing to find the answer. If you keep asking the wrong questions, you'll never find the right answer.