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Clifford (1994)
6 years ago via Flixster

Undoubtedly, my vague memory of this movie is better than what i would think now, but i would be full of it if i said that this wasn't fun to watch as a 6 year deviant

Murphy's Law
Murphy's Law (1986)
6 years ago via Flixster

Bronson was a jioke. he was not, in any way, an athletic or iconic protagonist, but this was one of his better pieces of garbage.

Hercules in the Underworld
6 years ago via Flixster

One of the many tv sitcoms that kept me infront of the boobtube... where i belong. realistically, this will be a biased rating.

Shoot to Kill (Deadly Pursuit)
6 years ago via Flixster

beyond cliche. its hard to stay interested in something so... 80's